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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition.
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This page describes content that may be included in a future update to Java Edition.
These features have appeared in Java Edition development versions, but the full update containing them has not been released for Java Edition yet.
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The bundle is a storage item that can be used for managing items inside the player's inventory.



Ingredients Crafting recipe
String +
Rabbit Hide


Item stack sizes (top row) and the number of bundle slots they take up (middle row). Sticks stack to 64, so they take up one bundle slot; ender pearls stack to 16, so they take up four; and swords do not stack, so they take up the whole bundle. So, for instance, a bundle may have 32 sticks and 8 ender pearls inside (bottom), which take up a total of 32×1+8×4=64 bundle slots.

Bundles are used to store different items in the same inventory slot. Bundles can only hold the equivalent of one inventory slot worth of items, for a total of 64 bundle slots; items that stack to 64 take up one bundle slot, items that stack to 16 take up four, and items that do not stack take up the whole bundle. Bundles themselves can be held in bundles, taking up 4 bundle slots + their contents in bundle slots.[1]

Although bundles cannot be stacked, each bundle uses only 4 slots, with the addition of items stored inside. That is, each bundle can put up to 16 empty bundles.

Bundles cannot be directly opened and have no UI; items can only be moved in and out of a bundle inside of the existing inventory by right-clicking the items into the bundle. To retrieve the items from inside a bundle, the bundle must be either held and used or right-clicked inside the inventory.

Hovering over the bundle shows its contained items in its inventory slots. If the bundle is not full, a slot with a + on it is also shown.

Data values[edit]


Java Edition:

NameNamespaced IDTranslation key
Bundlebundle item.minecraft.bundle

Item data[edit]

  •  tag: The tag tag.


October 3, 2020Bundles are revealed at Minecraft Live 2020. Hovering over them shows all items inside scattered around a large area, and incomplete bundles have the empty texture.
Upcoming Java Edition
1.1720w45aBundle JE1.pngBundle Filled JE1.png Added bundles. Hovering over them shows some of the items contained and their quantities, much like the tooltip of a shulker box. Incomplete bundles have the full texture.
20w46aBundle JE2.pngBundle Filled JE2.png The textures of bundles have been changed.
Hovering over bundles now shows its contained items in special slots. If the bundle isn't full, it also has an empty slot with a plus on it.
20w48aBundles now show fullness as a number when advanced tooltips are enabled.


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  1. MC-203567 – "Bundles can be placed inside of bundles" – resolved as "Works As Intended"