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1.6.0 is a major update to Bedrock Edition that was released on August 28, 2018. It added many of the Update Aquatic features that are not yet added within the first two phases such as barriers, phantoms and the Slow Falling status effect, as well as many changes and dozens of bug fixes.[1]

Compared to previous updates, 1.6.0 features less content than other major updates, due to a change in how version numbers represent major updates in the game.



  • Invisible like Invisible Bedrock
    • Visible when in hand in creative/survival mode.
  • Can only be broken in Creative mode.


Spawn eggs
Phantom Membrane
Potion of Slow Falling
Arrow of Slow Falling
  • Gives the player the Slow Falling status effect.


  • Spawn in the Overworld at high altitudes, and swoops down in groups of around 3 or 4 to attack players that have not slept in a while.
  • Drop 0-1 phantom membrane.


Status effects
  • Slow Falling
    • Causes the player to descend at a much slower rate, and not take any damage when hitting the ground.

Command format[edit]

  • Version exclusive: doInsomnia



  • No longer damages players and mobs when it explodes in water.


Book and Quill
  • Pages can now be turned using the controller bumper buttons.


  • Menu and inventory tabs can now be navigated using the [ and ] keys (Can be remapped in Settings).
  • When joining a world, the default game mode selected is now the personal game mode set to the player.
  • Added featured servers on Nintendo Switch.
  • Added fresh new icons to game invite and achievement notifications on Nintendo Switch.
  • Adjusted mouse sensitivity for slower turning at lower values.


