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Apple TV Edition

Apple TV

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December 19, 2016


Apple: 9+


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Minecraft: Apple TV Edition is the version of Bedrock Edition designed to run on the Apple TV. It was announced on October 27, 2016 and officially released on December 19, 2016, alongside Fire TV Edition.[2][3] The release of the Apple TV Edition coincided with the Ender Update. It is the last Bedrock Edition to have an "Edition" subtitle, as it has not yet received the Better Together Update.

Development[edit | edit source]

The "Apple TV Edition" did not include a beta edition. It was announced and released at the same time.

For a limited time, it comes with seven pieces of lovely DLC, giving you the chance to customise the fun to your liking. Apple TV Edition currently includes the Holiday 2015, Town Folk, and City Folk skin packs, along with the Plastic, Natural, Cartoon, and Festive 2016 mash-ups.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

In addition to features existing in Pocket Edition, the Apple TV Edition also has the ability to play with up to seven players through local multiplayer. However, Apple TV Edition is currently out of date and cannot play with other Bedrock Editions since it doesn't support Minecraft Realms and Xbox Live.

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