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Bedrock Edition

Release date

Windows 10: April 16, 2020

Protocol version


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Beta is the first beta version for an unknown Bedrock Edition version, though probably 1.16.0, as the beta starts with 1.15, released on April 16, 2020,[1] which introduces RenderDragon to the Windows 10 port.



  • Added the Advanced Video settings.
  • Added the DirectX Ray Tracing toggle.
  • Added the Upscaling toggle.
    • Used to boost frame rates on GeForce RTX graphics cards with NVIDIA DLSS 2.0.
  • Added the Ray Tracing View Bobbing toggle.
    • Used to toggle the "bobbing" motion of the camera while using ray tracing.
  • Added the Ray Tracing Render Distance toggle.
    • Used to control the chunk render distance ray tracing are visible at once.



  • Resource packs now support ray tracing.
  • Fancy Leaves, Fancy Bubbles, Render Clouds, Beautiful Skies, Smooth Lighting, Fancy Graphics and View Bobbing is now moved to the Advanced Video settings.


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