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Alpha v1.0.15

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Alpha v1.0.15
Alpha v1.0.15.png
Server version


Release date

August 3, 2010


Client (.json)

Protocol version


Alpha v1.0.15[1] is a version that introduced survival multiplayer servers.

The corresponding blog post is falsely labeled as "Minecraft Alpha v1.0.14", which is a duplicate of a previous version that was released four days earlier on July 30.[2] The date of the jar and the timestamp of the post clearly show that it is Alpha v1.0.15 instead.

The server was not released at the same time[3], but instead was released one day later, on August 4, 2010[4].


  • Arm-swinging animation added, viewable in multiplayer and in 3rd person view.


  • New fire behavior.
  • Lava sets blocks on fire.
  • Players can now enter the IP for a server other than Mojang's official server.


  • The "M" of Minecraft on title screen now looks correct.