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This page describes content that is no longer in the game.
These features only exist in outdated versions of Minecraft: Bedrock edition.

Some features have been removed from the Pocket and Bedrock editions. These features may have been replaced, or a developer decided against the feature later on.

Note that this page only documents game features that were removed, features of a particular game element that were removed are noted in that element's history. There are some features that were accidentally added from the Education Edition, the features were removed shortly later and made exclusive to the Education Edition again.[1]



Didn't use to require blaze powder as fuel. This feature was removed in 1.2, because in 1.0, igloos were added and player can brew in survival via Brewing Stand in igloo basement, meaning player can brew potions without entering the Nether.


When a splash is removed, the line it occupied in splashes.txt is deleted, meaning the line number of all subsequent splashes lowers by one.

Splash text Explanation Version added Version removed
Redstone free! Until Alpha 0.8.0, there was no redstone, other than the ore. Alpha 0.7.3 Alpha 0.8.0
100% dragon free Pocket Edition now has the ender dragon. Unknown 1.0
It's alpha The game is no longer in Alpha. Unknown 1.0


Before Beta, player can sprint on water, but this feature has been removed, due to new swimming mechanic.

Enhanced Underwater Visibility[edit]

Before Bedrock Edition 1.4, wearing enchanted helmet with enchant respiration will boost underwater vision, higher level enchantment give better vision, this also can be obtained from water breathing status effect, or by combining both enchantment and status effect. this enhanced vision has been removed, due to new water texture and player can see clearly underwater without those effect or enchantment. However night vision effect still required for better visibility and also Enhanced Underwater Vision still obtainable from other way such as Conduit Power Status effect.

Blocks and Items[edit]


Allow & Deny[edit]

Allow and deny blocks are supposed to be used to create restricted building areas or areas where users can build in. They were an Education Edition feature that was accidentally added in the first development version of the Alpha 0.16.0 update, it was removed shortly later because it was only meant to be an Education Edition feature.


The chalkboard blocks are supposedly to have a function with a right click. They were an Education Edition feature that was accidentally added in the first development version of the Alpha 0.16.0 update, it was removed shortly later because it was only meant to be an Education Edition feature.

The Board block came in three different sizes:

  • Slate (1×1)
  • Poster (2×1)
  • Board (2×3)


See also: Cobblestone Walls
Border Block.png
Border blocks are unbreakable blocks shaped like cobblestone walls that prohibit movement through, over or under the block they had been placed on. They were an Education Edition feature that was accidentally added in the first development version of the Alpha 0.16.0 update, it was removed shortly later because it was only meant to be an Education Edition feature.

Cyan flower[edit]

Cyan Flower.png
See also: Flower

The cyan flower was replaced with the poppy in Alpha 0.9.0 build 1 However, Johan said it may return.[2]

Nether Reactor functions[edit]

The functionality of the Nether Reactor were removed in Alpha 0.12.1 due to the addition of the Nether. The block still exists, but nothing will happen when tapping it.

Nether Reactor Core[edit]
See also: Netherrack
The functionality of the Nether Reactor was removed in Pocket Edition Alpha 0.12.1. However, the reactor core block still exists in game, and can be obtained through inventory editing or by retaining it from previous worlds before the update. It now drops its ingredients instead of itself, allowing players to recover them.
Glowing Obsidian[edit]
Glowing Obsidian.png
See also: Obsidian

Being a part of the nether reactor, the glowing obsidian block was also removed in Alpha 0.12.1. It emitted a soft red glow at light level 12. Despite being a variant of obsidian, it only requires an iron pickaxe. When broken, it dropped a block of obsidian. It can now only be obtained through inventory editing.

Instant Powered Rail[edit]

Prior to alpha 0.13.0 build 1, any powered rail placed will always active, this is due redstone mechanic doesn't exist at that version.




