Java Edition Alpha v1.0.14

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Minecraft Alpha v1.0.14
Alpha v1.0.14.png

Java Edition

Official name

Seecret Friday 7

Release date

July 30, 2010

Compilation date

August 6, 2013 (recompilation)

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Protocol version

Data version

Other editions of 1.0.14

Alpha v1.0.14, also known as Seecret Friday 7, is the seventh seecret update. It added chickens, eggs, jukeboxes, music discs, minecarts with furnaces and with chests.

The blog post for Alpha v1.0.15 is falsely labeled as also being for "Minecraft Alpha v1.0.14".[1] The date of the jar and the timestamp of the post clearly show that it is Alpha v1.0.15 instead.



Jukebox JE1 BE1.png Jukebox


Egg Revision 1.png Eggs
  • Can't be thrown.
Music Disc 13.png Music Disc Cat.png Music Discs
  • 13 and cat.
Minecart with Furnace (item) Revision 1.png Minecart with Furnace Revision 1.png Minecart with Furnaces
Minecart with Chest (item) Revision 1.png Minecart with Chest Revision 1.png Minecart with Chests


Chicken Revision 1.png Chickens


  • Cow Revision 2.png Cows
    • Texture changed from Cow Revision 1.png
  • Three new ambience music pieces
  • The tip of an arrow in crafting is now made from flint rather than iron ingot.
  • The player can only jump two blocks horizontally, instead of three.



Two main different versions of Alpha v1.0.14 exist. Only the second is available in the launcher. The reupload fixed the jukebox recipe giving a bookshelf in the pre-reupload version, and also added the "Switches and ores!" splash text.