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An animation is a change in appearence of something with respect to time, used in order to convey information or for aesthetic purposes.


Only few blocks can exhibit true animations. While many blocks have states that can be changed via interactions or otherwise, these are usually instantaneous flips with no continuous transformation between them. Examples of blocks capable of animation include:

Animated textures[edit]

The textures of blocks themselves can be animated. Examples of these include fire, soul fire, prismarine, sea lanterns, kelp, seagrass, magma blocks, crimson stems, and warped stems.


Both fluids in the game (water and lava) are animated in all forms and directions.


Almost all mobs have animations of some sort, ranging from an idle animation which always plays to attacking animations and even dancing. Mobs also have walking or other fitting animations when moving.


Soul Speed Particle Animation.gif

Particles commonly have animated textures, from flipping through different texture files.