Beta 1.4

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Minecraft Beta 1.4
Beta 1.4.png

Java Edition

Release date

March 31, 2011


Client (.json)

Protocol version


Data version


Other editions of 1.4

Beta 1.4 added wolves, cookies and a new Minecraft logo as well as other changes and fixes.


  • New Minecraft logo (no longer 3D stone blocks).
  • Added Wolves that the player can tame, or kill for no loot.
  • Added Cookies which heal the player for 0.5 hearts.
  • Locked Chest Revision 1.png Locked Chest
    • was an April Fools’ gag. It linked to the 'Minecraft Store', but now it has been removed.


  • Sleeping in a bed now resets your spawn position, though does not work for most users. At the moment the spawn point unintentionally only changes if "Leave bed" is clicked and the function is limited to multiplayer.[1]
  • Sneaking while climbing will hang on to the ladder, thus being a handy cave tool.
  • Spiders will no longer trample crops and have walking sounds removed.
  • Sheep can now spawn in pink and brown (however rarely)
  • The new default hotkey for the inventory is E.
  • Multiplayer servers can now have a new world seeded with an option in the file.
  • Scale of UI may now be changed in options.txt located in the .minecraft folder.


4 bugs fixed

  • Zombies and spiders now hurt you in all instances (previously could only hurt you if they were 1 block above your location).
  • Client-sided slime spawn on multiplayer has been fixed.
  • Arm no longer swings when you cannot place a block.
  • Opening and closing the inventory quickly while swinging no longer removes the character 'swinging' animation, which previously made destroying blocks faster (Multiplayer only).


Beta 1.4 was reuploaded around an hour and a half after its initial release. The later version removed a small unused section of code added in the initial version which tracks the player's walking distance in memory, presumably testing code accidentally left in the game for Beta 1.5, which added statistics – namely, a statistic that tracks how many meters the player has walked.