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Looks like an open piglin mouth - with "Bridge" being "tongue" - golden (if mini-)hoglin and "drop-of 'drool'," coming-off that part of that. Symbolic (but of what?).

Hoglin Stable[edit]

| Structure || Entities || Gravity || || Biome || Has entities || Has gravity || | Basalt Deltas || <true> || <true> |b=Blackstone|p=Polished Blackstone Bricks || c=Chest |


Housing Units[edit]


You can get many great drops from the chests such as netherite scraps or ancient debris. It is also very likely that you will find in generic chests spectral arrows(11,2%), arrows(54,6%), magma cream(44,1%), chain(24,4%), bone block(24,4%), gold ingot(19%) and block of gold(19%)