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Bedrock Edition



Release date

March 16, 2018

Build for


Beta is the first beta version released for 1.4.0 that introduced some of the Update Aquatic features through Experimental Gameplay.[1]


Experimental gameplay[edit]

  • Added drowned mobs
  • New swimming animation
  • Trident and new enchantments
    • Channeling
    • Loyalty
    • Riptide
    • Impaling
  • Stripped wood and bark
  • Slabs and stairs for prismarine, prismarine bricks, and dark prismarine


  • Iron Golems no longer spawn when Mob Spawning is disabled
  • Rain, smoke particles, and shadows are no longer visible through lava
  • Disabling "Visible to LAN Players" for one world no longer disables it for all worlds
  • Buttons cloned in a "pressed" state no longer remain pressed forever
  • A warning now appears instructing not to close the game when exporting a world
  • The power output of Redstone Comparators is no longer lost after a world is converted from Xbox One Edition
  • Pick Block no longer replaces the item currently selected in the hotbar if other slots are empty
  • Increased stability and fixed several crashes
  • Abandoned mineshafts no longer generate above ground
  • Fixed improper Mushroom block obtained from giant red mushrooms when using Pick Block
  • Tools now work properly and no longer shake in-hand
  • Sticky Pistons no longer turn into regular Pistons after being renamed
  • Tripwire Hooks once again appear in Jungle Temples
  • Players can once again stand on top of ladders
  • Mob heads can no longer be duplicated by placing them in water
  • Strongholds once again generate with Mossy Stone Brick and Cracked Stone Brick
  • The maximum render distance on Xbox One X is once again 22 chunks
  • More than one line of text can once again be placed on signs
  • The B button no longer has to be pressed twice on the controller to deselect a skin in the Skin Picker
  • Heads and Skulls that are placed on a walls no longer have incorrect hitbox positions
  • Invisible Vines no longer appear on Jungle trees
  • Torches can once again be placed in the same block occupied by a player
  • You now descend more slowly in water
  • Fixed world updates occasionally not rendering