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Bedrock Edition beta

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Bedrock Edition



Release date

Xbox One, Windows 10, Android: March 26, 2020

Build for


Protocol version


Beta is the seventh beta version for Bedrock Edition 1.16.0, released on March 26, 2020,[1] which fixes bugs.



  • Added a legal disclaimer before loading a world: a new information screen informs the player that "Online play is not rated".


  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay.
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur in split-screen when the host saves and quits the game.
  • Fixed stability issues when using some custom character creator skins.
  • Improved performance related to maps in item frames. (REALMS-1532)
  • Dedicated server documentation fixes (BDS-1084, BDS-2341, BDS-3141, BDS-3051, BDS-1085)
  • Fixed issue where imported world templates (.mctemplate) were not visible on Gear VR.
  • Fixed an issue related to chunks not loading correctly in Realms. (REALMS-2037)
  • Fixed skin texturing issue on "Alex" model.
  • Fixed an issue with villager goals which prevented them from working.
  • Add translation to other languages with vocabulary different with Java
  • Newly-created maps now start with the correct zoom level. (MCPE-63416)
  • Fixed an issue where maps from converted ‘Editions’ worlds were at the wrong scale. (MCPE-58796)
  • Fixed shearing a sheep not updating its texture to sheared sheep model. (MCPE-63188)
  • Fixed an issue with some enchantments not working correctly. (MCPE-63124)
  • Fixed an issue with music disc names not showing in the correct language.
  • Fixed rendering issues for sign text through other transparent objects such as glass. (MCPE-55327)
  • Fixed maps in item frames flashing purple and black image before the map loads.
  • Animation scale now uses linear interpolation between keyframes.
Add-ons and scripting
  • Switching to a different geometry using a render controller now immediately change the geometry in-game.
  • Fixes for selectors with an empty tag as argument @e[tag=] and @e[tag=!].


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