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Official name

"Holiday Update"

Planned release date

December 2018

Development versions

Beta versions

Other editions of 1.8

1.8, referred to as the "Holiday Update",[1] is an upcoming major update for Bedrock Edition with a possible release date of mid-to-late December 2018. It will add some of the features from the Village and Pillage update, like pandas, bamboo, scaffolding and cats. However, it won't add all of them – the main Village and Pillage features, such as pillagers and new village structures, will come in a later version.[1][2]





  • Pandas
    • Spawn in jungles.
    • Eat bamboo and cake items.
    • Have different personalities – lazy, playful, aggressive or worried.
    • Have a rare brown variant.
  • Stray cats
    • Spawn in villages.
    • Can be tamed using fish.
    • Bring gifts to you.
    • Have dyeable collars, like dogs.
    • Scare off creepers, like they used to.


  • New enchantments for crossbows
    • Fast Load
      • Decreases the reload time
    • Multishot
      • Shoots 3 arrows at once
    • Piercing
      • Shoots through mobs.

Command format[edit]

  • /particle command
    • Ported from Java Edition.
    • Only the following particles are available (prefix minecraft: is necessary):
      • minecraft:mobflame_emitter
      • minecraft:test_beziercurve
      • minecraft:test_bounce
      • minecraft:test_catmullromcurve
      • minecraft:test_colorcurve
      • minecraft:test_combocurve
      • minecraft:test_highrestitution
      • minecraft:test_linearcurve
      • minecraft:test_mule
      • minecraft:test_smoke_puff
      • minecraft:test_sphere
      • minecraft:test_spiral
      • minecraft:test_watertest
  • /reload
    • Reloads all function files from all behavior packs.
  • Added minecraft: prefix for /summon to separate vanilla entities and add-on entities.
  • /gamerule randomtickspeed




  • Sticks
    • Can now be crafted with bamboo.
  • Bows
    • The bow in the hotbar now shows an arrow when being drawn.


  • Phantoms
    • Now are afraid of cats and will not swoop while cats are around.
  • Increased the size of tropical fish.
  • Skeleton horse and zombie horse
    • Foals now have a chance of being spawned using a spawn egg.
  • Ocelots
    • Can no longer be tamed.
    • The player can still feed them to gain their trust.
    • Ocelots can now be fed pufferfish and tropical fish items.
  • NPCs
    • Re-added to the game, but only if Education Edition toggle is turned on.
    • Can be only summoned using /summon command.
  • Camera
    • Re-added to the game, but can only be spawned using nbt editor

World generation[edit]


  • Fishing catches have been changed in the jungle biome.
    • Now only raw cod and raw salmon can be caught as fish in a jungle.
    • Bamboo can now be caught as a junk item from fishing in a jungle.


  • Splash screen
    • Now has an animated loading bar.
  • More skin packs are now shown in the skin picker menu, and each pack can be opened and viewed in its own page.
  • The autocomplete list for player mentions now work in slash commands
  • The player can now send links to their favorite Marketplace content using the share button.
  • Improvements to how and when spawn positions are moved to safer places.
  • Content can now be sorted by 'Updates avaliable' in the Marketplace inventory.
  • Content can now be sorted and filtered by rating in the Marketplace.

Command format[edit]

  • The following commands can now be run in game without turning on cheats:
    • /gamerule showcoordinates
    • /gamerule dofiretick
    • /gamerule tntexplodes
    • /gamerule domobloot
    • /gamerule naturalregeneration
    • /gamerule dotiledrops
    • /gamerule pvp



