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This article is about the physical blocks found in Minecraft. For the action, see Blocking. For the charity, see Block by Block.
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All of the blocks in Java Edition 1.16.4.

Blocks are the basic units of structure in Minecraft that can be directly placed in the game world.


A variety of different blocks occurring in an underwater coral reef; sand can be seen lining the ground, cut sandstone in underwater ruin structures, and various forms of coral.

Blocks are arranged in a 3-dimensional grid of 1-cubic-meter cells. Each cell usually contains exactly one block; exceptions exist in the form of slabs, vines, snow layers, turtle eggs and sea pickles.

Together, blocks and fluids build up the in-game environment, and most can be harvested and utilized in various fashions. Some blocks, such as dirt and sandstone, are opaque and occupy their entire cubic meter, while other blocks, such as glass and flowers, are transparent or non-solid. Explosions destroy some blocks more easily than they destroy others.

Air is a special block. It is an unbreakable transparent block, as a substitute for the absence of blocks. in Java Edition, it has two variants: cave air and void air.

Some blocks, such as torches and glowstone, emit light. The amount of light they emit varies widely; see this table of light values for further information. Opaque blocks completely block light, while transparent blocks can have no effect on light, block the light, or merely weaken it.

Almost all blocks ignore gravity, with the exception of sand, red sand, gravel, anvils, dragon eggs, concrete powder, scaffolding, and snow.‌[Bedrock Edition only]

When broken, blocks emit sounds and particles associated with themselves, except in the following cases:

  • When the block is removed by a piston.[1]
  • If the block is affected by gravity and falls into an invalid space.‌[Java Edition only][2]
  • Anvils that are destroyed by running out of durability or falling. Only particles are missing.[3]
  • If the block can be washed away and is washed away by a flowing fluid.[4]
  • If the block can be replaced by other blocks and is replaced.[5]
  • If the block is one of a few blocks such as rails or redstone wire, supported by another block and its supporting block is removed.[6]
  • If the block is leaves and decays.[7]

Block height

Most solid blocks are 1 meter high (3.28084 ft), but certain blocks (especially slabs and stairs) have non-standard block heights.

A player can automatically step up from a lower to a higher height if the difference is at most 0.6 (35) of a block or 1.9685 feet.


The textures on the faces of blocks are 16×16 pixels. Most blocks are proportionately one cubic meter by default, but their shape can be changed using models.

Most blocks have static textures, but these blocks are animated: water, lava, Nether portal, End portal, End gateway, prismarine (slab; stairs; wall), sea lantern, magma block, seagrass, kelp, fire, lantern, lit campfire and their soul variants, lit blast furnace, heat block[BE & EE only], stems, hyphae, lit smoker, stonecutter and command block.

Using resource packs, the player can change the textures and resolution of blocks, including whether their texture is animated. They can also change the shapes of blocks using models and the size of blocks to any size with equal width and height, though sizes that are a power of two tend to work better.

List of blocks

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Education Edition only

These blocks can be accessed only in Education Edition and in Bedrock Edition when education options are enabled. (Elements are not listed here.)

Removed blocks

Removed blocks no longer exist in current versions of the game.

Technical blocks

Technical blocks up to Java Edition 1.6.1. Blocks in this image are no longer available in the current Minecraft version, except farmland and spawner.

Technical blocks are blocks whose main functions are strictly tied to the usage of other blocks. They cannot be acquired through normal gameplay. Most of them cannot be obtained with commands and even external editors,‌[Java Edition only] but others require commands or mods to obtain. They serve various purposes during events within the game. If acquired, they usually have a missing texture.

Many of these blocks have different representations in the inventory; flint and steel is used to place fire, water and lava can be placed with their respective buckets, and blocks such as beds, doors, cake and flower pots have separate inventory items.

List of technical blocks



Block additions and removals

Unique blocks are defined as having unique namespaced IDs in current versions of Java Edition, excluding obvious technical variants such as potted plants and wall attachments of blocks, but including the rose. Unintentional metadata variants are also not included.

