Bad Luck

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Bad Luck
Bad Luck.png

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#C0A44D (khaki)

Data value

dec: 27 hex: 1B bin: 11011

Namespaced ID
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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition.

Bad Luck is a status effect that decreases the chance of the player getting high-quality loot.


Bad Luck subtracts the effect level from the attribute generic.luck, making loot table entries with a high quality score less likely, and entries with negative quality more likely. It also makes the chance of bonus_rolls occurring less likely. Fishing is the only mechanism that uses quality. The new weight of each entry is floor(base_weight + quality * generic.luck). Negative levels increase luck.


Bad Luck cannot be obtained naturally.


Java Edition
1.915w44bAdded Bad Luck.
1.1419w08a Changed effect icon texture.