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Blast resistance



Any tool




Yes (64)‌[BE only]
No‌[JE only]



Catches fire from lava


Data values
dec: 92 hex: 5C bin: 1011100
dec: 354 hex: 162 bin: 101100010

Cake is a food block that can be eaten by the player.


Once the cake is placed, it cannot be recollected even with the use of Silk Touch.

Block Cake
Hardness 0.5
Breaking time
Default 0.75


Ingredients Crafting recipe Description
Milk Bucket +
Sugar +
Egg +

Empty buckets remain in the crafting grid after crafting the cake.


Expert-level farmer villagers can sell cake for a single emerald each.

Chest loot[edit]

In Bedrock Edition, cake can be found in 4.1% of buried treasure chests in stacks of 1.


Unlike most food, cake cannot be eaten as an item in the hotbar. Before being eaten, it must first be placed on top of a solid block.

Each cake has seven "slices", and each use consumes one slice. A single slice restores 2 () hunger and 0.4 hunger saturation. Eating all seven slices of a cake restores 14 () hunger and 2.8 hunger saturation.

Since eating a cake comes with no animation, cake can be eaten at a rate of one slice per tick. Multiple players can eat from the same cake at the same time. In Java Edition, eating cake makes no sound, unlike other foods.

As a redstone component, when connected to a comparator, a whole cake emits a signal strength of 14. The signal strength decreases two units with each slice.


Note: Tables for block loot info are currently a work in progress. Please refer to this community portal discussion for more information and to provide feedback.

Namespaced IDOriginDefault
blocks/cakeCakeNothing (100%)


Pandas move towards a dropped cake, to pick up and eat it.


Placing a cake into a composter raises the compost level by 1.


Sound Subtitle Namespaced ID Subtitle ID Source Pitch Volume Attenuation distance
Block breaking block.wool.hit subtitles.block.generic.hit Blocks 0.5 0.25 16
Block broken block.wool.break subtitles.block.generic.break Blocks 0.8 1.0 16
Block placed Blocks 0.8 1.0 16
Footsteps block.wool.step subtitles.block.generic.footsteps Blocks 1.0 0.15 16
No subtitle block.wool.fall (Plays when fallen on from a height) Blocks 0.75 0.5 16

Data values[edit]

Block data[edit]

In Bedrock Edition, cake uses the following data values:

Value Stage
0 Whole intact cake
1 1 piece eaten
2 2 pieces eaten
3 3 pieces eaten
4 4 pieces eaten
5 5 pieces eaten
6 6 pieces eaten

Block states[edit]

Name Default value Allowed values Description
bites‌[JE only]
bite_counter‌[BE only]
Number of bites taken from the cake.


Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different)Availability Xbox points earned Trophy type (PS)
Bedrock Legacy Console editions
Xbox PlayStation Nintendo
The LieWheat, sugar, milk, and eggs!Pick up a cake from a crafting table output.AltYesPS3Yes40GSilver
AltPS4, PSVitaYesAlt30GBronze


Java Edition Beta
November 23, 2010Notch stated if Minecraft won the 2010 Indie of the Year Awards, he would add cake to Minecraft.
1.2Cake Revision 1.png Cake (Item) Revision 1.png Since Minecraft won the title, cake has now been added, healing 18♥ × 9.
1.5Achievements have now been added, including "The Lie", which is rewarded when the player crafts a cake.
1.8Pre-releaseCake now restores 12 ().
Java Edition
1.2.1?When cake is crafted, the empty buckets are now moved to the player's inventory, rather than staying in the crafting grid.
1.7.213w37aThe item form of block ID 92 (cake) has now been removed from the game. It no longer exists in inventories, but as a block in the world.
1.814w02aFarmer villagers now sell 1 cake for 1 emerald.
14w28aCake slices have now been increased from 6 to 7.
Cake now emits a comparator signal.
When cake is crafted, empty buckets now stay in the crafting table.
1.1317w47aPrior to The Flattening, this block's numeral ID was 92, and the item's 354.
1.1418w43aCake.png Cake TextureUpdate Revision 1.png The texture of cake has now been changed.
Cakes can now be eaten by pandas when they are thrown to them.
19w03aPlacing a cake into the new composter now raises the compost level by 1.
19w08aCake TextureUpdate.png The texture of cake items has now been changed, once again.
May 17–20, 201910 years cake render.png Cakes now display a "10" above them, textured with white concrete, to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the first public version of Minecraft (0.0.11a) being released.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.7.0Cake Revision 1.png Cake (Item) Revision 1.png Added cake, which restores 18♥ × 9.
0.12.1build 1Cake now restore 12 ().
0.14.0build 1Cake can now be used to emit a comparator signal.
Pocket Edition
1.0.4alpha villagers now sell cake for one emerald.
Bedrock Edition
1.4.0beta can now be found inside buried treasure chests.
1.8.0beta, as a dropped item, can now be eaten by pandas.
1.10.0beta Cake TextureUpdate Revision 1.png The texture of cake has now been changed.
1.11.0beta can now be used to fill up composters.
beta sold by farmers now has a 50% chance to cost 8 emeralds.
beta TextureUpdate.png The texture of cake items has now been changed, once again.
beta trades from farmer villagers have now been reverted.
Legacy Console Edition
TU1CU11.0Patch 1Cake Revision 1.png Cake (Item) Revision 1.png Added cake.
TU6Cake has now been made stackable, as a then-version exclusive.
1.90Cake.png Cake TextureUpdate.png The texture of cake has now been changed.
New Nintendo 3DS Edition
0.1.0Cake Revision 1.png Cake (Item) Revision 1.png Added cake.


Issues relating to "Cake" are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.



  • Because cake is only 78 blocks wide, it is possible to stand on the edge of a block beneath a cake.
  • Cake destroys falling blocks if placed under them, similar to a torch.
  • It is possible to place cake on top of cake by placing a cake on the ground, then placing another cake on the side of a block above and to the side of the first cake, similar to placing torches on a chest. Eating the lower cake causes the upper cake to disappear, same as mining out the block of cake it is sitting on.
  • It is also possible to place cakes (or any other block) on top of cakes by sneaking and placing a cake on top of another cake
  • Mobs on top rotate while attempting to move, a pathfinding oversight shared with fences.
  • If cake is placed in a one deep hole, players can get across the hole without jumping, although a player standing on the cake must jump to get out of the hole.
  • Cake can be used to create a functioning staircase, by placing a cake on each level of a 1 block by 1 block incline. This would be one of the most labor intensive staircases available, given the requirements to craft a cake, compared to all other possible methods for creating a staircase.


  • Cake was added to Minecraft following the ModDB 2010 Indie of the Year Awards. Notch agreed to add cake to Minecraft if it won, which led to a campaign called "The Quest For Cake". Minecraft won 3 of the 7 awards, including the "Indie of the Year" award.
  • Placing a cake makes the same sound as placing wool.
  • The player can place cake on top of a bed, and while sleeping, the cake shows on your screen as if it were on top of your head.
  • The name of the achievement is a reference to the internet meme "The Cake is a Lie", which originated from Valve's game, Portal.
  • On May 17, 2019, for the 10th anniversary of Minecraft, the cake model was changed to display a "10" above it, made of white concrete.
  • In Bedrock Edition, only the second slice of cake shows the inside of the cake texture. The rest of the slices show the side of the cake.[1]