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Release date

October 31, 2017

Build for


Beta (also known as 1.2.5 build 3) is the third build released for 1.2.5 that added new features and fixed bugs.[1]


  • The main menu background now has a raised camera angle and scales properly based on the device's aspect ratio


  • Fixed a crash that occurred when entering a world while wearing armor
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when sending a message containing "%0"
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when attempting to teleport millions of blocks away
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when mobs were killed by something that wasn't an entity
  • Fixed several issues with missing chunks and lost progress during world conversion (Xbox One only)
  • Worlds deleted or changed on other consoles will now sync with the console they were created on (Xbox One only)
  • Fixed an issue where some owners of Minecraft on Android devices would be prompted to acquire a license
  • Improved navigation when using a controller on several menu screens
  • Increased performance when jumping into water when mobs are around
  • Template world data is no longer lost when loading a cloud save on a different console (Xbox One only)
  • Fixed changes made in converted worlds not saving after a player walks into another dimension (Xbox One only)
  • Redstone Repeaters facing into Redstone Dust now properly redirect the Dust
  • Observers facing each other now output a steady, repeating Redstone signal
  • Removed the hard-coded chat filter from featured servers
  • Coordinates are no longer censored
  • Fixed an exploit surrounding the use of encrypted skin packs
  • Names of players outside of render distance will now appear in auto-complete when typing commands
  • The '/clear' command will now clear items from armor slots by item name
  • Fixed the XP Cost text on the anvil screen not being readable
  • The 'minecraft:transformation' component now has a 'keep_owner' property to allow for an entity to keep its original owner
  • Fixed placeholder images for items on the Storage screen
  • Multiple commands can now be entered on a single meta property with Mixer interaction
  • Only 11 characters can now be typed into the Join Realm code field
  • Mobs can now be rotated using the 'xRot' and 'yRot' arguments when using teleport commands
  • Signs will now close when the virtual keyboard is closed