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Маяк це блок used to provide both a unique landmark, and selected buffs to all players in the vicinity. It is activated by placing it as the final block on top of a pyramid formation made up of one to four levels of mineral blocks: diamond, emerald, gold or iron, in any combination. The smallest pyramid that can be made to work with the beacon block has 1 level and consists of 9 mineral blocks.

The beacon will then emit a light blue beam of light into the sky, and its GUI will be available for choosing and activating the desired enhancements or protections. The range of these effects varies with the pyramid size. All players within range will have the chosen effect applied every few seconds, but when players move out of range, the effect will expire within 4–8 seconds.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Ingredients Input » Output
Nether Star + Glass + Obsidian

Usage[edit | edit source]

The four possible pyramid arrangements when using the beacon block. From left to right the pyramid structure decreases in complexity.
The GUI shown when right-clicking on the block.

When the player crafts blocks of diamond, emerald, gold or iron and places them in a solid pyramid shape beneath the beacon block, it will emit a light blue beam of light into the sky and can apply temporary buffs to the player once activated which refresh every few seconds. The more levels a pyramid has, the more effects are available to choose from. There are currently 4 levels of pyramids. Not counting the Beacon Block, the first pyramid requires 9 blocks, the second, 34 blocks, the third, 83 blocks, and the final arrangement, 164 blocks. It is possible to mix and match the blocks used in the pyramid. (Both emerald and diamond blocks may be used together, for example.) It is also possible to combine 4 beacons if the first layer is 3x3, second layer is 5x5, third layer 7x7 and fourth layer 9x9. The four layer combined beacon requires 216 blocks.

The beam of light is visible from up to 256 blocks away, and is even visible in unloaded chunks. This provides a useful marker for short to mid-range gameplay.

The Beacon beam ends at roughly y:470 as of 1.4.7. Therefore, going up to 470 causes the beam to disappear, and going back down will make it appear again.

Requirements/effects[edit | edit source]

The beacon requires a sky light level of 15 to function (though it does not have to be daytime); that is, there must be no light-blocking blocks directly above it. This does not apply to the pyramid around the beacon.

Effects will be applied to the player while within the area-of-effect of the beacon, with larger pyramids giving larger areas-of-effect. The area (As of 12w36a) is a cube with sides of length 33 blocks, 49 blocks, 65 blocks, and 81 blocks from the smallest pyramid to the largest. The area-of-effect takes the player's 'y' feet co-ordinate into account. The type of block used does not affect the power, radius or abilities of the Beacon block, as long as they are iron, gold, emerald or diamond blocks.

Activation[edit | edit source]

The beacon provides no powers by default. To activate it, place an iron ingot, a gold ingot, an emerald or a diamond into the GUI slot. The player can set the power by clicking on the top window: clicking on an effect will activate it. The item will be consumed and the beacon will begin providing the power to nearby players when "Done" is clicked. To set a beacon to a different power, another item must be consumed.

Powers[edit | edit source]

If the pyramid is damaged so that the beacon loses power, the beacon will still remember what powers it was set for and, once the pyramid is repaired, will resume its previous function at no additional resource cost. This applies to pistons as well, making it possible for players to build beacons that can be turned on and off with a sticky piston removing or replacing a block on the pyramid. The powers will always be activated within the area-of-effect of the pyramid which grows with each level. Outside the area-of-effect, the powers will last 4–8 seconds.

Regardless of how many tiers the pyramid has only one primary power may be selected. Higher tier pyramids merely serve to unlock more powerful buffs and increase the buffing area around the beacon block. In order to have an area that gives off multiple buffs, multiples pyramids and beacon blocks must be constructed.

Primary powers[edit | edit source]

The five primary powers are:
Speed: Increased movement similar to a potion of swiftness.
Haste: Increased mining speed.
Resistance: Increased Armor rating.
Jump Boost: Increased Jumping distance.
Strength: Increased melee damage.
Regeneration: Increased health point recovery.

Speed and Haste are available for a pyramid height of 2 (base 3x3) or more. Resistance and Jump Boost are available for a pyramid height of 3 (base 5x5) or more. Strength is available for a pyramid height of 4 (base of 7x7) or more. Finally at the last tier you are able to increase the level of your choice to level 2 of any of the above, or regeneration.

Secondary powers[edit | edit source]

Pyramids 5 blocks tall (base 9x9) can also select a secondary power. This can either be Regeneration or a level II variation of the selected primary power. When selecting the level II variant, Regeneration is no longer provided by the beacon.

