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Brewing Flowcharts[edit]

I created a new version of the brewing flowchart. The latest version is a language independent template. It can automatically be translated in any language based on XML-language files and converted into multiple file formats. I will provide all available translations on this page. Please use these images and provide them in the corresponding minecraft-wikis. If you need an other language please copy the XML language-file below, adjust it and send it back to me. If you just want to adjust an existing translation, please let me know.

File formats

File formats[edit]

File format benefit disadvantage
PNG perfect browser and wiki support
no rendering issues
raster graphic with fixed resultion
reduced quality when printed
large files
PDF high (printing) quality because vector graphics are used
no rendering issues (known yet)
small file sizes
perfect for printing
no wiki support (no preview image)
SVG good browser and adequate wiki support
high (printing) quality because vector graphics are used
editable by vector graphic tools
known rendering issues (e.g. on small resolutions or asian characters)
large files

Flowcharts published in wikis[edit]


File:Minecraft brewing en.pdf

Potion brewing chart - English - PNG
Potion brewing chart - English - SVG


File:Minecraft brewing de.pdf

Potion brewing chart - German - PNG
Potion brewing chart - German - SVG


File:Minecraft brewing fr.pdf

Potion brewing chart - French - PNG
Potion brewing chart - French - SVG


File:Minecraft brewing zh.pdf

Potion brewing chart - Chinese - PNG
Potion brewing chart - Chinese - SVG


File:Minecraft brewing es.pdf

Potion brewing chart - Spanish - PNG
Potion brewing chart - Spanish - SVG


File:Minecraft brewing ru.pdf

Potion brewing chart - Russian - PNG
Potion brewing chart - Russian - SVG


File:Minecraft brewing pl.pdf

Potion brewing chart - Polish - PNG
Potion brewing chart - Polish - SVG


File:Minecraft brewing ja.pdf

Potion brewing chart - Japanese - PNG
Potion brewing chart - Japanese - SVG


File:Minecraft brewing nl.pdf

Potion brewing chart - Dutch - PNG
Potion brewing chart - Dutch - SVG

Brazilian Portuguese[edit]

File:Minecraft brewing pt-br.pdf

Potion brewing chart - Brazilian Portuguese - PNG
Potion brewing chart - Brazilian Portuguese - SVG


File:Minecraft brewing it.pdf

Potion brewing chart - Italian - PNG
Potion brewing chart - Italian - SVG


File:Minecraft brewing ko KR.pdf

Potion brewing chart - Korean - PNG
Potion brewing chart - Korean - SVG


File:Minecraft brewing hu HU.pdf

Potion brewing chart - Hungarian - PNG
Potion brewing chart - Hungarian - SVG

Flowchart without corresponding wikis[edit]


File:Minecraft brewing ro RO.pdf

Potion brewing chart - Romanian - PNG
Potion brewing chart - Romanian - SVG


File:Minecraft brewing vi VN.pdf

Potion brewing chart - Vietnamese - PNG
Potion brewing chart - Vietnamese - SVG

translation file (example)[edit]

XML translation file for english (en)
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<!-- Meta -->
	<te key="title" en="Brewing"/>
	<te key="subtitle1" en="in Minecraft 1.8.1"/>
	<te key="subtitle2" en=""/>
	<!-- Potions -->
	<te key="nightvision1" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="nightvision2" en="Night Vision"/>
	<te key="nightvision+1" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="nightvision+2" en="Night Vision +"/>
	<te key="invisibility1" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="invisibility2" en="Invisibility"/>
	<te key="invisibility+1" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="invisibility+2" en="Invisibility +"/>	
	<te key="leaping1" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="leaping2" en="Leaping"/>
	<te key="leaping+1" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="leaping+2" en="Leaping +"/>	
	<te key="leapingX1" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="leapingX2" en="Leaping II"/>	
	<te key="fireres1" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="fireres2" en="Fire Resistance"/>	
	<te key="fireres+1" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="fireres+2" en="Fire Resistance +"/>		
	<te key="slowness1" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="slowness2" en="Slowness"/>	
	<te key="slowness+1" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="slowness+2" en="Slowness +"/>		
	<te key="swiftness1" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="swiftness2" en="Swiftness"/>
	<te key="swiftness+1" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="swiftness+2" en="Swiftness +"/>		
	<te key="swiftnessX1" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="swiftnessX2" en="Swiftness II"/>

