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Ashen Cow
Ashen Cow.jpg
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”Although its hide is dark and ashy, no creepers exploded near this cow.”

Player Journal description

An Ashen Cow is a variant of the cow with a gray coat of fur found only in Minecraft Earth.


Ashen cows are a gray-colored variant of the cow. Their fur is light-gray in color with a gray underbelly. On their back is a dark-gray stripe running from their head towards their rear. Unlike the normal cow, their nose is a slightly darker gray and they have grayish tips on their horns. They possess dark hooves.


Similar to normal cows, ashen cows wander around, mooing and breathing occasionally. They avoid water, lava and walking off cliffs high enough to cause fall damage. They flee for a few seconds when harmed.


Minecraft Earth
0.17.0Ashen Cow.jpg Added ashen cows.