Alpha 1.2.3

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Alpha 1.2.3
Server version


Release date

November 24, 2010



Other editions of 1.2.3

Alpha 1.2.3 added new server configuration settings as well as other changes and fixes.


  • Coordinates added to the Debug screen
  • New server configuration settings:
    • pvp, true by default. If this is set to false, players can’t hurt other players.
    • spawn-monsters, true by default. Set to false to remove all monsters.
    • spawn-animals, also true by default. Set to false to remove all animals.


  • Re-introduced leaf decay
  • Removed Debug screen being activated permanently as an option, and is now activated by holding F3
  • New multiplayer features
    • Added the ability to attack other entities; You can hurt animals, monsters, boats, carts and even other players.
    • Damage now correctly given for falling damage, drowning, burning
    • Made eating food restore health in multiplayer
    • Implemented respawning for dead players
    • Visible hurt animations for players and mobs
    • Visible fire on players and mobs


2 bugs fixed

  • Fixed the block re-spawning bug in SMP
  • Players traveling in boats and minecarts long distances now receive terrain updates in SMP
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