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1.12.0 is an upcoming major update for Bedrock Edition with no set release date. It will add several new commands and command-related features, as well as expand upon the add-on and mapmaking aspects of the game.[1]



  • Has been re-added.
    • Can only be obtained with the /give command.
  • Only as an item form, not as an entity.

Command format[edit]

  • Added spawnradius gamerule.
    • Allows players to specify a radius circle for players to spawn in.
  • Added sendcommandblockfeedback gamerule.
    • Are related to delay option for commands.
  • Added a new "Respawn Radius" option in the game settings.
  • Added several new commands related to add-ons and mapmaking.[which?]
  • Added new particles:
    • minecraft:dragon_death_explosion_emitter
    • minecraft:underwater_torch_particle
    • minecraft:dragon_destroy_block
    • minecraft:dragon_dying_explosion
    • minecraft:enchanting_table_particle
    • minecraft:falling_dust_concrete_powder_particle
    • minecraft:falling_dust_scaffolding_particle
    • minecraft:falling_dust_gravel_particle
    • minecraft:falling_dust_red_sand_particle
    • minecraft:falling_dust_sand_particle
    • minecraft:falling_dust_top_snow_particle
    • minecraft:huge_explosion_lab_misc_emitter
    • minecraft:ice_evaporation_emitter
    • minecraft:knockback_roar_particle
    • minecraft:lab_table_heatblock_dust_particle
    • minecraft:lab_table_misc_mystical_particle
    • minecraft:mob_block_spawn_emitter
    • minecraft:note_particle
    • minecraft:obsidian_glow_dust_particle
    • minecraft:phantom_trail_particle
    • minecraft:stunned_emitter


Dedicated servers
  • Enabled content logging on from a Bedrock Dedicated Server.
Item IDs
  • Item instance IDs can now be synchronized between clients and servers.
Seed picker
  • Added new splash texts:[2]
    • "All blocks covered!"
    • ""
    • "IT came from space."
    • "Rainbow turtle?"
    • "Something funny!"
    • "I need more context."
    • "Ahhhhhh!"
    • "Don't worry, be happy!"
    • "Water bottle!"
    • "What's the question?"
    • "Plant a tree!"
    • "Go to the dentist!"
    • "What do you expect?"
    • "Look mum, I'm in a splash!"



Seagrass and Bamboo
Command blocks
  • Added auto complete to command blocks.
  • Added a delay option to command blocks.
    • A delay can be added to the command block using the new field. The ticks for this delay are in redstone ticks.
  • Now has its own section in the creative inventory, instead of under the chests category.
Cartography tables and lecterns
  • Adjusted and added UI tooltips for both blocks.
Structure Block
  • Now has outline when placed.


Wandering traders and zombie villagers
  • Added new sounds.
  • Villager trading UI no longer opens and closes if the player is standing too far away.
  • Clerics can now correctly pathfind to their job sites.
  • Villagers that are actively trading with players will no longer run and hide if the raid bell rings.
  • Added a sound to indicate when a villager does not want to trade, such as during a raid.
  • Cured villagers now keep the jobs they had before becoming a zombie.
Illager captain
  • Converting a normal pillager to a captain with the tag command now displays the banner correctly.
  • Illager captains now drop banners correctly even if the world is reloaded.
  • The Bad Omen effect is now only received when killing an illager captain, and not when dealing non-fatal damage with a bow or damage potion.


  • New items can now be added with add-ons.
  • Mob events can now be enabled and disabled in world templates.
  • Animations and particles can be added without being linked to entities.
  • Inventory, armor, and hand containers can be adapted through scripting.
  • Sound effects can now be triggered by animation events.
  • Added new executeCommand to the Scripting API.
  • Added Scripting events for interaction with items, for example:
    • Item picked up
    • Item dropped
    • Carried item changed
  • Added One-shot animation support, allowing the ability to execute a single animation on an entity.
  • Particle emitters can now trigger scripting events.
  • Updated documentation of actor events, to document client-side usage of actor events in resource packs.
  • "Add block" components now use JSON schemas.
  • Added a screen to view content log errors.
  • The log screen can be opened using Ctrl+H, or by going to Settings and then Profile.
  • Added code to allow static validation scripts to be run locally.
  • Custom blocks can now be added through Scripting.
    • This is currently still a "work in progress" feature, and more functionality will be added in future updates.
  • Custom blocks can currently only be added through additional JSON scripting.
    • Custom blocks can only be placed with slash commands.
  • Added new data-driven particles:
    • Llama Spit
    • Large Explosions
    • Colored Flames
    • Redstone Dust
    • Falling Dust
    • Lava
    • Enchanting Table
    • Conduit
  • Added new data-driven animations:
    • Wolves
    • Fang Attack
    • Arrows
    • Shulker Bullets
    • Bows
    • Water
  • Updated documentation to include a breaking changes section
  • Basic item related events have been exposed to the scripting API. This includes:
    • actor_acquired_item
    • actor_carried_item_changed
    • actor_dropped_item
    • actor_use_item
    • actor_equipped_armor
  • Basic inventory events have been exposed to the scripting API. This includes:
    • inventory_container
    • armor_container
    • hand_container
    • hotbar_container
  • New block events and two new APIs have been included to query for blocks. This includes:
    • APIs
    • getBlock(Ticking Area, x, y, z)
    • getBlock(Ticking Area, PositionObject)
    • getBlocks(Ticking Area, x min, y min, z min, x max, y max, z max)
    • getBlocks(Ticking Area, Minimum PositionObject, Maximum PositionObject)
    • Events:
      • block_destruction_started
      • block_destruction_stopped
      • piston_moved_block
      • player_destroyed_block
      • player_placed_block
      • executeCommand API
    • Allows the scripting API to get the result of a slash command.
  • Event data API:
    • Allows creators to create event data, register and pass it to the event function.
  • Updated demo pack.
  • Biome generation now customizable via behavior packs.
  • Music will now still play when the keyboard is being used.
Menu screen
  • The "Store" button has been renamed to "Marketplace".
  • The Village & Pillage paranoma should now properly appear instead of 1.8 or Update Aquatic.
  • Removed splashes referencing Notch:
    • "Made by Notch!"
    • "The Work of Notch!"
    • "110813!"


