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Note: This page stores information for both Bee nest and Beehive.

  • Block entity data
    • Tags common to all block entities see Template:Nbt inherit/blockentity/template
    •  FlowerPos: Stores the location of a flower, so other bees can go to it.
      •  X: X coordinate of the flower.
      •  Y: Y coordinate of the flower.
      •  Z: Z coordinate of the flower.
    •  Bees: Entities currently in the hive.
      • An entity in the hive.
        •  MinOccupationTicks: The minimum amount of time in ticks for this entity to stay in the hive.
        •  TicksInHive: The amount of ticks the entity has stayed in the hive.
        •  EntityData: The NBT data of the entity in the hive.