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Better Together Update

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The Better Together Update is the name for Minecraft: Pocket Edition version 1.2, an upcoming update with no set release date. According to the Better Together FAQ, it will release in fall 2017, but more recently, a stream by the developers has confirmed that the full release will happen before the end of the summer.[1] Beta testing began on July 31, 2017.[2] For the first time, it is planned for the beta to open to Xbox One users as well, although the Xbox One beta has not been released yet.

The official name for the update, Better Together Update, reflects the planned addition of cross-platform compatibility between the Pocket Edition (Android/iOS only), Windows 10 Edition, Xbox One Edition, Gear VR Edition, and Nintendo Switch Edition. The editions will be merged under one title - "Minecraft"[3].

With the release of the Better Together Update, the original PC version, which is officially named Minecraft but commonly called "the Java edition", will be renamed to Minecraft: Java Edition to distinguish it from the cross-platform version.[3]

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