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Bedrock Edition



Release date

March 28, 2018

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Beta is the fifth beta version released for 1.4.0 which adds the new Update Aquatic features.[1] Most of these features were added to Java Edition in 18w15a.


  • New ocean biomes of varying depths and temperatures
  • Tropical Fish
  • Cod, Salmon, and Pufferfish mobs
  • Spawn eggs for Cod, Salmon, Tropical Fish and Pufferfish
    • Version exclusive: The spawn eggs look like roe with the respective color
  • Shipwrecks
    • Version exclusive: Stripped logs will naturally spawn as parts of them
  • Fish bucket
    • Version exclusive: Pufferfish bucket has an unique texture, showing a pufferfish with old texture is filled by a water bucket
  • Ocean ravines
  • Coral reefs
    • Version exclusive: Coral fans, dead coral blocks and dead coral fans will naturally spawn as parts of them
  • Coral Plants, Coral Fans, and Coral Blocks
    • Version exclusive: Coral fans have dead variants
    • Version exclusive: Coral fans and its dead variants can be placed at the top of a underwater block
  • Kelp, Dried Kelp, and Dried Kelp Blocks
    • Version exclusive: Kelp in inventory has a unique texture.
  • Sea grass and Tall Seagrass
    • Version exclusive: Sea grass in inventory uses the texture of normal grass
  • Buried Treasure and Treasure Maps
  • Icebergs
  • Blue Ice blocks
  • New water behavior
    • A water source block can be place inside of most non-solid blocks
    • Flowing water will still not flow into non-solid blocks
    • Blocks can be placed underwater without creating pockets of air around them
  • New wood variants for Buttons, Pressure Plates and Trapdoors
  • Added an Inventory section to the Store to manage all your acquired content
  • Added baby drowned.


  • New textures for Raw Fish, Cooked Fish, Raw Salmon, Cooked Salmon, Tropical Fish, and Pufferfish
  • Pumpkins can now be sheared into Carved Pumpkins
  • Leads can now be attached to boats
  • Tweaks to the directional movement of the Gameplay Cursor for more predictable movement
  • Drowned face now glow in the dark.
  • Items now float in water.


  • Improved load times in the Skin Picker and when applying Resource Packs
  • 'Delicious Fish' achievement will now unlock after cooking and eating Salmon
  • Fishing will now give the proper chance of catching a stack of 10 Ink Sacs
  • When riding a boat and hitting a mob with the Knockback enchantment, the mob will no longer be always knocked toward the East
  • Snow covered leaves no longer appear red when Smooth Lighting is disabled
  • Commands in chains of Command Blocks will now run sequentially when other chains are running nearby
  • Fixed the 'Disconnected from server' prompt being too large on Gear VR