	<te key="breathing1" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="breathing2" en="Water Breathing"/>	
	<te key="breathing+1" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="breathing+2" en="Water Breathing +"/>	

	<te key="healing4" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="healing5" en="Healing"/>
	<te key="healingX4" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="healingX5" en="Healing II"/>			
	<te key="harming4" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="harming5" en="Harming"/>
	<te key="harmingX4" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="harmingX5" en="Harming II"/>
	<te key="poison1" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="poison2" en="Poison"/>
	<te key="poison+1" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="poison+2" en="Poison +"/>
	<te key="poisonX1" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="poisonX2" en="Poison II"/>	
	<te key="regeneration1" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="regeneration2" en="Regeneration"/>
	<te key="regeneration+1" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="regeneration+2" en="Regeneration +"/>
	<te key="regenerationX1" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="regenerationX2" en="Regeneration II"/>	
	<te key="strength1" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="strength2" en="Strength"/>
	<te key="strength+1" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="strength+2" en="Strength +"/>
	<te key="strengthX1" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="strengthX2" en="Strength II"/>	
	<te key="weakness1" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="weakness2" en="Weakness"/>
	<te key="weakness+1" en="Potion of"/>
	<te key="weakness+2" en="Weakness +"/>	
	<te key="waterA" en=""/>
	<te key="water1" en=""/>
	<te key="water" en="Water Bottle"/>
	<te key="water2" en=""/>
	<te key="waterB" en=""/>
	<te key="awkwardA" en=""/>
	<te key="awkward1" en="Awkward Potion"/>
	<te key="awkward" en=""/>
	<te key="awkward2" en="(No Effects)"/>
	<te key="awkwardB" en=""/>
	<te key="thickA" en=""/>
	<te key="thick1" en="Thick Potion"/>
	<te key="thick" en=""/>
	<te key="thick2" en="(No Effects)"/>
	<te key="thickB" en=""/>
	<te key="mundaneA" en=""/>
	<te key="mundane1" en="Mundane Potion"/>
	<te key="mundane" en=""/>
	<te key="mundane2" en="(No Effects)"/>
	<te key="mundaneB" en=""/>
	<te key="mundane+A" en=""/>
	<te key="mundane+1" en="Mundane Potion +"/>
	<te key="mundane+" en=""/>
	<te key="mundane+2" en="(No Effects)"/>
	<te key="mundane+B" en=""/>
	<!-- Ingredients -->
	<te key="bottle" en="Glass Bottle"/>
	<te key="fseye" en="Fermented Spider Eye"/>
	<te key="fseye1" en=""/>
	<te key="fseye2" en=""/>
	<te key="redstone" en="Redstone"/>
	<te key="glowstone" en="Glowstone Dust"/>
	<te key="nwart1" en="Nether Wart"/>
	<te key="nwart2" en=""/>
	<te key="gcarrot1" en="Golden Carrot"/>
	<te key="rfoot1" en="Rabbit's Foot"/>
	<te key="mcream1" en="Magma Cream"/>
	<te key="sugar1" en="Sugar"/>

	<te key="pfish1" en="Pufferfish"/>

	<te key="gmelon1" en="Glistering"/>
	<te key="gmelon2" en="Melon"/>

	<te key="seye1" en="Spider Eye"/>
	<te key="gtear1" en="Ghast Tear"/>
	<te key="bpowder1" en="Blaze Powder"/>

Example SVG vs. PNG[edit]

Potion brewing chart - English - PNG
Potion brewing chart - English - SVG