In Education Edition, the Portfolio is used to document a screenshot taken from the Camera, it got accidentally added to Pocket Edition in Alpha 0.16.0 build 1. It could only be obtained using commands and had no function. It was later removed because it was only supposed to be an Education Edition feature.




The Camera was an entity in Pocket Edition that would capture pictures in the game. In the Education Edition, it works together with the portfolio item to create collections of pictures.

Before then, Cameras was first added to the game in Alpha 0.1.0 and were available until Alpha 0.9.0 build 1. Later it was re-added to the game in Alpha 0.14.0 build 1, but got removed again in Alpha 0.16.0 build 4 due to becoming an Education Edition item. Cameras are currently available in Education Edition.


NPCs were a villager-like mob, but slightly taller than a normal villager. They were an Education Edition feature that got accidentally added in the first development version for the Alpha 0.16.0 update; they were removed shortly later because they were only supposed to be an Education Edition feature.

Magma Cubes getting hurt when wet[edit]

The Magma Cube previously became hurt when wet as the vanilla behavior pack had the magma cube behavior "minecraft_hurt_when_wet": set to true, Magma Cube will be hurt if exposed to sunlight or moonlight during rain, and take damage while on water. However as of an unknown build this feature was considered a bug and removed, its Vanilla behavior of getting hurt when wet has been set to false again.

Chicken Jockey[edit]

Prior to 0.14.0 build 1, chicken jockey have a chance to spawn from zombie and zombie pigman, at that time baby zombie and baby zombie pigman have 5% chance spawn as chicken jockey, however as of update 0.14.0 build 1, chicken jockey was removed and no longer spawn naturally, but baby zombie , baby zombie villager, or baby husk has 15% chance to want to be a jockey when trying to attack player, villager, iron golem or snow zombie, baby zombie villager, or baby husk will check nearby mobs that can be ridden such as cow, chicken, mooshroom, ocelot, wolf, zombie, husk, polar bear, llama, horse, donkey, pig, mule, sheep, skeleton horse, zombie horse, zombie pigman, zombie villager, spider, and cave spider. However, baby zombie pigman didn't have ability to mount nearby mobs, causing Pigman Jockey completely removed.

Chicken spawn in Nether[edit]

Due to chicken jockey was removed, Chicken no longer can spawn naturally in the Nether rarely when zombie pigman spawn as pigman chicken jockey.

Zombie Drops[edit]

Prior to 0.11.0 build 1, zombies dropped feathers, however this drop feature was removed and feathers are no longer dropped by zombies, and were replaced by rotten flesh.

Hostitle Zombie Pigman Drop and its behavior[edit]

Before 0.11.0 zombie pigman drop feather as common drop and potato or carrot as rare drop, this was changed in 0.11.0 build 1, that zombie pigman common drop now is rotten flesh and its rare drop is gold ingot, at 0.12.1 build 1, gold nugget also added as common drop, before 0.12.1 build 1, Zombie pigman is hostitle mobs and also burn in sunlight but immune to fire, making only burning particle play, while zombie pigmen itself didn't take damage it also lack of hat layer, move slowly and has both hand didn't draw up, at 0.11.0 build 1 it has chicken jockey variant but at 0.14.0 build 1, its chicken jockey variant was removed and prior to 0.12.1 build 1, the only way to make it spawn naturaly is from active Nether Reactor Core.


At the first time when horse added it use old model which was replaced with new model and at earlier version of 0.15., horse can be tamed by feeding them a food, this feature was removed as now player require to mount it to make horse tamed.


Food healing[edit]

Prior to 0.12.1 build 1, Eating food will heal losing health, however as of addition of hunger bar, this feature was removed

Rotten Flesh[edit]

Prior to 0.12.1 build 1, eating rotten flesh will inflict poison effect instead of hunger effect


Before 0.12.1 build 1 eating pufferfish won't inflict hunger effect

Enchanted Golden Apple[edit]

When Enchanted Apple added to the game, it only give Absorption level I instead of Absorption IV.

