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Steve wearing a cape

Capes (previously known as cloaks) are extremely rare vanity items and are worn in addition to the player's skin.


There is currently no way to obtain a cape on one's own on Java Edition, although there are various mods that allow players to obtain one, only visible to that player (or in some cases, other users of that mod).

In the Legacy Console Edition and Bedrock Edition of the game, some skins from various skin packs include capes.

Players on Java Edition who legitimately have one or more capes can choose which to wear (including no cape) by going to their Minecraft profile.

Players on Bedrock Edition can equip or unequip capes for their skin via the Character Creator.


Mojang capes[edit]

Name Image Original Notes
Old Design MojangCloak.PNG Mojang cape.png All Mojang AB employees have this cape. This design was used from December 20, 2010 - October 7, 2015.
Updated Design MojangCloak2016.PNG MojangCape2016.png All Mojang AB employees have this cape. This design has been used since October 7, 2015.

MINECON Capes[edit]

Name Image Original Notes
MINECON 2011 Attendees Cape Creepercloak.png MineCon Cape 2011.png This cape was automatically added to all MineCon 2011 attendees' registered username[1].
MINECON 2011 Xbox Cape Minecraft 360 Avatar MineConCape.jpg Creeper cape.png A card was given to all MINECON 2011 attendees and contained a redemption code for Xbox Live. It uses the same design as the in-game cape from Java Edition. The cape was then put on Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition as avatar downloadable content.
MINECON 2012 Attendees Cape Minecon2012Cape.png Minecon Cape2012.png A redemption link for this cape was emailed to all registered MINECON 2012 attendees[1].
MINECON 2012 Xbox Cape Xboxcape.png Minecon Cape2012.png A card was given to all MINECON 2012 attendees upon check-in that contained a redemption code for Xbox Live. It uses the same design as the in-game cape from Java Edition.
MINECON 2013 Attendees Cape Wearing MC2013 Cape.png Official MineCon 2013 Cape.png On October 30, 2013 Tobias Mollstam of the Mojang Team tweeted out an image of the 2013 MINECON cape. The cape shows an extended piston on a green shaded background[2]. A redemption link for this cape was emailed to all registered MINECON 2013 attendees, similar to MINECON 2012's method[1].
MINECON 2015 Attendees Cape Minecon2015Cape.png Minecon2015CapeTexture.png Unlike previous events, this cape is available on the Console Edition from July 1 to 15.[3]
A redemption link for this cape was emailed to all MINECON 2015 attendees who scanned their ticket at the entrance on July 4, 2015[1].
MINECON 2016 Attendees Cape Minecon 2016 Cape In Game.png Minecon 2016 Cape.png This cape was given to all players who attended MINECON 2016. A redemption link was emailed to all 2016 MINECON attendees who scanned their ticket at the entrance on September 24, 2016.

Founder's Cape

Minecon Live 2019 Cape Preview.png Minecon Live 2019 Cape File.png Unlike previous events, this cape is being distributed on the Minecraft Marketplace, as a promotion for the character creator.

Temporary Capes[edit]

Name Image Original Notes
Christmas 2010 Cape ChristmasCape.png Xmas.png On December 24 & 25, 2010, all users were shown with this cape. This cape was not added to their accounts.
New Year 2011 Cape Newyearscloak.png 2011.png On New Year's Eve 2010, all users were shown with this cape. This cape was not added to their accounts.
1st Birthday Xbox Cape 1st Birthday Xbox Cape.png Minecraft Birthday Cape2013.png From May 9 to May 13, 2013, all players of the Xbox 360 Edition were shown with this birthday cake cape (except for players using skins that have their own capes) to celebrate the 1st birthday of the Xbox edition of Minecraft.[4][5] A Java Edition version of the cape currently does not exist. This cape was not added to their accounts.

Personal Capes[edit]

Name Image Original Notes
Bacon Cape MicleeBaconCape.png BaconCape.png Miclee was given this cape by Notch,[6] due to his idea of the Pigman.[7] However, later it was removed from him due to other users asking Notch for personal capes.[citation needed]

The cape was made by Miclee.[8]

Millionth Customer Cape 1000000.png 1MCape.png This cape was made for akronman1, the lucky buyer of the 1,000,000th copy of Minecraft.[9][10][11]

The cape was made by @kinten.[12]

dannyBstyle's Cape Cloak DB.png DBCape.png This cape was given to dannyBstyle.[13]
JulianClark's Cape JulianClark cape.png
JulianClark Cape.png
This cape was given to JulianClark in return for bringing Notch the TV presenter and actor Ray Cokes.[14]
cheapsh0t's Cape Cheapsh0tcape.png Cheapsh0t.png In October 2013, the user cheapsh0t received this cape for helping the Mojang team in Tokyo[15]. The cape is identical to the Crowdin cape except for the Japanese flag on the reverse side of the cape.[16][17]
MrMessiah's Cape MrMessiah.png MrMessiah 2D.png This cape was given to MrMessiah as a "thank you" for creating the BetterLight mod[18] which is responsible for some of Minecraft's lighting and grass features. The cape was discussed in 2011, however it wasn't granted until 2015 for unknown reasons. The designer of the cape is uncertain but MrMessiah believes it was Jeb[19].
Prismarine Cape Prismarine Cape Ingame.png Prismarine Cape Elytra.png This cape was given to 'Drullkus' for recreating the prismarine block for use in his Chisel mod rather than modifying Mojang's texture.[20][21][22]
Turtle Cape Turtle Cape Ingame.png Turtle Cape.png This cape was given to 'billyK_' for his suggestion to add turtles into the game.[23]

