Bedrock Edition 1.15.0

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1.15.0 is an upcoming major update to Bedrock Edition with no set release date. It will add many features that were originally exclusives from Java and Education Editions as well as making other changes and bug fixes.



Allow and Deny Blocks
  • Re-added and can only obtained by using the /give command.
  • Re-added and can only obtained by using the /give command.


Potion of Slowness IV
Splash Potion of Slowness IV
  • Can be brewed by adding glowstone dust to regular splash potion of slowness.
Lingering Potion of Slowness IV
  • Can be brewed by adding glowstone dust to regular lingering potion of slowness.

Arrow of Slowness IV

  • Can be crafted by tipping arrow to cauldron filled by potion of slowness IV.


  • Added Curse of Binding
    • Prevents the item from being removed from that armorslot until the player dies.



  • The beam color can now be mixed with several different stained glass colors.
  • Sneaking no longer prevents damage.
  • Crafting it no longer requires a fully repaired bow.
Flower pots
  • Potted plants can now be removed from the pot by tapping/clicking on it.
Fence gates, pumpkins, and jack o'lanterns
  • Can now be placed without supporting blocks underneath.
Iron bars
  • No longer emit a redstone signal when placed.
  • Oak and birch saplings grown within 2 blocks of a flower on the same Y-level have a 5% chance to have a bee nest.
  • Now drops itself when mined with a Silk Touch shovel.
Structure blocks
  • Added detect button for save mode.


  • Dropped items now transform into a 3D model and start spinning.


Iron golems
  • Improved spawn rates.
  • Dialog and changeable skins have been readded.
Passive mobs
  • Now semi-puff when a player approaches, and fully puff when a player is very nearby.

World generation[edit]

  • Large spruce trees now transform nearby grass blocks into podzol when they grow.


Character creator
  • Many updates and improvements to it.
Map making and add-ons
  • Most attack goals are now data-driven.
    • Added new documentation for new behavior fields.
  • Most Slime and Swim goals are now data-driven.
    • Added new documentation for new behavior fields.
  • Tree generation is now data-driven.
  • Wither skull attacks are now data-driven.
  • Item sprites are now data-driven.
  • Drowned mobs are now data-driven.