  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Improved chunk loading performance in multiplayer
  • Further improvements to performance when using selectors with commands
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when switching players on Xbox
  • Cached resource packs no longer cause lag on Nintendo Switch (MCPE-36976)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when launching the game on some Windows 10 devices
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when certain interactive blocks (e.g. beds, chests, furnaces) are loading in when joining a Realm.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when engaging in a fight with an Elder Guardian in an Ocean Monument
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when throwing a trident with Loyalty enchantment
  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur when exiting the game
  • Player permissions now apply correctly when more than one operator tries to adjust them
  • Arrows that are shot into blocks keep their position when reloading the world
  • Area of Effect clouds no longer try to spawn excessive numbers of particles when time of day is changed (MCPE-39595)
  • Marketplace resource packs are now immediately applied after downloading in the world edit menu (MCPE-33121)
  • The 'Always Day' toggle now correctly animates and shows the correct setting (MCPE-43304)
  • Flowing water is no longer left behind after flowing over string (MCPE-36343)
  • After the fishing_hook is killed by command the player can now cast the hook again without having to right click twice
  • The screen reader prompt no longer appears every time the player adjusts the network settings on Nintendo Switch
  • Removed an unnecessary Xbox Live sign-in notification
  • Marketplace offers page can now show more than 25 items
  • Items that are split between slots in the Villager trade window still count as a total trade amount
  • Blocks can once again be placed on unlit Redstone Ore (MCPE-44305)
  • World settings now sync correctly between different Xbox devices
  • Only players who fought in a Raid see and receive the Hero effect in Realms now
  • Bells now ring when hit with splash and lingering potions
  • Mob spawners now only spawn mobs if the light level is below 7 (MCPE-42427)
  • Cocoa beans now break and drop when pushed by pistons (MCPE-41868)
  • Fixed several related issues with End Gateway portals. These should now teleport the player to the correct safe location when used (MCPE-43176, MCPE-43177, MCPE-19699)
  • Efficiency pickaxes now break packed ice at a faster rate (MCPE-23648)
  • Players that are being healed can still be knocked back by TNT
  • Villagers now keep their job when cured (MCPE-42348)
  • The Grindstone now correctly combines and repairs two damaged items
  • You can now interact with blocks with a charged crossbow on touch devices
  • The Bad Omen effect is now only received when killing a Pillager Captain, and not when dealing non-fatal damage with a bow or damage potion
  • Fixed various scenarios where certain blocks couldn't be placed until the game was restarted
World Generation
  • Fixed a bug on Dedicated servers and Realms which could cause the wrong block types to generate
  • Tweaked the number of job sites in villages
  • Cured villagers now keep their jobs
  • Vindicators can now path correctly over carpet during Raids
  • The Wither no longer plays its spawning animation when reloading a world (MCPE-32415)
  • Mobs will no longer path-find over brewing stands
  • Added sound to indicate when a Villager does not want to trade (during a Raid, for instance)
  • Pillager Captains now drop Banners correctly even if the world is reloaded
  • Mobs will now spawn on double slabs (MCPE-30765)
  • Re-added zombie villager sounds
  • Mobs no longer get stuck when pathfinding on ladders (MCPE-43034)
  • Added new Wandering Trader sounds
  • Converting a normal Pillager to a Captain with tag commands now displays the banner correctly
  • Evoker no longer moves too fast in "move to village" goal
  • Villagers that are actively trading with players will no longer run and hide if the raid bell rings
  • Clerics can now correctly pathfind to their jobsites
  • Scaffolding can no longer be placed on conduit blocks (this matches Java now)
  • The bell now swings towards a player when it is hit (matching Java) (MCPE-42469)
  • Dropped items no longer prevent minecarts from being placed on Rails
  • Empty glass bottles will now stack correctly when removed from brewing stands (MCPE-42175)
  • Shields no longer appear too bright in item frames (MCPE-41222)
  • Fixed sea grass texture brightness (MCPE-34795)
  • Barrel item is now in proper place in creative inventory (MCPE-43946)
  • Fixed a z-fighting texture issue on some Villager skins
  • Corrected the position of leads on Wolves
  • Noteblock particles now correctly correspond to the notes played
  • Fixed missing zombie villager skin
  • Farmland now has the correct side and bottom texture (MCPE-42746)
  • Fixed door and trapdoor texture issues (MCPE-43173)
  • Dyed leather horse armour colour no longer effects other horse armour (MCPE-43230)
User Interface
  • Added controller tooltips for Lectern UI
  • Adjusted Cartography UI to fit Android screens when using Classic UI
  • Villager trading UI no longer opens and closes if the player is standing too far away
  • Added lectern UI controller tooltip
Add-Ons and Script Engine
  • Fixed a scripting bug that could cause the player to float
  • Pickblock (middle click) now works correctly on non-vanilla entities that have been added using add-ons (MCPE-38205)
  • ScriptAttackComponent and ScriptCollisionBoxComponent now correctly retrieve updated data
  • Functions ran on a game loop now use an origin which has Game Master permissions, not Owner permissions
  • Added a new constructor parameter to the ServerCommandOrigin so that the Function Manager can create an instance with upgraded permissions