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Hi there, I'm proposing some mod categorisation; it'd very difficult to find mods by categories on forums etc, so adding and categorising mods here seems like a good idea. If something like a mod infobox were added and linked to a mod list page they would be much more easily searchable. The big requirement of course is that more mod pages are added, either by their authors or by users of those mods

Proposed mod Categories:

  • Block mods
    • Mods with new ore blocks
    • Mods with new aesthetic blocks
    • Mods with new mechanism/functional blocks
  • Item mods
    • Mods with new weapons
    • Mods with new tools
    • Mods with new food items
  • Mob mods
    • Mods with new mob behaviour
    • Mods with new passive mobs
    • Mods with new aggressive mobs
    • Mods with new NPCs
  • World generation mods
    • Mods that add buildings to worldgen
    • Mods that add dungeons to worldgen
    • Mods that alter worldgen terrain
    • Mods that alter worldgen flora
  • Environment mods
    • Weather
  • Transport mods
    • Minecart transport mods
    • Aircraft transport mods
    • Watercraft transport mods
  • Technical mods
    • Mods that alter graphics rendering
    • Mods that alter game audio
    • Mods that alter game programming/physics
    • Server tools
  • Gameplay mods
    • Inventory editing mods
    • Player movement mods
    • Mining and Building mods

-- St Lucretia 17:44, 10 May 2011 (UTC)