Other Capes[edit]

Name Image Original Notes
Crowdin Translator Cape Translatorcape.png CrowdinTranslatorCape.png This cape is given to translators on the Minecraft translation project at Crowdin. Originally, these capes were given out using a fair dice roll to 29 translators,[24][25] with plans to give more capes to translators from time to time.[26] Jeb later said that he canceled those plans after seeing abusive behavior from some translators like using auto-translation and down-voting legitimate translations[27].

As of May 7, 2016, it appears these plans have resumed, with the exact reason currently unknown.
As of January 11, 2020, ninety-six users own this cape.[28]

Crowdin Chinese Translator Cape ChineseTranslatorCapeInGame.png ChineseTranslatorCape.png On June 4, 2015, Powup333, Craft_Lawrence and sjjklh received this cape for playing vital roles on Crowdin Translation Project in Chinese[29]. The cape is identical to the Crowdin cape except for the pixelated Chinese flag on the reverse side of the cape. This cape shares similar design style with cheapsh0t's Cape.
Scrolls Cape Scrollscape3-600x332.png Scrolls Cape.png On November 7, 2014, it was announced that there was a new Scrolls cape. Players who earned the Weekly First Place winner badge five times were given access to the cape. There are only ten users with this cape[30]. As of September 30, 2015, it is no longer possible to earn this cape[31].

On December 11 & 12, 2014, all users were shown with this scrolls cape to celebrate the release of Scrolls[32]. This cape was not added to user accounts.

Cobalt Cape CobaltCapeJaneator.png Cobalt Cape.png Given out only to participants/winners of level-making competitions and the Cobalt League tournaments[33].

As of January 11, 2020, twenty users own this cape.[34] The design of this cape's elytra is based on a wasp enemy from Cobalt[35].

Mojira Moderator Cape BugTracker Cape InGame.png BugTracker Cape.png This cape was given to the bug tracker moderators on December 25, 2014, and again from May 9, 2016 onward.
As of January 11, 2020, forty-two users own this cape.[36]
Realms Mapmaker Cape MapMakerCape.png MapmakerCapeTexture.png This cape was given to mapmakers who have followed the criteria as listed here.
As of January 11, 2020, 152 users own this cape.[37]
Enderdragon Wings Cape Ender DragonCAPE.png This cape was made for the ender dragon skin released in the 1st Birthday Skinpack, this cape could only be shown with the skin equiped.

The skin and cape combo was released on Bedrock Edition for free on September 5, 2014, and could be claimed through the marketplace. It is no longer available.


  • The cape texture model is the same as the Elytra texture model in the resource pack. However, using the texture model for a cape does not make it a cape, as the Elytra entity itself is different from a cape.

Unused Capes[edit]


These capes were featured in a poll where MINECON 2011 attendees could vote for their cape of choice. The red creeper cape won MINECON 2011, and the blue cape with the pickaxe was for MINECON 2012. These following capes are still unused though may appear in the future.[38]


Java Edition Beta
1.0Exclusive cloaks were added on December 20, 2010.
Java Edition
1.0.0September 22, 2011Notch announced a cloak design contest, for cloaks to be given out to MineCon attendees.
October 28, 2011Notch renamed the cloak to the cape, tweeting "We've reached a decision. The 'cloaks' will no longer be called 'cloaks' because they're not. They're capes. Sorry about that."
1.915w41aA player's cape becomes invisible if that player is equipped with an elytra.
Mojang cape texture modified.
16w06aThe elytra texture now defaults to the cape texture if no custom texture is uploaded and the player owns a cape.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.15.9Cape support added.
Added the MineCon skin pack, which contains skins with all MineCon capes from 2011 to 2016, available to all players for a limited time.[39]
0.15.10Capes no longer clip through armor.
When getting the MineCon 2016 capes, the player is now prompted to make a “free” purchase from their device's store. If the player is on Android and it prompts them for a payment, they can use the code MINECON2016 to get it for free.
October 7, 2016The MineCon 2016 skin pack is no longer available - it has been removed from all app stores and its redemption code is now expired. Players who obtained it while it was available are still able to use it.
Bedrock Edition
1.13.0?Worn capes now change the texture of elytra.
1.13.0The founder's cape can now be equipped onto Marketplace skins with the character creator, but custom skins are currently bugged.
1.13.1The founder's cape can now be equipped onto custom skins.


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