Alpha v1.0.5_01

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Alpha v1.0.5_01
Alpha v1.0.5 01.png
Release date

July 14, 2010[1]


Client (.json)

Protocol version


Alpha v1.0.5_01 is a version that made changes to snow introduced in Alpha v1.0.5.


  • Harvesting snowballs requires a shovel.
  • Snowballs now stack into stacks of 8 instead of 64.
  • Water can now freeze into ice.
  • The sound effect for throwing a snowball has been changed.
  • Snow blocks on top of snow no longer looks weird.
  • Multiplayer improvements (although multiplayer is still in private testing).
    • Blocks can now be broken.
    • Added movement verification.
    • It is now impossible for the client to claim to mine a block they cannot.
    • It is now impossible for the client to mine blocks too fast.
    • It is now impossible to move through solid blocks.


1 bug fixed