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This is a list of Beta 1.8 development versions.

Beta 1.8-pre1

Beta 1.8-pre1 is the first pre-release for Beta 1.8.


  • Biomes
    • Extreme Hills
      • Foliage tree and grass color based on Taiga biomes.
      • They were generated as part of the terrain generation algorithm.
    • Ocean
      • They generated almost infinitely.
      • Seafloor in the Ocean biomes will generated with clay, sand, dirt and rarely gravel instead of only dirt.
      • They were generated as part of the terrain generation algorithm.


  • Debug Features
    • F6 and F7 change time, forward and back respectively.
  • Biomes
    • Biomes were generated much bigger and flatter
    • They are no longer aligned based on temperature and humidity, instead their distribution is random
    • Changed biomes:
      • Redesigned Swampland biome
        • Foliage tree and grass color of Swampland biomes were look more greener than before.
        • New tree type were generated differently compared to normal tree, such as shallow trees with vine and they also can be generated in water.
        • Under the seafloor will generate clay, sand and dirt of water.
      • Changes to Taiga biome
        • Taiga biomes were generated without snow and ice
    • Removed biomes:
      • Seasonal Forest
      • Rainforest
      • Shrubland
        • Removed a bush-shaped oak
      • Savanna
      • Tundra
      • Ice Desert
        • Did not generate in the world due to various bugs, so the removal was not noticeible in-game
  • Generated structures
    • Removed generated structures:
      • Oceans
        • Added as a biome instead
      • Beaches
        • Returned in 1.1
      • Gravel beaches

Beta 1.8-pre2

Beta 1.8-pre2 is the second pre-release for Beta 1.8.


  • Abandoned mineshafts
    • Their density is now significantly decreased
    • To counter this change they generate about 2.5 times as often
  • Strongholds
    • Increased stronghold count to three per map instead of one
  • Swords
    • Blocking now works in SMP
  • Creative inventory
    • Some of the missing blocks are now on the creative selection screen
  • Creative
    • You can no longer eat in creative
  • Drops
    • Chickens and cows killed by burning now drop their cooked meat
  • Squid
    • Squid now drop experience orbs when killed
  • Options
    • "Generated Structures" is now on by default
  • Bone meal
    • You can now use bone meal on pumpkin and melon seeds
    • Huge mushrooms can only be made if a mushroom is planted on grass or dirt
  • Cracked and mossy stone bricks now drop themselves instead of regular stone bricks.
  • Fog
    • Adjusted fog strength at low altitudes to be less extreme
  • Other
    • F6 and F7 working as a result of left-in debug code is now removed
  • Fog key mapped to F


7 bugs fixed

  • Fixed endermen having client-side problems in SMP
  • Sprinting with right-click or sneaking is now fixed
  • Fixed furnace tile entity crash
  • Fixed leaving the crafting table with items on the grid creating phantom blocks
  • Fixed SSP chunk memory leak
  • Fixed vines and leaves no crashing the game when placed in the Nether
  • Fixed farmlands rejecting melon and pumpkin seeds


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