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Java Edition 20w14∞

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Minecraft 20w14∞
20w14infinite Title Screen.png

Java Edition



Release date

April 1, 2020


Client (.json)

Obfuscation maps


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Data version


This article documents an April Fools' joke.
There is no actual Java Edition 20w14∞ version of Minecraft in development.

20w14∞ (labeled as 20w14infinite in the launcher, and 20w14~ in game) is an April Fools' joke snapshot, supposedly the first and only snapshot for the "Ultimate Content" update, released on April 1, 2020,[1] which adds new procedurally generated dimensions that randomize existing elements of the game and several ways to access them. 20w14∞ is a fork of 20w13b, which was the most recent snapshot at the time.

Despite being a joke, custom dimensions and world generation were implemented in 20w21a.



Box of Infinite Books Yellow.png Box of Infinite Books Blue.png Box of Infinite Books Red.png Box of Infinite Books Green.png Box of Infinite Books

(Please note that some of these items will not be obtainable in the demo version of Minecraft)

  • The Box of Infinite Books has a namespaced ID of minecraft:book_box.
    • It uses the texture of oak planks on all but one face, on which it has its own bookshelf-like texture randomized based on its location.
  • When used, if the block is not on one of its chunk's edge and facing along that edge, a random written book is generated. This book can be thrown into a nether portal.
    • The random books are tied to the block such that using the same block multiple times will always return an identical book.
      • The title of the random books given by the block is correlated with the location of the block.
      • The title's pattern takes the format <chunk X>/<chunk Z>/<block orientation>/<distance to the chunk's edge to the right of the block>/<block Y>, so books from the same block will always have the same title and content.
    • The books on the texture of the block are of random color.
    • The author of every book is "Universe itself", obfuscated, and every book has 16 pages filled with random text.
    • No books will ever drop if game rule doTileDrops is set to false.
Neither Portal (white).pngNeither Portal (orange).pngNeither Portal (magenta).pngNeither Portal (light blue).pngNeither Portal (yellow).pngNeither Portal (lime).pngNeither Portal (pink).pngNeither Portal (gray).pngNeither Portal (light gray).pngNeither Portal (cyan).pngNeither Portal (purple).pngNeither Portal (blue).pngNeither Portal (brown).pngNeither Portal (green).pngNeither Portal (red).pngNeither Portal (black).png Funky Portal
  • Has the block ID minecraft:neither_portal.
  • If any book, whether obtained from the Box of Infinite Books or written by a player, is thrown into a nether portal the portal blocks will change to be funky portal blocks. Entering this new portal will teleport the player into a new, randomized dimension.
    • After throwing the book into the portal, the book is destroyed. It will not go through the portal after having changed it.
    • Each book generates its own dimension, and books with the same page content generate the same dimension.
    • Rarely, throwing the book into the portal, the nether portal turns into multiple funky portal colors.
  • Funky portals are block entities.
  • Running /data get block on funky portal blocks returns the data that includes the name of the dimension.
  • Portals for the same dimension have the same color.
  • Using /setblock ~ ~ ~ neither_portal will set the block and give it randomized block data as to its destination dimension.
  • In the en_us.json language file, it is called a "Funky Portal."
Cursor.gif Cursor
  • The cursor block is a block with an animated texture that changes its color every second, toggling between green and black.
    • Its namespaced ID is minecraft:cursor.
    • The cursor block makes a stone sound when the block is placed or broken, similar to terracotta placing sound.
    • The block naturally generates in "terminal" dimension as the blinking "_" next to a "C:\" made of lime concrete.
    • It appears to be cycling between black and lime Concrete in appearance, which is what the rest of the "terminal" dimension is made of.
Ant.png Ant Block
  • Is only accessible through /setblock or similar commands, as it has no item form.
  • Has a namespaced ID of minecraft:ant.
  • Simulates Langton's ant.
    • If placed on top of black or white concrete, it will move in a deterministic pattern, turning the concrete underneath it into its other variation.
  • The ant block is the Turing machine mentioned on Mojang's website.
  • If two ant blocks collide, they will merge into one.
  • Cannot be pushed by pistons and is blast resistant.
  • Naturally generates in the "ant" dimension, where it begins moving immediately.
  • In the en_us.json language file, it is called "An Ant."
Swaggiest stairs ever.png Swaggiest stairs ever
  • A stair variant for the netherite block.
  • Has a namespaced ID of minecraft:netherite_stairs.
  • Cannot be crafted.
  • Naturally generate in the "missing" dimension as the stairs leading up to the chest.
Zone blocks
  • Is only accessible through /setblock or similar commands, as it has no item form.
  • Has a namespaced ID of minecraft:zone.
  • Apart from emitting "Happy Villager" particles, the block is invisible.
  • When an entity enters it, it will receive Blindness II and Poison IV for 3 seconds each.
  • It is not possible for other blocks to be placed inside of a zone, nor can pistons move or destroy it.
  • When an item is thrown into it, it'll affect the gravity of the item.
  • Naturally generates in the "zones" dimension.
  • In the en_us.json language file, it is called "Leftover."


