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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition, Bedrock Edition and PlayStation 4 Edition.

A campfire is a block that can be used to cook food or act as a light source or smoke signal.


Campfires can be broken with any tool, or without a tool, but axes are the fastest. They cannot be moved or destroyed by pistons, whether lit or unlit‌[Java Edition only]. Campfire will be broken by pistons‌[Bedrock Edition only]. Although destroying a campfire returns 2 charcoal, which is 1 more than used to craft it, the loss of the charrable wood in its recipe means there is a net loss of fuel.

Campfires can only be reclaimed by mining them using a tool enchanted with Silk Touch. If items are placed on the campfire, the items will always be dropped when it is broken.


Ingredients Crafting recipe
Stick +
Coal or
Charcoal +
Any Log or
Any Stripped Log or
Any Wood or
Any Stripped Wood

Natural generation[edit]

Campfires can generate in taiga and snowy taiga villages.


Apprentice-level Fisherman villagers have a 50% chance of selling a campfire for 5 emeralds.‌[Bedrock Edition only]

Apprentice-level Fisherman villagers have a 23 chance of selling a campfire for 2 emeralds.‌[Java Edition only]


Campfires are lit by default when placed. Campfires can be manually lit by using or dispensing flint and steel or fire charges on them, or shooting it with flaming arrow. It can also be lit by using an item enchanted with fire aspect, or stepping on it while burning.‌[Bedrock Edition only] A campfire will become unlit by waterlogging it (placing water in the same block space), throwing a splash water bottle on it, or using a shovel on it.‌[Bedrock and PlayStation 4 editions only] Campfires will not be extinguished by rain, similarly to Netherrack. Since Dispensers with water Buckets and flint and steel can extinguish and light campfires, respectively, they can be used in redstone creations as memory cells.

Smoke signals[edit]

Campfires produce smoke particles that float up around 10 blocks before disappearing. If a hay bale is placed below, the campfire will be a signal fire and the smoke will float up for around 25 blocks instead.

Campfire smoke particles can partially pass through 1.5 blocks above it, the amount of passing particles decreases as the height of the top block increases. When the top block is 1.5 blocks higher than the campfire, its particles are completely blocked.

Campfires that existed prior to Bedrock Edition 1.11.0 (updating world from 1.10.0) will not produce smoke particles.


Campfires damage mobs standing on top of them even if underwater (with exceptions such as shulkers or guardians), but only if lit, dealing 1 (Half Heart.svg) of damage every tick (although damage immunity reduces this to once every half-second). Unlike regular fire, campfires will not cause lasting burning, nor destroy items. Damage taken is considered fire damage and is reduced by armor, shields, the Resistance potion effects, and the Protection and Fire Protection enchantments. Armor will lose item durability, but a shield will not. The player can avoid being damaged at all, either by sneaking, using a potion of fire resistance, or by wearing Frost Walker boots, similar to magma blocks. Blocks that are the height of a trapdoor or lower (such as carpets) will not prevent a campfire from damaging mobs and players above it.


The player can place raw food (raw beef, raw chicken, raw rabbit, raw porkchop, raw mutton, raw cod, raw salmon, potato, kelp) on a lit campfire by using the food item on it. Up to four food items can be placed on a single campfire. On a campfire, foods produce small smoke particles, indicating they are being cooked. Food items take 20 seconds (400 ticks) to cook, compared to 10 seconds for furnaces or 5 seconds for smokers, and will pop off the campfire when finished cooking. Unlike other blocks that can cook food, campfires do not require any kind of fuel and will be able to cook food items indefinitely as long as it remains lit. They also do not have a physical inventory. However, food items cannot be placed on an unlit campfire. Placing a campfire on top of a hopper will cause some of the popped items to be transferred into the hopper, albeit ineffectively - encasing the campfire with the hopper is a good way to efficientize this for a reasonably free way to get cooked food.

Light source[edit]

Lit campfires emit a light level of 15. Like most other sources of light, campfires will melt snow up to three blocks around the fire.

Data values[edit]

Block states[edit]

Java Edition:

Name Default value Allowed values Description
The direction the campfire is facing.
Whether the campfire is lit.
Whether the campfire has a hay bale below it.
Whether the campfire is waterlogged

Block entity[edit]

A campfire has a block entity associated with it that holds additional data about the block.


September 26, 2018Campfires are announced to be part of the biome vote at MINECON Earth 2018.
September 29, 2018Campfires are showcased at MINECON Earth 2018.
September 29, 2018Taiga wins the biome vote, meaning campfires will be added to the game in 1.14.
Java Edition
1.1419w02aCampfire Revision1.pngUnlit Campfire Revision1.png Added campfires.

Campfire.pngUnlit Campfire.pngChanged the campfire model and texture.

Lit campfires now produce spark particles.
Light level has been changed from 9 to 15.
Campfires are now directionally placed.
Lit campfires produce smoke plume particles more often.
19w04aCampfires now spawn in taiga villages on the ground and inside chimneys.
19w08aCampfires can now be extinguished by splash water bottles.
1.14.1Pre-Release 2Campfires can now be lit by flaming arrows.
1.14.2Pre-Release 1Flaming arrows can no longer light waterlogged campfires.
Bedrock Edition
1.10.0beta Revision1.png Added campfires, which are only available through Experimental Gameplay.
1.11.0beta implemented campfires.
Campfire.pngUnlit Campfire.png Changed the campfire model and texture.
beta can now be bought from fishermen villagers.
PlayStation 4 Edition
1.91Campfire.pngUnlit Campfire.png Added campfires.


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