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Nether Update

Bedrock Edition

Official name

Nether Update

Released versions


Iron Pickaxe JE2 BE2.png
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This guide is a simplified overview of all changes in the Nether Update (Bedrock Edition 1.16.0), which assumes at least some familiarity with the Buzzy Bees update (Bedrock Edition 1.14.x releases).



Name Image Habitat Drops Note
Hoglin Hoglin BE1.pngBaby Hoglin BE1.png Crimson forest They will run if in contact with some warped items.
Piglin Piglin.pngBaby Piglin.png Crimson forest; Nether wastes 8.5% of chance to drop their naturally-spawned equipment, which can be a golden sword, a crossbow, or random golden armor.
  • Adults are hostile and babies are passive.
  • Adults can be bartered with.
  • Will run from placed soul fire and soul fire items.


Name Image Changed
  • Passive mobs now spawn on blocks they are supposed to.
  • Improved spawn rates of iron golems by 10 Times.
  • Despawn Rules have been changed to closely match Java Despawn Rules.
Endermen Enderman.png
Ghasts Ghast.png
  • Sounds are now heard at a shorter range.
Withers Wither.png
  • Can now be summoned using soul soil in the base.
Zombie Pigman Zombified Piglin JE3.png
Villager Plains Villager Base.pngDesert Villager Base.pngJungle Villager Base.pngSavanna Villager Base.pngSnowy Villager Base.pngSwamp Villager Base.pngTaiga Villager Base.png
  • Cured zombie villagers now offer trading discount.



Name Image Obtaining Tool Required Uses
Ancient Debris Ancient Debris JE1 BE1.png Can be found in Nether, but it is really rare. Can be mined with diamond pickaxe or higher. Can be smelted into netherite scrap.
Basalt Basalt Axis Y JE1 BE1.png Can be founded in Nether in "Basalt Pillar". Can be mined with pickaxe only. Can be used as a decorative block.
Block of Netherite Block of Netherite JE1.png
Ingredients Crafting recipe
Netherite Ingot

Can be mined with a diamond or netherite pickaxe. Can be used decoratively, as a storage block for netherite ingots, or as part of a blast-resistant wall/door.
Crimson and Warped Fungi Crimson Fungus JE1.pngWarped Fungus JE1.png Crimson Fungi generates in Crimson Forests and Warped Fungi in Warped Forests. Can be mined with any tool or hand. Can be used as a decorative block. The crimson variant can be used to breed hoglins, while the warped variant will repel them.
Crimson and Warped Nylium Crimson Nylium JE1.pngWarped Nylium JE1.png
  • Crimson Nylium generates in Crimson Forests and Warped Nylium in Warped Forests.
Can be mined with any tool or hand, but the fastest way is to use a shovel.
  • Crimson or warped fungi will grow on their respective nylium variants.
Crimson and Warped Planks Crimson Planks JE1.pngWarped Planks JE1.png
Ingredients Crafting recipe
Crimson Stem or
Warped Stem
Can be mined with any tool or hand Can be used to craft respective slabs, stairs, fences, fence gates, pressure plates, buttons, doors, trapdoors, and signs.
Crimson Roots, Warped Roots and Nether Sprouts Crimson Roots JE1.pngWarped Roots JE1.pngNether Sprouts JE2.png Can be found in crimson forests or warped forests. Can be mined with any tool or hand. Can be used as a decorative block.
Crimson Stems and Warped Stems Crimson Stem Axis Y JE1.pngWarped Stem Axis Y JE1.png Comprise the trunks of huge fungi. Can be mined with any tool or hand.
  • Can be placed directionally, similarly to logs.
  • Do not burn.
  • Can be stripped.
Polished Basalt Polished Basalt Axis Y JE1 BE1.png
Ingredients Crafting recipe
Can be broken with any pickaxe. Can be used as a decorative block.
Shroomlight Shroomlight JE1.png Can be found on huge fungi. Emits a light level of 15, similarly to glowstone.
Soul Fire Soul Fire JE1.gif
  • Generates naturally in the soul sand valley biome in the Nether.
  • Fire lit on soul soil is blue fire regardless of dimension.
Can't be obtained, but can be extinguished by clicking on it.
  • Deals damage at a rate of 2 per second as opposed to the 1 per second of regular fire.
  • Repels piglins.
Soul Fire Lantern Soul Fire Lantern.png
Ingredients Crafting recipe
Iron Nugget +
Soul Fire Torch