Footprint.png Footprint
  • Has a namespaced ID of minecraft:footprint.
  • Resembles the texture of footprint particle, but has a resolution of 16×16 instead of 8×8 and has transparency.
  • Is not available in the creative inventory and must be obtained through a /give command or similar means.
  • Does not have a crafting recipe.
  • Found in the "missing" dimension's chest.
  • This is a reference to the removed "Footstep" particle, hence in the "missing" dimension.
  • This item is intended as a joke directed towards the commands' community where the "Footstep" particle is commonly requested.[2]
Fine item.png A Very Fine Item
  • Has a namespaced ID of minecraft:fine_item.
  • Its texture resembles the side face of a grass block with the words "Home Sweet Home" written on it.
  • Is not available in the creative inventory and must be obtained through the /give command or similar means.
  • Found in the "isolation" dimension in an item frame next to the bed.

World generation[edit]

A randomized biome within the dimension "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious".
  • Randomly generated biomes can be found in the new dimensions.
    • Biomes that are discovered by the player through the changed portals are added to the list of biomes when creating a buffet world, including _generated:id biomes.
    • A certain sound effect may periodically play without the presence of its normal source throughout a biome.
    • Weather will be disabled in some biomes.
    • The biomes will have randomized mob spawning.
Large quantities of shulkers generating with end cities within the dimension "fry".
    • The generated biomes can have random structures or structures that naturally generate in other dimensions.
      • Mobs that spawn with a structure may spawn in larger numbers than usual. There could be a high number of elder guardians spawning near an ocean monument or a high number of shulkers generating with an end city.
      • Often, a biome will contain one particular structure in great abundance.
      • Sometimes, a dimension will repeatedly generate letters (ex. dimension accessed by /warp 52 contains the letter "J" made out of glazed terracotta, /warp norway contains the letter "ſt" made out of brown concrete, and /warp blessing contains the letter "U"-like with just one extra pixel/block made out of lime stained glass). They are highly probable that the shapes for these letters are from Minecraft's font textures.
  • Three new pre-made biomes were added.
    • Between
      • Works best with Floating Islands buffet world generation.
      • Generates a mesh of end ships.
      • Namespaced ID is minecraft:between.
    • Biome For Player With No Time For Nonsense
      • Works best with Overworld buffet world generation.
      • Generates what seems like a normal snowy taiga, although mineral blocks and redstone components generate instead of ores.
      • Namespaced ID is minecraft:busy.
    • Shapes
      • Works best with Floating Islands or Overworld buffet world generation.
      • Generates a world consisting of different shapes made of one or more different types of blocks.
      • Namespaced ID is minecraft:shapes
  • There are 2,147,483,645 new dimensions, which means 2,147,483,648 (231) possible dimensions per world seed, giving 295 dimension combinations in total, roughly 40 octillion. [3]
    • Certain dimensions contain Easter eggs (see below).
  • Various pre-existing and randomly generated biomes will appear in the dimensions.
    A snowy tundra found in the dimension "[NX]".
    • Some dimensions may only have one biome, meanwhile, others will have several.
      • Even if a dimension has multiple biomes, a dimension can be dominated by a particular biome with all other biomes being exceptionally rare.
    • Biomes that are rare in the Overworld or Nether can be quite common in the new dimensions
  • The blocks that make up various features (e.g. ores, ice spikes, lakes) will be randomly swapped.
  • Mob spawning is almost always dependent on the biome.
    • There are exceptions to this such as in dimension "ABC" where hostile mobs other than slimes do not spawn in stone shores, even when there is no light.
    • There will still be slime chunks and in certain biomes slimes will spawn.
      • When they do spawn, they spawn below y=40 as usual.
  • The sky, blocks, menu, player, etc. are randomly tinted.
  • The sky will either be from the Overworld, Nether or End.
    • For Overworld skies, the sun and moon will be random sizes and the day-night cycle will have a random duration. Sometimes the sun and moon will be frozen in place.
