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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition.
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This page describes content that may be included in a future update to Java Edition.
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Amethyst Shard
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Amethyst shards are crystalline minerals obtained from breaking amethyst clusters.


Amethyst clusters[edit]

Mining an amethyst cluster using an iron pickaxe or stronger yields 4 amethyst shards. Using the pickaxe enchanted with Fortune can yield up to 4 extra shards per level of Fortune, allowing for a maximum of 16 with Fortune III.

Using silk touch on a cluster allows the cluster to drop itself, along with the buds.


Crafting ingredient[edit]

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe Description
Block of Amethyst Amethyst Shard

[upcoming: JE 1.17]
Spyglass Amethyst Shard +
Copper Ingot

[upcoming: JE 1.17]
Tinted Glass Amethyst Shard +
[upcoming: JE 1.17]

Data values[edit]


Java Edition:

NameNamespaced IDTranslation key
Amethyst Shardamethyst_shard item.minecraft.amethyst_shard


Upcoming Java Edition
1.1720w45aAmethyst Shard JE1.png Added amethyst shards.
20w46aAmethyst Shard JE2.png The texture for amethyst shards has changed.


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