Java Edition pre-Classic
rd-131655Added air, cobblestone and grass blocks.
Total blocks: 3 (+3, -0)
rd-20090515Added dirt, oak planks and stone.
Total blocks: 6 (+3, -0)
rd-161348Added oak saplings.
Total blocks: 7 (+1, -0)
Java Edition Classic
0.0.12aAdded bedrock, water and lava.
Total blocks: 10 (+3, -0)
0.0.14aAdded sand, gravel, coal ore, iron ore, gold ore, oak logs and oak leaves.
Total blocks: 17 (+7, -0)
0.0.19aAdded sponges and glass.
Total blocks: 19 (+2, -0)
0.0.20aAdded 16 wool colors (white, light gray, dark gray, black, red, orange, yellow, chartreuse, green, spring green, cyan, capri, ultramarine, violet, purple, magenta and rose), blocks of gold, dandelions, roses, red mushrooms, and brown mushrooms.
Total blocks: 40 (+21, -0)
0.26 SURVIVAL TESTAdded smooth stone slabs, blocks of iron, TNT, mossy cobblestone, bricks and bookshelves.
Total blocks: 46 (+6, -0)
0.28Added obsidian.
Total blocks: 47 (+1, -0)
Java Edition Indev
0.3120091223-2Added torches.
Total blocks: 48 (+1, -0)
20100109Added fire.
Total blocks: 49 (+1, -0)
20100114Added the infinite water block.
Total blocks: 50 (+1, -0)
20100122Added the infinite lava block.
Total blocks: 51 (+1, -0)
20100124Added chests.
Total blocks: 52 (+1, -0)
20100128Added diamond ore, blocks of diamond and gears.
Total blocks: 55 (+3, -0)
20100130Added crafting tables.
Total blocks: 56 (+1, -0)
Minecraft Indev20100206Added farmland and wheat crops.
Total blocks: 58 (+2, -0)
20100219Added furnaces.
Total blocks: 59 (+1, -0)
Java Edition Infdev
Minecraft Infdev20100607Added ladders, oak signs and oak doors.
Total blocks: 62 (+3, -0)
20100618Added rails.
Total blocks: 63 (+1, -0)
20100624Removed all colored cloth types from the game, although white still exists.
Total blocks: 48 (+0, -15)
20100625-2Added spawners.
Removed the infinite water and lava source blocks.
Total blocks: 47 (+1, -2)
20100629Added oak stairs and cobblestone stairs.
Total blocks: 49 (+2, -0)
Java Edition Alpha
v1.0.1Added redstone ore, redstone wire, redstone torches, oak pressure plates, stone pressure plates, stone buttons, levers and iron doors.
Removed gears.
Total blocks: 56 (+8, -1)
v1.0.4Added snow, snow blocks and ice.
Total blocks: 59 (+3, -0)
v1.0.6Added cactus.
Total blocks: 60 (+1, -0)
v1.0.11Added clay and sugar cane.
Total blocks: 62 (+2, -0)
v1.0.14Added jukeboxes.
Total blocks: 63 (+3, -0)
v1.0.17Added fences.
Total blocks: 64 (+1, -0)
v1.2.0previewAdded netherrack, soul sand, glowstone, carved pumpkins, jack o'lanterns and nether portal blocks.
Total blocks: 70 (+6, -0)
Java Edition Beta
1.2Added 15 new colors of wool (light gray, gray, black, brown, red, orange, yellow, lime, green, cyan, light blue, blue, magenta, purple, pink), cake, dispensers, lapis lazuli ore, blocks of lapis lazuli, note blocks, sandstone, birch logs, birch leaves, spruce logs and spruce leaves.
Total blocks: 95 (+25, -0)
1.3Added cobblestone slabs, petrified oak slabs, sandstone slabs, smooth stone, red beds and redstone repeaters.
Total blocks: 101 (+6, -0)
1.4Added locked chests.
Total blocks: 102 (+1, -0)
1.5Added birch saplings, spruce saplings, powered rails, detector rails and cobwebs.
Total blocks: 107 (+5, -0)
1.6Test Build 3Added dead bushes, shrubs, grass, ferns and oak trapdoors.
Total blocks: 112 (+5, -0)
1.7Added pistons and sticky pistons.
Total blocks: 114 (+2, -0)
1.8Pre-releaseAdded stone bricks, cracked stone bricks, mossy stone bricks, infested stone, infested cobblestone, infested stone bricks, brick slabs, stone brick slabs, brick stairs, stone brick stairs, glass panes, iron bars, oak fence gates, vines, mushroom stems, red mushroom blocks, brown mushroom blocks, pumpkin stems, melon stems and melons.
Total blocks: 134 (+20, -0)
Java Edition
1.0.0Beta 1.9 PrereleaseAdded nether bricks, nether brick stairs, nether brick fences, nether wart, mycelium and lily pads.
Total blocks: 140 (+6, -0)
Beta 1.9 Prerelease 3Added brewing stands, enchanting tables, end portal frames, end portal blocks, and properly added cauldrons.
Total blocks: 145 (+5, -0)
Beta 1.9 Prerelease 4Added end stone.
Total blocks: 146 (+1, -0)
Beta 1.9 Prerelease 6Added the dragon egg.
Total blocks: 147 (+1, -0)
1.2.112w03aAdded jungle logs and jungle leaves.
Total blocks: 149 (+2, -0)
12w04aAdded jungle saplings.
Total blocks: 150 (+1, -0)