      • It is much more common for the sun and moon to rapidly cycle across the sky in a few seconds or to be frozen then it is to move at other speeds.
An example of the unusual lighting in the random dimensions. White concrete was placed near the void in the dimension "name".
  • Some dimensions will have skylight, meanwhile others will not have any, even if there is a sun and moon.
    • In dimensions without a day and night cycle, the skylight can operate like sunlight and prevent mob spawning, but in other dimensions, it can operate like moonlight and mobs will spawn on the surface.
  • The lighting in the dimensions can be unusual.
    • Sometimes, the same face of every block in the dimension is completely dark (sometimes fully black).
    • In some dimensions, the lighting in the dimensions are similar to the Overworld (e.g. /warp polynesia and /warp pools).
  • A random particle effect will fill some biomes.
    • Which biomes get which particle effect is dependent on the dimension. In some cases, Overworld biomes can get a particle effect.
      • In example of this is in the dimension "owo" where the particle elder_guardian will appear in the taiga biome.
    • In some biomes in the generated dimensions, randomly generated particles can cause lag depends on the operational system.
  • The style of generation can be:
    End type generation in the dimension "interesting".
    • Overworld-style generation with hills and valleys.
      • Caves generally will not spawn. Lava and water lakes may still spawn when there are no other caves.
      • The size of the hills and valleys depends on the biome, much like in buffet generation.
    • Nether-style generation, with a bedrock ceiling at Y-level 128 and the cave generation that is seen in the Nether.
    • End-style generation, with no bedrock and floating islands.
    • Generation that is almost identical to superflat, but with some minor differences.
      Superflat style generation in the dimension "fry".
      • Caves may still generate.
      • There can be various layers of a single type blocks. These layers will have various thicknesses.
        • In certain dimensions, the layers are not perfectly flat with minor hills and valleys (sometimes contains the uniquely generated biomes with the numeric ID: _generated:id).
      • The surface layer is y=62.
      • Bedrock near y=0 will not be in flat layer and instead will generate in the same way as the Overworld's bedrock.
      • The generation is often largely unrelated to the biome occupying it.
      • This type of generation is quite rare.
        • Examples of worlds with this generation are "fry" and "overworld".
    • All the listed generation styles can be in the same world, just in different biomes.
  • Beds and charged respawn anchors explode in the generated dimensions.
    • However, beds will not explode in some dimensions, where the beds can be slept in at any time of the day. They will set the spawn point much like in the Overworld, but when the beds are slept in, the time will not be set to the morning.
      • The following dimensions where beds will not explode in the generated dimensions (all are Easter Egg dimensions, of a total of 15 dimensions):
        • "blacklight"
        • "busy"
        • "chess"
        • "colors"
        • "darkness"
        • "decay"
        • "holes"
        • "pillars"
        • "rooms"
        • "slime"
        • "wall"
        • "zones"
        • Colored dimensions (including "red" ("radmanovic"), "green" and "blue")
  • The ID for each dimension is determined from the SHA256 hash of the name of the dimension with the string :why_so_salty#LazyCrypto appended to it.
  • In end ships in the new dimensions, chests are generated with fleet_orders loot table.
  • In some dimensions, compasses point towards the center of the world. In others, the needle spins in random directions like in the Nether and the End.
  • Liquids will behave differently in different dimensions. In some, the liquids will act like they are in the Overworld, and in the rest, they act like they are in the Nether.
  • Undead mobs will not burn and piglins will not zombify in the random dimensions, even during the day.
  • End portals can be constructed. When entered, the player will be teleported to the end, but at the coordinates at which they entered the portal on a newly generated obsidian platform.
  • Maps can function correctly as they do in Overworld, but in a lot of the dimensions, the map will just generate gray and orange static, much like in the Nether.
    • Unlike the Nether, the player indicator accurately displays the player's orientation.
  • Clouds can appear in some dimensions and the layer at which the clouds appear will be at a random y level.
