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Bedrock Edition



Release date

Xbox One, Windows 10, Android: May 16, 2018

Build for


Beta is the third beta version released for 1.5.0, which added a bunch of Update Aquatic features and fixed numerous bugs.[1]






  • A fresh, new menu background for Update Aquatic
  • Coral blocks will no longer die as long as one side is touching water
  • Updated the texture of the top of Kelp
  • Updated the texture of Cooked Fish
  • Default Field of View has been reduced from 70 to 60 and can be adjusted in Video Settings


  • Fixed several of that top crashes that occurred during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a Piston pushed a block
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when too many Sea Pickles filled an area
  • Increased performance when viewing particles from the Ender Dragon's attack and lingering potions
  • Guardians and Elder Guardians are no longer stuck as benthic creatures
  • Fixed Conduit Power not affecting players that were swimming through a 1x1 space and in range of a Conduit
  • Cached Data once again appears on the Storage screen
  • Players will no longer inherit the host's spawn, inventory, and location when rejoining a world with a Resource Pack removed
  • Tropical Fish textures now appear properly on Android devices
  • The coordinates of Buried Treasure are now accurate when using the '/locate' command
  • Pressing down on the controller no longer loses focus on the chat field
  • Fixed water flow being inconsistent and suspended around caves and ravines
  • Beacons and Conduits now have sound effects
  • Command Blocks can now be modified when set to 'Repeat' and 'Always Active'
  • Lava falling onto a water block with Seagrass or Kelp from will now become Stone
  • Redstone, Torches, and Redstone Torches can no longer be placed on Seagrass underwater
  • Fixed Tridents damaging multiple mobs in a single throw
  • Passengers in boats will now take damage when falling from a high place
  • It is now easier to attack mobs while swimming
  • Fixed the cracking animation not appearing when mining blocks through the water surface
  • Leather Horse Armor no longer loses its dyed color after world conversion
  • Mutated Savanna Plateau and Mutated Mesa Plateau biomes now convert properly from old worlds
  • Fixed water coloring in mutated biomes
  • Fixed the controller not being detected when resuming the game from suspended state after changing the profile
  • Map items now have the proper name displayed in chat for players when using commands
  • Fixed some chunk rendering that caused players to see through the ground at certain angles
  • Minimized animation delays with large stacks of falling blocks
  • Fixed experience orbs not always being picked up by players
  • Fixed Drowned spinning in place
  • Zombies that transform into Drowned will now drop items when they die
  • Dolphins and Cod no longer get the jitters when swimming in groups
  • Silverfish can once again enter Stone blocks
  • Arrows fired by Skeletons and Strays can now damage the Wither
  • The paper doll no longer sticks out of the frame on the inventory screen while swimming
  • Tridents fired from a Dispenser no longer have the exact same trajectory and will now lose durability
  • Fixed textures on low-end devices when the Education toggle was enabled
  • Fixed issues with Zombie pathfinding and not attacking players
  • Pistons once again have the proper texture underneath them when placed horizontally
  • TNT can no longer deal damage or destroy blocks underwater when placed on non-full blocks
  • Fixed the hitbox of Coral Fans
  • The "Manage who can send you invites" button in Profile settings now points to the proper location
  • Fixed two Elder Guardians sometimes spawning in each chamber of an Ocean Monument
  • Fixed spelling errors for Anemone and Red Lipped Blenny tropical fish
  • The 'Controls' section of How to Play now updates after remapping the Sneak button


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