  • Fixed several crashes that occurred during gameplay.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur if the player was disconnected while loading resource packs.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur on Xbox One if the player signed out too quickly after signing in.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during the splash loading screen on Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on startup for Gear VR.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when using lava buckets on fish.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple UI screens could be opened at once, causing the game to crash.
  • MCPE-36274: Fixed a crash that could occur due to a recently added Windows 10 feature.
  • MCPE-19535: Fixed the bug where players on Realms could be instantly killed in one shot by a Blaze fireball attack.
  • MCPE-35857 Planting crops continuously will no longer skip blocks.
  • MCPE-17144: Tamed wolves will now tilt their heads when the player is holding meat.
  • MCPE-14426: Magma cubes no longer inflict damage during their death animation.
  • MCPE-21863: Mobs in minecarts no longer activate adjacent detector rails.
  • MCPE-19156: Ghast sounds are no longer repeated when they are shooting fireballs.
  • MCPE-37387: Crafting multiple cakes using the recipe book will now return the correct number of empty buckets to the player.
  • MCPE-16141: Wall signs no longer show different types of wood particles when being broken.
  • MCPE-23498: Explosions will now drop blocks if the default game mode is Creative and Tile Drops are enabled.
  • MCPE-37328: Flower pots that contain saplings will once again drop the correct type when broken.
  • MCPE-36795: Players will now face forwards when entering a boat.
  • MCPE-36741: Removed "MCPE!" from the list of splash screen messages.
  • Water now renders correctly when surrounded by Barrier Blocks.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause black visual glitches to appear around blocks when riding a horse.
  • MCPE-31242: Players will no longer teleport when standing against a non-full block and reloading the game.
  • Fixed incorrect interact buttons appearing briefly for certain mobs on touch screen devices.
  • The achievement button no longer appears in the pause menu if not signed into Xbox Live.
  • Fixed a bug where players could see through solid blocks when swimming.
  • The multiplayer toggle is now accurately shown when using platform restricted content on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.
  • MCPE-13799: Double wooden slabs can now be placed regardless of crosshair position.
  • MCPE-37492: Pistons no longer drop as items when being pushed or pulled.
  • MCPE-18518: Large Slimes and Magma Cubes now have the correct sized hitbox based on their size.
  • MCPE-37155: Kelp will now only grow into water source blocks or full downward flowing water, and no longer creates a new source block.
  • MCPE-36917: Fixed an exploit where rails could be duplicated.
  • MCPE-19015: Lightning no longer strikes if the destination is in a cold biome.
  • MCPE-37257: Fixed mobs not always taking fall damage when they should.
  • MCPE-33686: The "Body Guard" achievement can now be unlocked after creating an Iron Golem.
  • Fixed rare enchantments being too hard to get at higher levels.
  • The right bumper button now correctly scrolls through the tabs in the game menu on Nintendo Switch.
  • MCPE-13758: The hitbox of piston arms now matches the size and shape correctly.
  • MCPE-28812: Players no longer fall through Shulker Boxes as they open.
  • Improved the loading time of various game files.
  • Fixed the buttons used on the startup message for players using Windows Mixed Reality.
  • MCPE-37269: Worlds larger than 1GB can now be copied and exported on Windows 10.
  • MCPE-36799: Added a underscore to frozen_river in the biomes_client.json so it matches the other vanilla Resource Pack entries.
  • The player locator map marker now faces the right direction when aboard a boat.
  • MCPE-34864: Fixed an issue with custom player permissions that might not apply correctly in multiplayer.
  • MCPE-34926: Potion of Slow Falling will now slow down Elytra descent.
  • MCPE-32635: Multiple items can be collected when trading with villagers again when using touch controls.
  • Fixed a bug where only white firework stars could be crafted.
  • The player's hands are now properly rotated and positioned when aboard a boat and holding a bow.
  • MCPE-33788: Lava blocks no longer appear green in the command autocomplete area.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when killing and summoning a salmon with its navigation component removed.
  • Reassigned Page Up and Page Down keys are now labelled correctly on the Settings screen.
  • Controller hints now show the correct usage of "Open" and "Use" when looking at containers.
  • Player names that are made up of only numbers are now surrounded with quotation marks when using autocomplete for slash commands.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when kelp grows.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in worlds that contained locator maps.
  • MCPE-27167: Shulker boxes that contain tropical fish buckets no longer cause lag.


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