12w07aAdded redstone lamps.
Total blocks: 151 (+1, -0)
1.2Added chiseled stone bricks.
Total blocks: 152 (+1, -0)
1.2.4releaseAdded birch planks, spruce planks, jungle planks, cut sandstone and chiseled sandstone.
Total blocks: 157 (+5, -0)
1.3.112w17aAdded oak slabs, birch slabs, spruce slabs and jungle slabs.
Total blocks: 161 (+4, -0)
12w19aAdded cocoa.
Total blocks: 162 (+1, -0)
12w21aAdded emerald ore, ender chests and sandstone stairs.
Total blocks: 165 (+3, -0)
12w22aAdded tripwire, tripwire hooks and blocks of emerald
Total blocks: 168 (+3, -0)
12w25aAdded birch stairs, spruce stairs and jungle stairs.
Total blocks: 171 (+3, -0)
12w30dAdded oak wood, birch wood, spruce wood and jungle wood.
Total blocks: 175 (+4, -0)
1.4.212w32aAdded beacons and command blocks.
Total blocks: 177 (+2, -0)
12w34aAdded carrots, potatoes, flower pots, oak buttons, cobblestone walls and mossy cobblestone walls.
Total blocks: 181 (+4, -0)
12w36aAdded creeper heads, player heads, skeleton skulls, wither skeleton skulls and zombie heads.
Total blocks: 186 (+5, -0)
12w41aAdded anvils, chipped anvils and damaged anvils.
Total blocks: 189 (+3, -0)
1.4.612w49aAdded nether brick slabs.
Total blocks: 190 (+1, -0)
1.513w01aAdded nether quartz ore, blocks of redstone, daylight detectors, hoppers, redstone comparators, trapped chests, light weighted pressure plates and heavy weighted pressure plates.
Total blocks: 198 (+8, -0)
13w02aAdded activator rails, blocks of quartz, chiseled quartz blocks, quartz pillars, quartz slabs and quartz stairs.
Removed smooth stone.
Total blocks: 203 (+6, -1)
13w03aAdded droppers.
Total blocks: 204 (+1, -0)
13w04aAdded smooth sandstone and smooth quartz.
Reimplemented smooth stone.
Total blocks: 207 (+3, -0)
1.6.113w16aAdded carpets in the 16 dye colors and hay bales.
Total blocks: 224 (+17, -0)
13w17aAdded terracotta.
Total blocks: 225 (+1, -0)
13w18aAdded blocks of coal.
Total blocks: 226 (+1, -0)
13w19aAdded dyed terracotta in 16 colors.
Total blocks: 242 (+16, -0)
1.7.213w36aAdded alliums, azure bluets, blue orchids, lilacs, oxeye daisyies, peonyies, poppyies, rose bushes, sunflowers, orange tulips, pink tulips, red tulips, white tulips, tall grass, large ferns, packed ice, podzol, "grassless" dirt, infested cracked stone bricks, infested mossy stone bricks and infested chiseled stone bricks.
Removed roses.
Total blocks: 262 (+21, -1)
13w39aAdded red sand.
Total blocks: 263 (+1, -0)
13w41aAdded 16 colors each of stained glass and stained glass panes.
Removed locked chests.
Total blocks: 294 (+32, -1)
13w43aAdded acacia logs, acacia wood, acacia leaves, acacia saplings, dark oak logs, dark oak wood, dark oak leaves and dark oak saplings.
Total blocks: 302 (+8, -0)
1.7Added acacia stairs, acacia slabs, dark oak stairs and dark oak slabs.
Total blocks: 306 (+4, -0)
1.7.1Added acacia planks and dark oak planks.
Total blocks: 308 (+2, -0)
1.814w02aAdded granite, polished granite, diorite, polished diorite, andesite, polished andesite and slime blocks.
Total blocks: 315 (+7, -0)
14w05aAdded barriers.
Total blocks: 316 (+1, -0)
14w07aAdded iron trapdoors.
Total blocks: 317 (+1, -0)
14w25aAdded prismarine, prismarine bricks, dark prismarine, sea lanterns, coarse dirt and wet sponges.
Removed "grassless" dirt.
Total blocks: 322 (+6, -1)
14w30aAdded 16 banner colors.
Total blocks: 338 (+16, -0)
14w32aAdded red sandstone, cut red sandstone, chiseled red sandstone, smooth red sandstone, red sandstone slabs and red sandstone stairs.
Total blocks: 344 (+6, -0)
14w32bAdded birch fences, spruce fences, jungle fences, acacia fences, dark oak fences, birch fence gates, spruce fence gates, jungle fence gates, acacia fence gates and dark oak fence gates.
Total blocks: 354 (+10, -0)
14w32dAdded birch doors, spruce doors, jungle doors, acacia doors and dark oak doors.
Total blocks: 359 (+5, -0)
1.915w31aAdded chorus plants, chorus flowers, dragon heads, end gateway blocks, end rods, end stone bricks, dirt paths, purpur blocks, purpur pillars, purpur slabs, purpur stairs and structure blocks.
Total blocks: 371 (+12, -0)
Pocket Edition Alpha
Pre-releaseAdded roses and exclusive invisible bedrock.
?Added info update and info update2.
v0.5.0Added exclusive nether reactor core and glowing obsidian.
v0.6.0Added exclusive stonecutter.
v0.8.0build 2Removed blocks 253 and 254.

