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Carrot on a Stick
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Data value

dec: 398 hex: 18E bin: 110001110

Namespaced ID

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Carrots on sticks! Get on your pig and tell it where to go!

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A carrot on a stick is an item that can be used to control saddled pigs.



The carrot must be placed at a diagonal below the fishing rod. It is possible to craft a carrot on a stick without a crafting table.

Ingredients Crafting recipe Description
Fishing Rod or
Damaged Fishing Rod +

The fishing rod must not be damaged to craft the carrot on a stick.‌[Bedrock and Legacy Console editions only]
Damaged Carrot on a Stick

The durability of the two carrots on sticks is added together, plus an extra 5% durability.


Riding a pig[edit]

To use a carrot on a stick, the player must first saddle a pig. The pig will then move in the direction that the carrot on a stick points to. Also, if the player holds a carrot on a stick, all pigs will follow the player.

To make the pig run faster, the player can press use while holding the carrot on a stick. This is called "boosting." Each boost costs 7 durability. If the carrot on a stick has less than 7 durability, the boost cannot be used. After a boost is used, the player may switch to another item while retaining the boost. If the carrot on a stick's durability is depleted, it turns back into a fishing rod. However, since a carrot on a stick cannot be used if it has less than 7 durability, it cannot normally be broken.

The speed of a mounted pig is 2.42 m/s. Boosting a pig causes its speed to slowly ramp up until it reaches 2.15 times it's normal speed, 5.20 m/s. Then speed slowly declines until the pig reaches normal speed again. The boost lasts between 140 and 980 game ticks (7 seconds and 49 seconds respectively), chosen randomly. No matter how many ticks the boost lasts, the average speed of pig during a full boost cycle is roughly 4.19 m/s. These boosted speeds are only applied while holding the carrot on a stick. These speeds are affected by the speed effect.


A carrot on a stick can receive the following enchantments, but only through an anvil:

Data values[edit]


Java Edition:

Item Namespaced ID
Carrot on a Stick carrot_on_a_stick

Bedrock Edition:

Item Namespaced ID Numeric ID
Carrot on a Stick carrotonastick 398



Java Edition
August 28, 2012Dinnerbone released images of saddled pigs being controlled with carrots.[1] They will start slow but will end up going up to 5 blocks per second (5m/sec).[2] Wheat was considered as a "fuel" along with carrots,[3] and Dinnerbone eventually decided upon carrots.[4]
1.4.212w36aAdded carrot on a stick. The player does not get back a fishing rod once the stick is used up.
12w37aCarrots on sticks now have a durability meter, and can be used to give saddled pigs a burst of speed when right-clicked. The carrot on stick no longer needs to be held when pigs have the burst of speed.
12w38aUsing up a carrot on a stick now returns a fishing rod.
1.4.612w50aA carrot on a stick can now be enchanted with unbreaking via an enchanted book and an anvil.
1.8.2pre7Crafting a carrot on a stick now removes all enchantments on the original fishing rod.
1.916w05bDurability is not reduced merely by riding a pig, only by using the speed boost.[needs testing]
1.1317w47aCrafting a carrot on a stick no longer requires the fishing rod to be at full durability.[5]
Prior to The Flattening, this item's numeral ID was 398.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.15.0build 1Added carrot on a stick.
Legacy Console Edition
TU14CU11.04Patch 1Added carrot on a stick.
New Nintendo 3DS Edition
0.1.0Added Carrot on a Stick.


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