Alpha v1.2.0

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Alpha v1.2.0
Alpha v1.2.0.png
Official name

Halloween Update

Server version


Release date

October 30, 2010


Client (.json)

Protocol version


Alpha v1.2.0, the first release of the Halloween Update, is the first version of Alpha v1.2. It was released on October 30, 2010, adding the Nether along with new Nether-exclusive mobs and blocks. It also added fishing, a new terrain generator, and other changes and fixes. This version is available in the launcher but when attempting to play it downloads Alpha v1.2.0_02 instead.[1]


  • The Nether
    • A "Hell" world that can be used for quick travel.
  • New music tracks


  • Higher lighting values are required the deeper they are to keep mobs from spawning.
  • Stairs, crafting tables, chests, and furnaces now face the same direction as the player when placed.
  • Sunrise now creates a red glow at the horizon.
  • Pressing F1 hides the HUD and the viewmodel from the person's view. In third person mode, pressing F1 will create a view looking back at the player's own face.



4 bugs fixed
  • Fixed bugs in multiplayer:
    • Redstone performance updated
    • Door animation fixes
    • Several performance bugs fixed
    • Rails no longer cause a crash