Other changes

Java Edition pre-Classic
rd-132211Added blocks that can be placed and destroyed.
rd-160052There is now support for different block types.
New particles are now shown when destroying a block.
New support for dynamic blocks.
Added pick blocks functionality.
Java Edition Classic
?Added multiple sounds for blocks.
August 4, 2009Breaking blocks allows picking them up and place them, thus adding and removing them from the inventory.
August 14, 2009The requirement to have to hold down the mouse button to break blocks, creating a block-breaking animation, was first shown.
0.27 SURVIVAL TESTThe player now begins with 10 TNT blocks and can now obtain dirt, cobblestone from stone, wooden planks from wood, gold blocks from gold ore, iron blocks from iron ore, stone slabs from coal ore, and white wool from sheep.
0.28Right click now adds blocks and left click now removes them.
The player can now build with naturally occurring blocks.
The player can now use bookshelves, sponges, colored wools, bricks, obsidian and mossy cobblestone.
Operators of servers can now also build bedrock. Some custom servers can now give the ability to place grass blocks and fluid blocks, too.
All new block types have been added.
Java Edition Indev
0.3120091223-2Blocks can now be dropped on the ground.
Blocks that are thrown on the ground can now also be picked up.
20100122Blocks can now be placed on resource items. As a result, resource items are now pushed off.
20100125-1Added new block particles.
Java Edition Infdev
Minecraft Infdev20100227It is now possible to place blocks inside the player.
20100413It is now impossible to place blocks inside the player.
20100617-2Solid blocks now cause suffocation.
Java Edition
1.7.213w37aThe ability to obtain the item form of 26 technical blocks has been removed. These were the bed (26), piston head and extension (34 & 36), redstone wire (55), wheat crops (59), standing and wall sign (63 & 68), wooden and iron door (64 & 71), lit redstone ore (74), unlit redstone torch (75), sugar cane (83), cake (92), unpowered and powered repeater (93 & 94), pumpkin and melon stem (104 & 105), nether wart (115), brewing stand (117), cauldron (118), lit redstone lamp (124), tripwire (132), flower pot (140), skull (144), and unpowered and powered comparator (149 & 150).
13w38bAir is now internally a block[8] and can be kept in the inventory. It has a missing texture, Missing Texture JE3 BE2.png.
13w38cAir can no longer be kept in the inventory anymore.
1.814w25aThe ability to obtain the item form of 12 technical blocks has been removed. These blocks were flowing and stationary water and lava blocks (8, 9, 10 & 11), double stone and wooden slabs (43 & 125), fire blocks (51), nether and end portal blocks (90 & 119), cocoa pods (127), and potato and carrot crops (141 & 142).
Blocks now show the closest item form to themselves as the icon in the superflat settings menu.
14w26bAll technical blocks, except for the monster spawner (52) and farmland (60), now have a missing texture in the inventory, Missing Texture Block JE3 BE2.png, due to their item models being nonexistent.
1.915w49aThe ability to obtain the item form of lit furnaces (62) has been removed.
Pocket Edition Alpha
Pre-releaseBlocks were also 2D in the inventory
v0.2.0Breaking blocks now allows the player to pick them up and place them, thus adding and removing them from the inventory. Blocks are now 3D in the inventory
v0.2.1Added block breaking animation.
v0.9.0?Removed rose.
v0.12.1build 1Nether Reactor Core is no longer obtainable in survival or creative.
v0.13.0build 1Removed crafting recipe and functionality of the stonecutter. It can still be found in the creative inventory.


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  • Certain blocks may interpret positions they cannot be placed in by normal means as a valid position. For example, a sign placed in midair via /setblock or through bugs remains in midair even when updated, until either it is broken, or a block is placed below it and broken.

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