  • Fixed several crashes that occurred during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when using Pick Block in a spot where a mob just died
  • Increased performance for menu load times
  • Fixed water flowing incorrectly from stairs that contained water source blocks
  • Top Snow will now break once it hits water
  • MCPE-33830 - Fixed received items disappearing after trading a renamed item with a Villager
  • MCPE-34169 - Maps once again update properly when held in the main hand
  • Players are now able to return to the Overworld if an End Portal is on their spawn point
  • Lowered the volume of the 'punching air' sound effect
  • MCPE-34027 - Fixed Guardians spawning even when Mob Spawning is disabled
  • Fixed Strays and Skeletons having trouble leaving the water to attack players
  • MCPE-33984 - Food particles no longer gradually change position after swimming and will always come out of the player's mouth area
  • Observers will now detect changes with Droppers, Dispensers, Brewing Stands, Farmland, Saplings, Sugar Cane, Fire, and Grass blocks
  • Items can once again be crafted from the Recipe Book while the Craftable filter is disabled and the player only has enough materials to craft a single recipe
  • Fixed the speed boost given by Dolphins being too slow when wearing armor with Depth Strider
  • Wolves no longer get stuck attacking Skeletons that are underwater
  • MCPE-25737 - Donkeys and Mules can now only be ridden by players after being tamed
  • MCPE-13191 - Blazes now attack Snow Golems
  • MCPE-21218 - Using the '/setblock' command on Redstone components will now properly update and power the mechanism
  • MCPE-33021 - Command blocks now correctly conduct Redstone power
  • Operator permissions are now granted to players when the host creates a world with Trust Player Permissions set to Operator
  • Buckets now stack properly when getting ejected from a crafting output
  • Experience orbs spawned with the '/summon' command will now grant experience to players
  • The gamepad cursor can now be used to navigate Villager trades
  • Fixed overlapping issues with the Dragon Head equipped on the inventory screen
  • The Crafting Table's output field hover state now matches the field's size
  • Selecting the output of an uncraftable recipe no longer causes the output item to disappear
  • The Trident no longer disappears when being thrown into an Armor Stand
  • Fixed several crashes that occurred during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when placing renamed items in an Anvil's output slot
  • Fixed mobs missing several limbs on the previous Android beta
  • Crouching on ladders will no longer stop when opening the pause menu or inventory screen
  • MCPE-30821: Firework Rockets once again give the proper boost when using Elytra
  • Barrier Blocks can now contain water
  • MCPE-32403 - Field of View can once again be adjusted when the "FoV Can Be Altered by Gameplay" option is disabled
  • MCPE-21542 - Redstone dust now renders on the sides of Glass blocks
  • The Ender Dragon is no longer missing the texture on its neck when playing the Norse Mythology Mash-up Pack
  • Fixed the mining cracking animation being out of sync when mining from a boat
  • Fixed a couple of pixels on the Phantom's texture
  • Phantoms' eyes now stay visible when under the invisibility effect
  • Phantoms now fly up after spawning in Creative mode
  • Changes to the Phantom flying animation
  • TNT exploding underwater no longer deals damage to players and other entities
  • Drowned now have a much easier time attacking players that are swimming above them
  • Kelp that is planted by players will now grow over time
  • Baby Horses, Donkeys and Mules can no longer be pushed through solid blocks
  • Creepers no longer remain white or quickly flash when killed
  • Using '/fill doors' now fills the chosen area with doors instead of air blocks
  • Fixed the Cancel button not appearing on Windows 10 devices when joining a cross-platform world
  • MCPE-33747 - Kelp now mimics Seagrass in its placement and can be placed on most blocks underwater
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when players were spawning and the spawn point was getting set every tick
  • Land plants can no longer be placed underwater
  • Water Bottle icons no longer have red liquid on Android devices.
  • Guardians no longer attack fish
  • Visibility now increases over time when submerged in flowing water
  • MCPE-32152 - Used chests can now be equipped to Mules and Llamas
  • MCPE-33917 - Swimming through certain waterlogged blocks no longer removes underwater fog
  • MCPE-28344 - Activating an End Portal will now replace any blocks inside the portal
  • MCPE-29752 - Opening Book & Quill on touch devices no longer causes blocks to break
  • Elder Guardians now drop Wet Sponges when killed
  • Fixed floating Rails that generated in abandoned mineshafts
  • Fixed certain variants of Rails having an incorrect hitbox size
  • Fixed monster spawners appearing empty on converted Console Edition worlds
  • Dolphins can no longer attack players through solid blocks
  • MCPE-21515 - The Resistance effect will now protect against the Wither effect
  • MCPE-19952 - Quick moving items from the hotbar to a container now works as intended
  • Cloning containers no longer removes their custom names
  • Hitting the Enter key in the inventory no longer moves the cursor in/out of the text field or grabs/drops items
  • Particles from Enchanted Arrows no longer drift in flowing water
  • Mobs no longer play a higher pitch sound effect when first spawned
  • Fixed Texture Packs having a placeholder icon on the Pack Validation screen on Android devices
  • Players constantly teleported with now behaves more consistently
  • Fixed several crashes that occurred during gameplay
  • Cocoa Beans now display correctly when using HD Resource Packs
  • Skin selections are once again saved after closing the game
  • MCPE-34677 - The amount of fuel in Brewing Stands now converts from Console Edition worlds
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Sea Turtles from laying eggs
  • Fixed Zombies, Husks, Drowned, and Zombie Villagers not attacking Sea Turtle eggs
  • Fixed certain blocks missing the cracking texture while being broken in Survival mode
  • MCPE-34567 - Village structures no longer generate with rotated Stairs on the roofs
  • MCPE-35479 - Equipped items no longer disappear after player death
  • MCPE-16938 - Hostile mobs in boats can no longer attack from every angle
  • Levers now have a "Use" controller hint
  • MCPE-34112 - Players no longer clip through blocks and suffocate while swimming
  • MCPE-33770 - Resource packs once again apply when joining a multiplayer game that has a pack enabled
  • MCPE-23383 - Fixed inconsistent behavior when Attack/Destroy is mapped to *Right-Click on the mouse
  • Leads no longer flicker when playing in split-screen multiplayer
  • Fixed the Cactus hitbox being displayed too low
  • Fixed an issue that caused touch screen actions to repeat after touch release
  • MCPE-22195 - Fixed controls becoming unresponsive after resuming the game from standby
  • MCPE-35497 - Books can once again be stacked in the inventory
  • MCPE-28883 - Fixed an exploit that allowed players to obtain a 'Water' item
  • Entities following a target entity will now navigate properly over slabs
  • Slabs with 'can_place_on' tags can once again be placed by players in Adventure mode
  • Add-Ons: 'minecraft:behavior.player_ride_tamed' will now override all other AI goals
  • Add-Ons: 'movement.sway' once again allows mobs to move properly
  • Add-Ons: The "is_biome" filter in the "minecraft:entity_spawned" event now properly adds and removes component groups


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