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Aron Nieminen
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Aron Nieminen





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Pocket Edition
Working with Notch before Minecraft

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Aron Nieminen is a Mojang employee who was in charge of Minecraft - Pocket Edition's development[2] from its conception[3] until 13 December 2012, when Jens Bergensten took over development.[4] He also worked on Scrolls, and together with Daniel Frisk, he developed Pi Edition. Aron still works with Johan Bernhardsson and Tommaso Checchi on Minecraft's Bedrock codebase.

Aron has been known to be quite silent, especially when it comes to the internet. He currently does not maintain a Twitter account.[2][5] Notch describes him as "Very bright".[6]

Aron started work on the Pocket Edition during late Beta, and worked primarily alone (partially with Daniel Kaplan and Junkboy) until 0.3.2/0.3.3 Alpha where Johan Bernhardsson stepped in. Then, since 0.7.3 Tommaso Checchi also stepped in.[7]

Versions of the Pocket Edition made by Aron

Aron produced the following versions, alone, of the Pocket Edition:

  • Prerelease
  • Alpha 0.1.0
  • Alpha 0.1.1
  • Alpha 0.1.2
  • Alpha 0.1.3
  • Alpha 0.2.0
  • Alpha 0.2.1
  • Alpha 0.3.0
  • Alpha 0.3.2
  • Alpha 0.3.3

Since here is also developed by Johan Bernhardsson:

  • Alpha 0.4.0
  • Alpha 0.4.0 rev 2
  • Alpha 0.5.0
  • Alpha 0.6.0
  • Alpha 0.6.1
  • Alpha 0.7.0
  • Alpha 0.7.1
  • Alpha 0.7.2

After these, the game is also developed by Tommaso Checchi.