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Health points

10 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg)


Height: 0.7 Blocks
Width: 0.6 Blocks
Height: 0.35 Blocks
Width: 0.3 Blocks



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Kill Adult: 1–3
Breeding: 1–7

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Cats are common tameable passive mobs found in villages.


Cats typically spawn as strays in villages, wandering around aimlessly. Unlike wolves, untamed cats can despawn.

Black cats[edit]

Black cats with orange eyes can spawn in villages during midnight.[verify]

Witch huts always generate with one black cat inside.[verify]


Upon death, cats drop:

Like other baby animals, killing a kitten yields no items or experience.


Creepers and phantoms will try and avoid cats. However, this will not deter them from chasing a player, only keeping themselves 16 blocks away from the cat.

Cats are immune to fall damage, but will still avoid falling off cliffs high enough to normally cause fall damage.

Cats can still see players even with the invisibility status effect.

With the exception of a faster movement rate, kittens obey the same behavior as adults.

Cats will hiss if attacked by a player.


Stray cats pursue and attack rabbits and baby turtles.


Once tamed, cats will no longer despawn.

When the player sleeps, tamed cats will go toward their owner and sleep near them. When the player awakes, their tamed cats will also awake. There is a chance that a tamed cat will give the player a gift after they wake up from a bed. The gift is a dropped item from the cat_gift.json loot table, which contains:


Two cats with a newly bred kitten.

When tamed cats are fed an uncooked fish, they will enter love mode. Breeding will create a kitten, and the parents cannot be bred again until 5 minutes has passed. The kitten will have the coloring and belong to the owner of one of the parents. Two sitting cats are unable to breed, but a mobile cat can breed with a sitting cat, in which case the kitten's breed will always match that of the mobile cat's breed, and the mobile cat's owner will be the owner of the kitten.

The growth of kittens can be slowly accelerated using raw fish. Each fish takes 10% off the remaining time to grow up.


From left to right: tabby, ragdoll, white, calico, british shorthair, persian, tuxedo, siamese, red tabby and panther.

Despite sharing the same model, cats are visibly smaller than ocelots. There are currently 11 skins that cats can have, with one extra being added later which will be chosen by the community. The 11 skins are:

  • Panther (completely black with orange eyes)
  • Siamese (white and dark brown with blue eyes)
  • Tuxedo (black with green eyes)
  • Red tabby (creamy with green eyes)
  • Tabby (brown with yellow eyes)
  • White (completely white with light green and light blue eyes)
  • Ragdoll (gray with blue eyes)
  • Persian (light brown with blue eyes)
  • British shorthair (gray with green eyes)
  • Calico (orange, white and black with orange and blue eyes)
  • Gray tabby (cannot spawn naturally, but the texture exists)

Like tamed wolves, tamed cats also have a collar on their necks. However, the default color of the collar is white instead of red. The collar color can be changed by using dye.


A sitting tamed black cat.

Stray cats can be tamed using raw cod or raw salmon. Once tamed, cats will follow the player who tamed them. They will no longer be afraid of players and will purr or meow frequently. Like wolves, and with the same limits, they can teleport to a player who moves 12 blocks far away. Players can make cats sit by pressing use on them, and they will also sit on certain things of their own accord (see below).

Cats sitting on a bed.

Unless commanded to sit, cats do not remain still for long, and would rather explore around the player.

Cats not already sitting will attempt to get on top of chests, the foot part of beds or active furnaces at the cat's current Y-level within a 4-block-radius square horizontally, and once on top will often assume a sitting position without a command from the player. Only chests will become unusable due to a cat sitting on top of them, even double chests. Cats will often sit in nearby boats, trapping themselves. Cats that sit on their own will not get up on command, but will get up if the player holds a fish nearby. The cat can also be brought down by removing the block or pushing it off. A cat will not attempt to sit on these blocks if they are at ground level (part of the floor), or if there is a block above them.

A cat sitting in proximity to the player will, if the player is harmed by a hostile mob (or by careless use of a damaging potion, but not by environmental damage), stand and move from its sitting location a few blocks and then resume sitting, such that the player will need to place the cat again.


Cats will teleport to the player if they are more than 12 blocks from the player, with a few exceptions.

  • It is possible for a tamed cat to teleport to an inaccessible location (e.g. under ice) and be injured or suffocate of various causes as a result.

A cat will not teleport:

  • If the cat has been ordered to sit.
    • Exception: The cat is likely to teleport if it is injured while sitting (it will no longer be sitting after it teleports). A dramatic example is if a cat sitting outside is struck by lightning, in which case it will be on fire when they appear.
    • Exception: If a kitten is told to sit, and grows up while the chunk it is sitting in is still loaded, it will teleport to the player and still be sitting when it appears.
  • If the cat is in a minecart.
  • If the cat has been attached to a fence post with a lead.
  • If the cat is in an unloaded chunk.
  • If none of the blocks on the edge of a 5×5×1 region centered on the player are transparent blocks with an opaque block below and another transparent block above.
  • If the player is in another dimension; a cat will remain in its current dimension until the player returns.


September 29, 2018 Stray cats are announced at MINECON Earth 2018.
Upcoming Bedrock Edition
1.8 beta Added cats as their own mob with 8 more skins.


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  • The tuxedo cat is based on Jeb's pet cat, Newton,[1] who has unfortunately passed away.[2]
  • In real life, cats are known for their ability to flip upright during a fall, particularly larger ones; though they still might be injured by landing. This fact is reflected in Minecraft because they take absolutely no fall damage.
  • During MINECON Earth 2018, Jeb stated that another cat skin will be released which will be chosen by the community.
  • Unlike in Minecraft, real-life cats were domesticated from African wildcats, which primarily inhabit savannas.



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