  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking 'Read More' on certain resource pack screens.
  • Fixed an issue with invisible shulker boxes which could cause a crash when trying to open or break them. (MCPE-55894)
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when dispensing bone meal into a grass block. (MCPE-53033)
  • Fixed a crash caused by fire spreading to beehives.
  • Optimized keyframe animation playback.
  • Optimized performance when breaking lots of kelp plants.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the narrator to read text twice on Xbox One.
  • The text-to-speech reader now reads URLs properly.
  • Added the missing text for locked maps in the cartography table. (MCPE-58527)
  • Players can transition from swimming to running on land more smoothly now.
  • Casting a fishing rod whilst running no longer slows the player down. (MCPE-56199)
  • The 'Sound the Alarm' achievement is now only triggered by hostile mobs and not players.
  • The player's hitbox is now correctly reset when unequipping elytra mid-flight.
  • The correct amount of berries can now consistently be collected from sweet berry bushes. (MCPE-47160)
  • Using shift/sneak will now allow the player to move downwards correctly when swimming.
  • Fixed the respawn location so that players no longer wake up with their head in a block after sleeping.
  • The raid bar will now appear correctly when returning to an active raid from another dimension.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent redstone power from passing through barrels after reloading a world. (MCPE-46742)
  • Falling blocks (such as sand) will no longer break when falling onto retracted pistons. (MCPE-20109)
  • TNT no longer drops as an item when exploded.
  • Fixed trapdoor collision shape. (MCPE-13451)
  • Prevented elytra gliding rotations on the player when in first person view. (MCPE-53092)
  • Explosions can now deal damage in water.
  • Flying with elytra at high speeds no longer causes sound to become jittery. (MCPE-19945, MCPE-52931)
  • Mobs are now damaged and items are destroyed when on top of cactus blocks. (MCPE-14303)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented repeating and chain command blocks from being opened. (MCPE-63089)
  • Fixed an issue that would cause a 'phantom' water block to appear when placing water on a fire near a sponge block. (MCPE-57063)
  • Fixed an issue where water from bubble columns could not be collected. (MCPE-37571)
  • Stacked mine carts that occupy the same space will now load and unload as expected. (MCPE-54244)
  • Walking on scaffolding now makes correct sounds. (MCPE-53279)
  • Increased iron golem spawn rate and modified spawn rules. (MCPE-47157)
  • Fixed the jumping animation of tamed horses.
  • Fixed blaze path-finding and navigation. (MCPE-45469)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed ghasts to exist when the difficulty was set to Peaceful. (MCPE-53383)
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing pillager captains from being hostile. (MCPE-44987)
  • Fixed an issue that was allowing fish to spawn in flowing water above ice blocks.
  • Wolves now spawn in more biomes. (MCPE-49792)
  • Small mobs will no longer get trapped in gaps created by stair blocks.
  • Villagers no longer run around inside their houses when being raided.
  • Mobs no longer start shaking when entering minecarts.
  • Guardians and elder guardians will no longer float in the air as they try and reach water. (MCPE-33641)
  • Tweaked squid spawn rate and cap.
  • Drowned can no longer drop tridents without having them equipped. (MCPE-32731)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented cats from sleeping on a bed with the player
  • Snow golems can now try and shoot snowballs at mobs when it is behind a fence block (MCPE-24840)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed zombie villagers to break iron doors. (MCPE-43725)
  • Sitting mobs will no longer slide around and breed. (MCPE-62160)
  • Mobs now consistently take damage when spawning on magma blocks. (MCPE-47518)
  • Unloaded crossbows no longer display the incorrect icon in the inventory. (MCPE-53545)
  • Stopped offhand shield animation and bow animation from playing at the same time. (MCPE-41262)
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the cubemap from rendering correctly on Xbox One consoles.
  • Items held by baby foxes now render correctly. (MCPE-52885)
  • Stained glass now has the correct colors on maps. (MCPE-25702)
  • Enchanted elytra will now show the enchanted glow when equipped. (MCPE-23020)
  • Lingering and splash potion particles now stay within their boundaries when in a confined space.
  • Cakes now have the correct texture states when partially eaten. (MCPE-14757)
  • Fixed an issue that would cause armor to unexpectedly render on mobs when being held in its hand.
User interface
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes prevent the loading screen tips from showing correctly
  • Entities and blocks are now shown consistently in the structure block's preview.
  • The tooltip for leaving a boat is now consistent across platforms.
  • The "grow" controller tooltip will now show when pointing bone meal at grass blocks or blocks underwater.
  • Updated the grammar in the /scoreboard command description to make it consistent with other commands.
  • Instant effects now use ticks instead of seconds when used with the /effect command. (MCPE-43393)
  • Implemented a fix to ensure the player's mount updates all riders to ensure consistent smooth rotation for all riders.
  • The delayed_attack behavior no longer causes mobs to freeze when they lose their target.
  • Item tags can now be toggled in the UI using /gamerule showtags.
  • The on_unleash event is now triggered correctly when unleashing from a fence.
  • The 'Create New World' button text is now using the global color component.
  • Custom entities that use the runtime identifier field now use the custom entity's name rather than the vanilla entity's name. (MCPE-56229)
  • Fixed the circle_around_anchor behavior which could cause mobs to freeze when there were blocks nearby.
  • Dispensed splash and lingering potions now have potion effects in their projectile component.
  • Fixed collision box not updating from script.
  • The damage_sensor component will now work on non-mob actors (such as ender crystals).
  • A mob spawned in the air will no longer think it's on the ground once its movement is ticked.
Character creator
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the wings costume piece to disappear with certain hairstyles.
  • Fixed the default player model to overcome some texture issues that could be seen when choosing different heights and sizes in the character creator.
  • Various user interface fixes.
  • The achievements screen can now be viewed through the character creator dressing room.
  • Fixed an issue that meant some character creator selections would not be saved between sessions. (MCPE-32089)