Crafted similarly to a normal lantern, using a soul torch instead of a normal torch.
  • Gives off a light level of 10.
  • Repels piglins.
Soul Soil Soul Soil JE1.png Generates in the soul sand valley, alongside conventional soul sand.
  • Fire lit on soul soil is soul fire.
  • The player does not sink and is not slowed when walking on soul soil.
Soul Fire Torch Soul Fire Torch.png
Ingredients Crafting recipe
Coal or
Charcoal +
Stick +
Soul Soil

  • Gives off a light level of 10.
  • Repels piglins.
Target Target JE1 BE1.png
Ingredients Crafting recipe
Redstone Dust +
Hay Bale

Emits redstone signal for 1 second.
Warped Wart Block Warped Wart Block JE1 BE1.png Generates as a part of huge warped fungi. Can be used as decorative block.
Weeping Vines Weeping Vines Plant.png Generates in the crimson forest biome.

Placed on the bottom of a block and grows downward.

  • Can be used as a decorative block.
  • Can be climbed like vines.


Name Image Changed
Nether Wart Block Nether Wart Block JE3 BE3.png Now generates as a part of huge crimson fungi.
Beacon Beacon.png The beam color can now be mixed with several different stained glass colors.
Conduit Conduit Revision 1.png Now give Conduit Power to nearby players in rain.
Pumpkin, Jack o'Lantern, and Fence Gate Pumpkin JE2 BE2.pngCarved Pumpkin JE3 BE2.pngJack o'Lantern JE3 BE2.pngOak Fence Gate.pngBirch Fence Gate.pngSpruce Fence Gate.pngJungle Fence Gate.pngAcacia Fence Gate.pngDark Oak Fence Gate.png Can now be placed without supporting blocks underneath.
Flower Pot Flower Pot.png Potted plants can now be removed from the pot by tapping/clicking on it.
Oak and Birch Sapling Oak Sapling JE5 BE2.pngBirch Sapling JE2 BE2.png Oak and birch saplings grown within 2 blocks of a flower on the same Y-level have a 5% chance to have a bee nest.
Spruce Sapling Spruce Sapling JE2 BE2.png Large spruce trees now transform nearby grass blocks into podzol when they grow.



Name Image Obtaining Uses
Netherite Scrap Netherite Scrap JE2.png
Ingredients Smelting recipe
Ancient Debris +
Any fuel

It can be crafted into Netherite Ingot
Netherite Ingot Netherite Ingot JE1.png
Ingredients Crafting recipe
Netherite Scrap +
Gold Ingot

Can be used for upgrading diamond armor, weapons and tools
Netherite Armor Netherite Helmet JE2.pngNetherite Chestplate JE2.pngNetherite Leggings JE2.pngNetherite Boots JE2.png
Ingredients Crafting recipe
Diamond Helmet or
Diamond Chestplate or
Diamond Leggings or
Diamond Boots +
Netherite Ingot

  • Does not burn in lava
  • Floats on lava.
  • Tougher than diamond armor.
  • Has a higher durability and enchantability than diamond.
Netherite Axe, Hoe, Pickaxe, Shovel, and Sword Netherite Axe JE1.pngNetherite Hoe JE1.pngNetherite Pickaxe JE1.pngNetherite Shovel JE1.pngNetherite Sword JE1.png
Ingredients Crafting recipe
Diamond Axe or
Diamond Hoe or
Diamond Pickaxe or
Diamond Shovel or
Diamond Sword +
Netherite Ingot

  • Do not burn in lava.
  • Have a higher durability, mining level, breaking multiplier, and enchantability than diamond.
  • All items, except the hoe, deal 1 more damage than their diamond counterparts.
  • Floats in lava.
Hoglin and Piglin Spawn Eggs Hoglin Spawn Egg BE.pngPiglin Spawn Egg BE.png Creative inventory Used to spawn hoglins and piglins


Name Image Changed
Dropped Item BowSpinning3.gif Dropped items now transform into a 3D model and start spinning.



Name Obtaining Effects
Potion of Slowness IV
Ingredients Brewing recipe
Glowstone Dust +
Potion of Slowness

Slowness IV



Name Image Description Structures
Soulsand Valley Soulsand Valley.png
  • An open space made mostly of soul sand and soul soil.
  • Basalt pillars span from floor to ceiling.
  • Ash falls through the air.
  • A light blue glow envelopes the valley.
  • Ghasts and skeletons traverse the valley.
Warped Forest Warped Forest.png
Crimson Forest Crimson Forest.png
  • Spawns in Nether
  • It's made by Crimson blocks


Name Image Changed
Nether Nether.png
  • Split into biomes.
Nether (as original biome) Nether Wastes.png Renamed to Nether Wastes



Name Description
  • Trading system between players and piglins.