  • There is weather.
    • The current weather will be identical in all dimensions. If it is raining in one random dimension, it will be raining in all random dimensions and the Overworld, though it will not rain in certain biomes as mentioned above.
  • Dimensions solely consisting of the biome the_endwith obsidian pillars at the center of the map are quite common.
  • The music is identical to the Overworld's.
  • The lighting system between buffet worlds and unique dimensions is different. In the Overworld there can be darkness, while in the easter egg generated dimension there can not be (i.e. "fleet" (minecraft:between) and "shapes" (minecraft:shapes)).
Easter egg dimensions
  • There are 43 hard-coded Easter egg dimensions in total, accessible through /warp <name> or by typing the dimension's name as the only word in a signed book or book and quill and throwing it into a nether portal.
    • Intended Easter egg dimensions can be found in the code, not by their name, but by the dimension ID. For the dimensions that were hardcoded, a dimension ID is also provided (which can be used with /setblock ~ ~ ~ neither_portal{Dimension:<ID>})
    • Many of these Easter egg dimensions use the same generation as the overworld, including "red", "green", "blue", "wall", "chess", "colors", and "slime", adding their special features onto it.
      The pattern created in the "ant" dimension. The "highway" on the right is extended indefinitely beginning after about 10,000 steps.
  • "ant" (741472677) – A dimension that is initially flat and made of white concrete at Y-level 0, along with one ant block that immediately begins moving and an acacia sign that says "PATIENCE" at (0, 3, 0). The ant block uses Langton's ant to determine its pattern.
  • "basic" (236157810) – Has a diagonal maze pattern. It looks similar to simple mazes generated in the BASIC programming language, with flat Blue Concrete floor at Y-level up to 16, and Light Blue Concrete maze top surface at Y-level up to 32.
  • "blacklight" (1896587401) – A dimension with inverted lighting: Entities and blocks are pitch black during daytime and bright in caves or at night, torches darken the area around them and so on.
    • Also darkens text and textures of items.
  • "brand" (726931095) – A dimension with 8x8 block creeper faces made out of randomly colored terracotta, glazed terracotta, glass, glass panes, wool, carpets, concrete, and concrete powder (Y-levels 0-28 [needs in-game testing]).
  • "bridges" (233542201) – A dimension with randomly generated end stone bridges with the bridge surface at Y-level 130.
  • "busy" (669175628) – A dimension entirely made of the minecraft:busybiome which generates redstone components and mineral blocks in place of ores. As a result of hoppers generating, this dimension is very laggy.[verify]
  • "checkerboard" (1929426645) – A world containing all the dyeable Minecraft blocks - concrete, concrete powder, wool, carpet, stained glass pane, stained glass, terracotta (excl. normal terracotta), and glazed terracotta - in 16*16*16 blocks from Y=0 to y=127.
    • There are two types of patterns in the dimension - the pattern of colors for each dyeable block and a 64*16*64 area that contains every type of dyeable block in the same smaller patterns.
      Color pattern for concrete powder at /warp checkerboard, with part of the concrete and wool "chunks" on either side.
      • The latter or larger of the patterns is inconsistent. [needs in-game testing]
        The larger 64*16*64 pattern for the types of colored/dyeable blocks.
  • "chess" (378547252) – A dimension nearly identical to the overworld, with one exception. If the sum of a block's x, y, and z coordinates is odd, it will be completely black, as if there is no light falling on it. This produces a checkerboard pattern, although unlike the checkerboard dimension, the effect is visual only. Mobs and most other entities are also affected, based on their location.
  • "colors" (94341406) – A dimension divided into 4 quadrants colored blue, red, green, and yellow. At an angle, it resembles the Microsoft logo.
  • "content" (1174283440) – An empty dimension with a small skyblock island near spawn with a tree and chest.
    • The player spawns on top of the tree at (9, 75, 11). The structure size from minecraft:content is (6 12 7).
    • The chest on the island contains a lava bucket, beacon, bucket of pufferfish, pumpkin, sugar cane, melon slice, and a box of infinite books. (see below)
    • The island is possibly meant to resemble the YouTube Gaming logo since the dimension's name is "content".
      Side-by-side comparison of YouTube Gaming logo and the "/warp content" island.

