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Bedrock Edition

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Release date

iOS – October 15, 2018
Android, Fire OS, Fire TV, Gear VR, Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch – October 16, 2018

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Windows server
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Other editions of 1.7

1.7.0[1] is a major update to Bedrock Edition that was released on October 15–16, 2018. 1.7.0 features the least amount of content in any major update, adding just the /scoreboard command, the ability to eat food in creative mode and peaceful difficulty, The Hive multiplayer server, and highlights for player names in the chat, and also fixed bugs.



Scoreboard system
  • Adds basic scoreboard functionality.
  • Track, edit and display certain objectives per player.
  • Used via /scoreboard command or command block.

Command format[edit]

  • Used to interact with the scoreboard system.
  • Added commandblocksenabled rule.


Featured servers
  • Added The Hive.



All foods
  • Can now be eaten while the player is in creative mode or when the difficulty is set to peaceful.
Chorus fruit
  • Moved from Nature to Items section in the creative inventory.


  • Mentions of player names are now highlighted yellow in chat.
  • Typing @ in chat will now show an autocomplete list of player names.
  • Made it easier to find purchased content, search, and go home from the top of the Marketplace screen.
Pause menu
  • ”Invite to game” button added under player list.
  • The name of the world is now displayed at the top of the players list.


Video made by slicedlime:


  • Fixed several crashes that occurred during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when applying a Resource Pack
  • Fixed a crash for connected players riding a pig in multiplayer
  • Fixed player permission issues that prevented players from building or mining
  • Fixed a bug where many mobs would have broken models in some marketplace worlds
  • MCPE-34742: Fixed a crash that occurred when breaking a door that many Villagers were trying to open or enter
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when attempting to stack Explorer Maps when trading with a Cartographer Villager
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a Trident with Channeling was shot from a Dispenser and hit a mob or player during a thunderstorm
  • MCPE-32657: Monster Spawners no longer drop as items after an explosion
  • MCPE-33209: Crouching on ladders will no longer stop when opening the pause menu or inventory screen
  • Rails are once again broken by flowing water
  • Land-based mobs now play sounds underwater
  • MCPE-34448: Fixed visual effects not appearing when using an enchanted Trident with Riptide
  • MCPE-15841: Sound once again resumes after receiving a notification on iOS devices
  • MCPE-31193: Mobs can no longer spawn in small gaps unless they can fit
  • MCPE-35776: Flaming arrows once again ignite Minecarts with TNT
  • MCPE-32347: Fixed several items not stacking properly in inventory and chests when using touch input
  • MCPE-34410: Barrier Blocks can no longer be destroyed by the Ender Dragon
  • MCPE-19222: When dealing killing blows to mobs using Knockback, they now actually get knocked back!
  • MCPE-35821: Infinity Bow arrows are no longer picked up immediately after being fired when the Bow is slightly drawn
  • MCPE-28626: Enderman can no longer spawn in two block high gaps with Slabs above
  • MCPE-34603: Cured Zombie Villagers spawned from Zombie Villages can now be traded with
  • MCPE-12719: Mobs can now walk through Soul Sand with Nether Wart
  • MCPE-31188: Banners now have the correct placing and breaking sounds
  • Renamed spawn eggs now produce renamed mobs
  • Fixed trapdoors losing their orientation after being cloned
  • Item tooltips that display "Can break" and "Can be placed on" now show the proper translation for the given blocks
  • Fixed structures generating inside Ocean Monuments
  • Fixed overlapping text on the Enchantment Table screen
  • Raw Cod and Cooked Cod items are now properly named
  • Armored Withers can no longer be damaged with thrown Tridents
  • Adjusted in-hand placement of Bows and Tridents in splitscreen
  • Fixed input on Minecarts with Command Block not saving between game sessions
  • Pigs with Saddles now throw players off their back when they start moving though 2-block-high bodies of water
  • Fixed players getting stuck in the edges of Old Worlds at 128 or in the Void
  • The inventory of ridden mounts can no longer be accessed by another player while you are riding it
  • Synced cloud worlds on Xbox One now display the proper date on the Worlds list
  • Enchantment Books are no longer lost after using an Anvil to rename an item and adding an incompatible enchantment
  • Tridents with Loyalty no longer get lost in the void when used in the End
  • Drowned no longer have swimming animation while riding in boat
  • Removed the "Take Half" tooltip when highlighting the Anvil's output slot
  • Releasing a Tropical Fish from a Bucket of Fish no longer releases a random fish but the one that was originally caught
  • Using the Quick Move option now properly stacks the taken items with stacks of the same item in the player inventory when there is an empty hotbar slot
  • Phantom spawn eggs can now be obtained using Pick Block
  • MCPE-36078, MCPE-35244: It is now easier to see through water in Flat worlds
  • MCPE-25685: The /subtitle command can now run whilst a title is visible on screen
  • MCPE-36250: Sea Pickles now break instantly in Survival mode
  • MCPE-33263: Leads no longer detach and disappear when reentering a world
  • MCPE-33470: Swimming while moving camera with touch controls no longer breaks blocks
  • MCPE-34913: Autofill commands now recognizes a player name in brackets and puts it in quotes
  • MCPE-31030: Fixed a bug where it was sometimes not possible for a player to place a block in the same block space where they are standing
  • /tp command now reliably teleports riders with entities
  • Players no longer teleport to vehicles/mobs that are hit by an Ender Pearl when the vehicle/mob is in the player's render distance
  • Only the player riding the mount can access the mount's inventory
  • Minecarts with TNT now explode when falling from a height of 4 or more
  • Players using controllers can again drop held items while in a minecart
  • When a player equips a carved pumpkin as a helmet, the player's marker now disappears from the locator maps of other players
  • Water fog is removed when the player raises their head above water level
  • MCPE-33152: If a pet forgets what player is their owner, it will sit down and wait for someone to interact with them & this player becomes the new owner of the pet. The pet doesn't need to be retamed with items
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when backing out of a Realm's edit menu after trying to download a realm but not having enough free space for the download
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when badownload.t of a Realm's edit menu after trying to download a realm but not having enough free space for the download
  • Mobs stop moving when removing all movement from behavior
  • Using behavior files to change the shooting location of a projectile no longer makes the projectile shoot & miss the target
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a player traveled through a Nether or End portal
  • MCPE-30299: Horses in the same boat as you no longer get hit when targeted by blocks in front of you
  • You can again drop items while in a boat
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when loading the settings screen right after loading a resource pack
  • MCPE-33895: Cursor d-pad input no longer gets stuck in inventory UI or the pause menu
  • 'A crash was detected' message after relaunching provides a little more information about the cause
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when exiting the game
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when going to any piece of DLC on Windows Phone