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This page describes content that may be included in a future update.
These features have appeared in development versions, but the full update containing these features has not been released yet.

Bartering is an action the player can perform with piglins to obtain various items.

Obtainable Items[edit]

To barter with a piglin, a player either throws a gold ingot near the piglin or uses the gold ingot on it. The piglin takes the gold ingot and appears to examine it for six seconds, after which the piglin tosses a random item to the player, based on the table below.

A piglin looking at a gold ingot.

The item the piglin throws may be one of the following:

Bartering items
Item given Quantity Chance Weight
Enchanted Book with Soul Speed (random level) 1 5423
Iron Boots with Soul Speed (random level) 1 8423
Iron Nugget 9–36 10423
Splash Potion of Fire Resistance 1
Potion of Fire Resistance 1
Nether Quartz 8–16 20423
Glowstone Dust 5–12
Magma Cream 2–6
Ender Pearl 4–8
String 8–24
Fire Charge 1-5 40423
Gravel 8–16
Leather 4–10
Nether Brick 4–16
Obsidian 1
Crying Obsidian 1–3
Soul Sand 4–16

If multiple gold ingots are on the ground, piglins pick them up one at a time and toss a new item once every six seconds. Once there are no ingots remaining to pick up, they return to their normal behavior.

Piglins pick up many other items that are made of gold; however, ingots are the only items that piglins accept for bartering. Any other gold items, such as gold nuggets or blocks of gold are simply added to the piglin's inventory. Picked-up weapons and armor are equipped if possible. Baby piglins are incapable of bartering and treat gold ingots like any other gold items.

Hitting a piglin causes it to put the ingot into its inventory and it cannot be bartered with again unless it puts another item in its inventory. This stored ingot is dropped upon death. Piglins who are killed in one hit before they finish examining always drop the ingot.

Bartering is controlled by the loot table minecraft:gameplay/piglin_bartering.


Upcoming Java Edition
1.1620w07aAdded bartering.
20w09aSoul sand, mushrooms, crimson fungi, flint, rotten flesh, and raw porkchops have been removed from the possible barters.
Crying obsidian, string, Fire Resistance potions and splash potions, and netherite hoes have been added to the possible barters.
Barter chances have been tweaked.
Due to a bug, all barters give stacks of 1–5 items.[1]
20w10aBarters now give the correct amounts of items.
Warped nylium, warped fungus, and shroomlights have been removed from the possible barters.
Iron nuggets and soul sand have been added to the possible barters.
Barter chances have been tweaked.
20w11aEnchanted books and iron boots with Soul Speed have been added to the possible barters.
20w13aItems enchanted with Soul Speed are now slightly more common.
20w20aNetherite hoes can no longer be obtained through bartering.
Upcoming Bedrock Edition
1.16.0beta bartering.
beta the loot table to match Java Editon. Previously, right-clicking the piglin would give the player obsidian or flint and steel, while dropping gold onto the ground would result in a Nether wart block
Piglins now "inspect" the gold ingot before giving the player an item, as opposed to giving the item instantly.


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