  • "credits" (1210674279) – Full Minecraft credits text made of Netherite at Y-level 20
  • "custom" (344885676) – A dimension with a caution floor pattern (at Y-level up to 15) and two signs that say "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" (0, 18, 0) and "IOU 1x Custom Worlds" (0, 17, 0). This may have been a reference to future snapshot 20w21a which added custom worlds, i.e. custom world generation and dimensions.
  • "darkness" (31674686) – A dimension with no lighting except for around where the player spawns.
  • "decay" (2114493792) – A dimension that appears similar to the overworld except it gets more broken and destroyed the further away from spawn you go. May crash game at high X or Z values.
  • "fleet" (1143264807) – Large fleet of ender ships in a grid pattern generated by the "Between" biome added in this snapshot (with three different levels). [needs in-game testing]
  • "gallery" (1049823113) – A quartz path museum featuring Helical-shaped sculptures of random blocks with some having random data values (e.g. if a slab is waterlogged or which plant is inside the plant pot).
    • The stands of "block DNA" have seemingly random minimum and maximum heights between themselves, however, they do join in the middle and have a mirrored top and bottom (i.e. whatever blocks have been generated above the center will be mirrored below it with corresponding y-value differences). The middle is at the same y-value as the quartz path, which is Y=128. [needs in-game testing]
  • "holes" (1011847535) – A regular Overworld dimension but filled with holes in the shape of the "Shapes Biome".
  • "isolation" (1902968744) – A house in a dirt flatland (at Y-level up to 63 in Superflat) that contains a villager named bob, three dogs and a hidden underground chest among other decorations. The house is referred to as house_of_bob in the files
    • The signs say "INGEN REKLAM TACK!" (which means "NO ADVERTISEMENT PLEASE!" in Swedish) and "GO AWAY!"
    • The hidden chest contains rotten flesh, bones, and an iron sword named "Stabby McStabface" (likely a reference to Boaty McBoatface).
    • The dogs' collars are the same colors as the "Blue", "Green" and "Red" dimensions.
  • "library" (264458659) – A dimension that infinitely generates connected structures consisting of Boxes of Infinite Books. A direct reference to The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges.[4]
  • "llama" (1201319931) – Brings you to a dimension with several peaceful rooms with a llama equipped with a lime carpet and signs that say "RELAX!" and "ENJOY!" in colored text. A painting (sunset_dense) and lit nether portal are also present.
    • Hidden next to the portal behind the wall there is a secret chest with a book named "A Book" authored by "The Developer" which says "Nothing to solve". Throwing the book into the portal brings the player to the 709,735,702nd dimension, but this dimension seems purely random.
  • "message" (1113696725) – An empty dimension with the message "We apologise for the inconvenience." written in fire, likely a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.
  • "missing" (1384344230) – A shrine made out of quartz with beacons and a chest with the footprint item.
    • The iron golems that spawn in this dimension lack any mob AI.
    • There is a sign underneath the netherite stairs that says "this is not a sign". This is a reference to The Treachery of Images by surrealist painter René Magritte.
    • Is the best-known dimension to get full netherite armor and tools the fastest.
    • This is likely a reference to the fact that the footprint particle has not been used since it was added.
  • "notes" (214387762) – A flat dimension made out of noteblocks at Y-level 0 that play random noteblock instruments and pitches despite receiving no redstone power or player input, and lacking any blocks beneath them. The noteblocks stop playing when the player goes into spectator mode.
  • "nothing" (1098962767) – A dimension that is empty, except for a grass block and a sign stating "Ha! I lied!" and "This isn't nothing!" at (502640, 99, 1482448). The chunk coordinates (31415, 92653) are the first digits of pi (the first 10 significant figures of pi (truncated), 3.141592653).
  • "origin" (927632079) – A dimension with an X, Y, and Z indicator (up to 4 blocks away from the Block of Diamond at (0, 0, 0)), similar to the one that appears when the Debug Menu is open. This is most likely a reference to the (real world) mapping phrase "the origin", which refers to the point on the map where latitude and longitude start from/are zero (or in Minecraft terms, where X and Z are zero).
  • "patterns" (307219718) – A dimension with a grid that has black and white patterns in each cell. Each layer of each cell is one number in binary, forming patterns atop the cell. Neighboring cells start at incrementing numbers. Except for a split across the x-axis, each grid square differs from each of its neighbors by one block.
  • "perfection" (545072168) – A dimension with infinitely repeating cobblestone rooms (with floor height at Y-level 63 and ceiling height at Y-level 68).
    • Likely a reference to YouTuber Direwolf20, who uploads modded Minecraft content and often builds houses of the exact design found in this dimension.
  • "pillars" (1834117187) – A dimension with tall cylindrical obsidian pillars.
  • "retro" (661885389) – A black dimension with a lime grid outlining chunk sections on the ground, resembling a vaporwave aesthetic.
  • "rooms" (1036032341) – A dimension divided by large brick walls and ceilings, constructed on top of what would be the Overworld.
  • "shapes" (484336196) – A dimension made up of the shapes biome (including spheres, cubes, and octahedra).
  • "skygrid" (1059552697) – Resembles the popular survival challenge of the same name created by Sethbling, with every block, including creative- or command-exclusive ones, included.
    • Many blocks generate in ways that normally could not exist in isolation, such as floating plants and gravity blocks.
      • Blocks generate in random blockstates, resulting in many waterlogged blocks, powered redstone components, sloped rails, half-doors, etc.
      • It is possible for single portal blocks to generate in the grid that goes to another random dimension.
  • "slime" (907661935) – A dimension nearly identical to the Overworld, with the exception that everything above-ground is buried in a 10 block thick layer of Slime Blocks.
    Menger Sponge Dimension
    The "sponge" dimension.
  • "spiral" (1141490659) – A dimension with a large spiral made out of mossy cobblestone (in fact in Y-level 51-52), with the grass floor level at Y-level 50.
  • "sponge" (1028465021) – A dimension with structure resembling a Menger Sponge made out of sponge blocks.
  • "terminal" (2003598857) – A flat (Y-level up to 15) dimension that resembles the DOS terminal. Created with the "Cursor" blocks.
  • "this_is_a_very_long_phrase_that_hopefully_is_not_in_any_dictionary" (985130845) – Referred to in the code as "last page" as a reference to the last page of the internet.[5]
    • Contains a secret message when entered using the correct name of this dimension.
    • Contains "Uh uh uh! You didn't say the magic word!" written in grass blocks when entered without the correct name (for example by using /warp abglaiap or /warp myrobod) which is a reference to the hacking scene from Jurassic Park.
      • Sometimes, There are multiple values that can hash to the same string (e.g. /warp cDCCd or /warp tgTZ&) will teleport to the same dimension without the correct name.
    • If the correct name is used, the dimension contains the following text, which is a reference to an alien message from the science-fiction book, 2010: Odyssey Two:

