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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition.


First introduced

Java Edition 1.13 (Java Edition 18w05a)

Creates and modifies boss bars.

bossbar add <id> <name>
bossbar get <id> (max|players|value|visible)
bossbar list
bossbar remove <id>
bossbar set <id> (color|max|name|players|style|value|visible)
... color (blue|green|pink|purple|red|white|yellow)
... max <max>
... name <name>
... players [<targets>]
... style (notched_6|notched_10|notched_12|notched_20|progress)
... value <value>
... visible <visible>
Specifies a unique boss bar. Has the form "namespace:name" (Note: "namespace:" defaults to "minecraft:" if absent.)
The display name of the boss bar. Only accepts a JSON text component
bossbar (add|get|list|remove|set)
... add <id> <name>
Create a new boss bar
... get <id> (max|players|value|visible)
Return the requested setting as a result of the command
... list
Display a list of existing boss bars
... remove <id>
Remove an existing bossbar
... set <id> (color|max|name|players|style|value|visible)
... color (blue|green|pink|purple|red|white|yellow)
Set the text color (if no color was specified as part of a text component) and bar color
Defaults to white upon creation
... max <max>
Set the boss bar's maximum value
Defaults to 100 upon creation
... name <name>
Set the boss bar's name
... players [<targets>]
Change the set of players to whom the bar is visible
Defaults to none upon creation
... style (progress|notched_6|notched_10|notched_12|notched_20)
Set the boss bar's visual amount of segments: continuous, 6 segments, 10 segments, 12 segments, or 20 segments
Defaults to progress upon creation
... value <value>
Set the boss bar's current value
Defaults to 0 upon creation
... visible <visible>
Set the boss bar's visibility
Defaults to true upon creation


Java Edition
1.1318w05aAdded bossbar