Other dimensions[edit | edit source]

The beacon will function partially (no light beam but it will provide powers) within the Nether as long as there are at least fourteen empty blocksdoesn't work in 1.4.2 above it. Pyramid size has no effect on this distance. This is possibly a glitch as breaking through the bedrock ceiling (causing the light beam to appear) and subsequently filling the hole will prevent this from working.

The beacon doesn't work in the nether, without entering creative mode and destroying all blocks above the beacon, this is not a glitch however. As the beacon must have access to the sky, which is always blocked by bedrock in the Nether.

The beacon functions normally in The End.

Range of power[edit | edit source]

The beacon forms a cube around itself, the size of which depends on the pyramid type.

Size of pyramid base Radius size
3x3 16
5x5 24
7x7 32
9x9 40

For snapshot 13w05a and later:

Size of pyramid base Radius size
3x3 20
5x5 30
7x7 40
9x9 50

Since these cubes are centered around the beacon, the radius indicates the distance from the beacon to each side(in all 4 directions).

History[edit | edit source]

Official release
12w32a Added beacon block, entitled "Work in Progress." in-game.
12w34a Removed beacon block from Creative menu.
12w36a The "Work in Progress" block is now called "Beacon", can be found in the Creative menu and can be crafted. The texture was changed from Beacon Block old.png to Beacon Block old2.png and an animation was added.
12w38a Texture of block changed from Beacon Block old2.png to Beacon Block old3.png. Light beam changed from a semi-transparent smooth beam (which conflicted with water transparency) to a pattern with only 0%/100% opacity.
12w40a Texture changed from Beacon Block old3.png to Beacon.png. Beacon beam also changed.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Destroying a beacon block containing resource(s) destroys the resource. (The beacon block still drops, just not its contents.)
  • Clicking on the beacon block within 4 seconds of placing it sometimes results in an empty beacon GUI.
  • Resource blocks placed at y=0 do not contribute to a beacon's power. Consequently, a 9-block pyramid at the lowest layer of the world will not activate a beacon.
  • When in the beacon block's GUI, selecting a block will dramatically brighten it until it is unselected.
  • Sometimes when you destroy the Beacon block it can leave its effect on the Void. This may be used to reduce Void fog in many places, as you only need 9 blocks of iron,gold, emerald or diamond and a Beacon block to remove it.
  • On the top of each beacon's light beam, you can see from the top to the inside of the beacon.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Placing a beacon in a pyramid shaped of blocks can make a resemblance to the Luxor Las Vegas hotel and casino which has the world's strongest beam and can be seen from 275 miles away. (442.57 km away.)
  • The beacon light generated from the beacon block is 255 blocks tall. It is relative to the beacon block height, so several beacon block beams can stop at different heights.
  • Some blocks like signs are very visible even when seen through several beams, becoming a lot more distinguishable from the rest of the landscape.
  • The beacon light does not disappear until the chunk is unloaded, providing a great means to judge where places are.
  • Adjacent beacons may share blocks in their pyramids, allowing for fairly efficient designs that provide multiple powers.
    • The most efficient design allowing for all powers to be activated at the highest level, is a rectangular pyramid which is 4×5 at the top, and 10×11 at the bottom. This requires 244 blocks. Since 6 separate pyramids would require 984 blocks, this is more than a 75% reduction in materials, and only half again what a single pyramid would cost.
    • A single Full-Powered Beacon requires 164 Blocks, this means it requires 1476 precious items (Diamond, Gold, Iron or Emerald) that are equivalent to 23.06 Stacks of Ores (Smelting extra cost for iron and gold).
  • The player can leave a resource in the beacon block without clicking "Done.".
  • The only blocks that can be placed in the beacon's light without deactivating the beacon are glass, glass panes, enchanting tables, cauldrons, ender portal frames, ender chests, piston, piston arms, dragon eggs, heads, cobblestone walls, Monster spawners, and other beacons. (non-opaque blocks)
  • Like other light sources with a luminosity over 12 the Beacon Block's light is powerful enough to melt ice.
  • Despite it being a resource block, Lapis Lazuli blocks will not work as part of the pyramid.
  • Despite the new texture edge as of 12w38a resembling Diamond, the block still only needs Glass, Obsidian, and of course the Nether Star.
  • Beacons do not seem to work underwater, the beam does not show up and you are not able to pick a buff.
  • When a block is placed next to the beacon, the star's texture facing that block is unrendered. This happens because the block is not considered transparent, even though the texture is transparent. So, the game thinks the player can't see that texture, thus unrendering it.
  • If the player flies more than one block above the top of the light beam, the beam will disappear until the player moves five blocks below it.
  • The Beacon is one of the hardest blocks to obtain. Requiring 3 Obsidian blocks, 5 Glass, and the Nether Star, obtained by beating the Wither, the most powerful mob in Minecraft.

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