Hello! Only purpose of this message was to troll completionists and put my name somewhere in Minecraft (again!). I hope it wasn't cracked by accident – it was obviously supposed to take more time than other phrases. Written during time of plague by boq (yes. lowercase. because symmetry) "All these worlds are yours, except Europa*. Use them together. Use them in peace. " *Europa™️ the Moon sold separately.

  • This secret message was decoded by visiting a streaming media server created by boq, which at random intervals will emit beeping noises that can be decoded as an SSTV image to produce a photo of a notebook with the correct name written on it.
  • The correct name can be verified using a code snippet provided by boq.
  • "Time of plague" is a reference to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The dimension accessed with the book containing the word "Europa" appears to be a randomly generated world full of spruce forests in which barrier blocks make up the majority of the solid areas. This is not an Easter egg dimension.
  • "tunnels" (107712651) – Randomly generated tunnels made out of sea lanterns.
  • "wall" (251137100) – A giant bedrock wall runs along X=0 with an iron door at (0,0). Both sides of the wall resemble the Overworld but with red and blue tints respectively.
  • "zones" (1537997313) – A normal dimension with areas of zone blocks in random places of the surface.
  • Colored dimensions
    • "blue" (1916276638) (•) – A dimension where everything is blue.
    • "green" (894945615) (•) – A dimension where everything is green.
    • "red" (1791460938) (•) – A dimension where everything is red.
      • Has an alias for the "red" dimension: "radmanovic".
    • Exiting to the main screen while in any of the colored dimensions will retain some of the effects in various menu elements.
Example of Shapes biome generation.

