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This feature is exclusive to Minecraft Earth.

A buildplate is an area in Minecraft Earth in which the player can build structures. It is the creative mode component of the game.

A new player has an 8×8 buildplate available by default. The player selects a surface in the real world on which to place the buildplate, and once placed, the player sees the buildplate superimposed on the real-world camera view. The player can physically move around the buildplate to view it from different angles, and build structures.

The buildplate appears sized as a square about 58 cm on each side for an 8×8 buildplate, resulting in a scale of about 1:14. A 32×32 buildplate appears as about 50 cm per side, resulting in a scale of 1:64.

Players can collaborate on a buildplate. A player who places a buildplate can select "invite friend" to allow another player to scan a QR code to join.

As the player advances in level, new buildplates become available. The player can also spend rubies to purchase buildplates in the shop.