World Generaton/Generated Structure[edit]


  • Oak Forest

At the time where colden oak exist, there is an Oak Forest Biome which is a forest only consist of Oak tree and no birch tree generate in this Biome

  • non snowy Extreme Hills

In Pocket Edition Alpha, Extreme Hills and its variant don't generate top snow above Y layer 90.


  • Gravel Path

Before 0.11.0 build 1, Village use Gravel Path as a road, however this was changed to Grass Path as a village road.

  • Oak Savannah Village

Prior to 0.15.0 build 1, village that generate in savannah biome use oak wood, oak wood plank, oak fence,and oak stair.but this village later replaced with acacia village


  • Cold-en Oak

The "cold-en" oak, or winter oak, was a tree formed by a very rare glitch in older versions of Pocket Edition prior to 0.9.0. It causes a small tree with a leaf arrangement the same as that of small oak or birch to be generated on the border of a forest and a snowy area (one of which is usually mountainous). It is composed with spruce leaves and spruce logs (seen in both the lite and newer versions prior to 0.9.0) or rarely oak logs (paid only).

  • old Oak Tree
Lite Trees.png

At same time where an colden oak exist, Oak tree at the that time only generation with 2 log in canopy, rather than 3 in current version.

Broken Stronghold Generation[edit]

As of update 0.15.0 build 1, Stronghold only generate one room which is spiral staircase room, no other room can generate including end portal room, making imposible to obtain loot chest in a stronghold due to strongholds only generate one room. there are 2 type of this stronghold;

  • A Stronghold is in a Village

If a stronghold generate under the village well, Stronghold will generate at the place where the village well generate which is not underground, resulting weird structure in the village.If bottom staircase room dug, village well will revealed that generate under weird stronghold room.

  • A Stronghold is Not in a Village

If a stronghold generated and is not in village, it generate at the very deep Y layer which is at bedrock layer and cutting the bottom bedrock layer at y=0 with stone brick, making its posible to fell into void in survival without cheat.and its also only generate one room which is spiral staircase room. However this stronghold haven't removed for relative long time from 0.15.0 build 1 to 0.15.10 and finally in 0.16.0 build 1, this stronghold generation has been removed due to considered as a bug.

Abandoned Mineshaft[edit]

  • Spider Spawner

When abandoned mineshaft added to bedrock edition at 0.9.0 build 1, it generate monster spawner with spider instead of cave spider, the reason is because at that version, cave spider in bedrock edition still not available.

  • Floating Minecart with Chest

At 0.14.0 build 1, Minecart with Chest added to Abandoned Mineshaft, it generate normaly except in mesa variant, which generate floating in mid air.this feature was removed due to a bug.


Crafting recipes[edit]

Cocoa beans[edit]

See also: Dyes

In Alpha 0.8.0 build 3 cocoa beans were added with its exclusive recipes. In Alpha 0.9.0 build 1 cocoa beans can now be obtained with cocoa pods. In Alpha 0.16.0 official release, the cocoa bean crafting recipe was removed.

The recipe was removed because doesn't make sense after the addition to obtain cocoa beans from cocoa pods. It was reported by a user in the bug tracker and was confirmed as a bug.[3]

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Ink Sac +
Rose Red +
Dandelion Yellow
Ink Sac +
Orange Dye

Enchanted golden apple[edit]

See also: Golden Apple

The enchanted golden apple recipe was removed in 1.2 build 1.

Enchanted golden apples may still be obtained in other ways.

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Block of Gold +


See also: Bed

The recipe of crafting red bed with any wool color was removed in 1.1 build 1. The reason why this recipe was removed because prior to 1.1 build 1, only red bed exist in game, and now it require matching red wool to craft red bed

Smelting recipes[edit]

Rose red[edit]

See also: Dyes

The reason of the removal of the recipe is unknown and still questionable. It may have been because of Rose Red implying it comes from Roses instead of Mushrooms.

Ingredients Smelting recipe
Red Mushroom +
Any fuel


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