The following new structure files can be found in this directory data/minecraft/structures:

  • 9x9.nbt
    • The cobblestone rooms found in the "perfection" dimension.
  • b_center.nbt
    • Part of the bridges in the "bridges" dimension.
  • b_legs.nbt
    • Part of the bridges in the "bridges" dimension.
  • b_side.nbt
    • Part of the bridges in the "bridges" dimension.
    • The C:\_ text in the "terminal" dimension.
  • content.nbt
    • The skyblock island in the "content" dimension.
  • desire.nbt
    • The shrine in the "missing" dimension.
  • house_of_bob.nbt
    • Bob's house in the "isolation" dimension.
  • library.nbt
    • A single unit of the "library" dimension.
  • llama.nbt
    • A single room of the "llama" dimension.

Command format[edit]

  • Added /debugdim command.
    • Generates multiple JSON files in the "debug" folder of the world save.
      • A "dim-#" file which includes the dimension's number, the type of generation used, the default block, default fluid, and the biomes within the dimension.
      • One or multiple "biome-#" files which store the data used to generate the biomes that make up the dimension.
    • Works in all dimensions, including the Overworld.
    • Can also be used without cheats.
  • Added /warp command.
    • Can be followed by any string or number to warp to a corresponding randomly generated dimension.
      • Warps to the same dimension as a book with the same text thrown into a portal would take the player to.
      • Always sends the player to the same coordinates in each dimension, at one of the highest blocks near (0, 0) or to (0, 257, 0) if there are no blocks near (0, 0). Warping to the dimension the player is currently in will teleport them to the coordinates (0, 0).
    • Can also be used without cheats.


  • Added advancement "Almost there", achieved after going through any portal a billion times. The in-game description is "Visited over billion dimensions."
    • The advancement is found in the "Adventure" tab and its parent is the advancement "Adventure." The advancement also has a flint and steel icon.
    • The advancement can be granted using /advancement grant @s only minecraft:adventurCFXGB RT T THRTH TH TH THR e/almost_there.
  • Added statistic "Dimensions changes", which keeps track of the number of times that the player has gone through a portal.
    • When the statistic has reached 1,000,000,000, the advancement "Almost there" is granted to the player.
    • The statistic's ID is minecraft.custom:minecraft.change_dimension.


Loot tables
  • Added fleet_orders loot table.
    • Be used for chests in end ships in the new dimensions.
    • Includes one book titled "Orders" whose author is "§kDeepest Lore".
    • The obfuscated text can be observed by editing player or chest data in the world save, or by using the /data command.
    • The content of the book is in the form of "<verb> §k<object>".
      • The <verb> will be one of the following texts:
        • capture
        • destroy
        • cut
        • find
        • obliterate
        • discover
        • observe
        • reinforce
        • build
        • deploy
        • restore
        • deliver
      • The <object> will be one of the following texts:
        • cheese
        • footprints
        • bananas
        • toeshoes
        • mah brewskis
        • bicycle build for two
        • my canoe
        • Minecraft 3D: Lost Floppies
        • content
        • those pesky modders
        • license-free mappings
        • those VHS
        • pre-mixed cocktails
        • quasi-connectivity
    • Contains a new loot table function:
  • add_book_contents - Generates the contents of a writable or written book.
    •  provider: "orders": Must be set to "orders" to generate the contents detailed above.



Debug mode
  • Has also been shuffled, like the creative inventory.
  • Players can catch a fish mob, guardian, elder guardian, squid, or boat when fishing.
  • Added player check to the changed_dimension trigger.


Loading screen
World selection screen
  • Worlds from releases and other snapshots are not visible but can be accessed by launching the game in said releases and snapshots.


Video made by slicedlime:


Easter egg dimensions[edit]


20w14infinite is not supported due to being an April Fools' joke, and therefore issues affecting it will be closed as "Invalid" in the issue tracker.[6]


  • This snapshot has the same protocol version as 20w13b. Crossplay between the two versions is possible but may cause unexpected issues.
  • The uniquely generated dimensions do not begin until ID 3 due to the fact that 0 is the Nether, 1 is the Overworld, and 2 is the End. For example: using /warp acyvoz will teleport player to ID 3, or /warp aehUD7 will teleport player to ID 2147483647.
    • The uniquely generated dimension ID 3 (_generated:3) resembling the nether-like dimension with floating mineshafts and magenta glazed terracotta, along with the water surface up to Y-level 31, bedrock on top like in the nether, and with bluish-green lighting in the dark, then dark blue, then dark purple, then grayish-red, then orange, then light green, then turns into magenta again (in fact in block light from level 0 through 15 and no sky light from top). Also, the menus in _generated:3 are reddish tinted.
    • The uniquely generated dimension ID 2147483647 (_generated:2147483647) resembling the tinted dimension with purple polished diorite stairs and purple stained glass, along with light cyan to light sky blue tinted menu, resembling the uniquely generated dimension with blue sky like in the Overworld and various non-full blocks. As a result, this dimension is very laggy when generating the world. [needs in-game testing]
  • In the JAR's assets folder, there is a new folder named nothingtoseeheremovealong which contains the sound for the Mojang splash screen (titled bananana.ogg) as well as a higher-pitched version (titled banananana.ogg).
    • When playing awesome_intro with /playsound, the namespace is also nothingtoseeheremovealong.
  • There are multiple dimensions, such as "code", that can cause the game to be laggy, likely crash the game, or may soft-lock Minecraft, requiring it to be force-closed.[needs in-game testing][verify]
    • There are multiple dimensions, such as "america" and "missingo", that cause errors and crashing due to a "bound must be positive" exception in Java.[verify]
    • There are multiple dimensions, such as }J<*c (_generated:1423540522), that cause errors and crashing due to an "Exception generating new chunk" in server tick loop java.util.concurrent.CompletionException.[needs in-game testing][verify]
  • The new loading screen startup sound (bananana.ogg or banananana.ogg) is considered an in-game sound effect (nothingtoseeheremovealong:awesome_intro) and can be played in generated dimensions like code.
  • This is the only version which has different names in the announcement (20w14∞), in the launcher (20w14infinite) and in-game (20w14~).

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