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Alpha 1.2.2

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Alpha 1.2.2
Server version


Release date

November 10, 2010



Other editions of 1.2.2

Alpha 1.2.2 added support for more animations as well as minor changes and fixes.

Additions[edit | edit source]

  • New server-configuration setting: no-animals
  • Support for more animation settings added
  • Debug feature: Pressing F4 on your keyboard will spawn a Nether portal

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Lava flows further in the Nether
  • Main menu now has texture pack selection menu for easy texture pack switching,In the same time it removed "Play tutorial level".
  • It takes longer for the "Took too long to log in" screen to appear when connecting to a server

Fixes[edit | edit source]

15 bugs fixed

  • Players and mobs on fire, in lava, or next to cacti no longer spam sound effects
  • Getting hit with a higher damage while recovering from a smaller one works as intended
  • Duplicating buttons when resizing screens fixed
  • Zombie Pigmen and Ghasts no longer get hurt by fire and lava
  • Fixed volume sliders not saving properly
  • SMP Fixes:
    • hellworld=true no longer overwrite old save chunks
    • Boats are visible to other players
    • Players can ride minecarts and boats
    • Minecarts move smoother
    • Fishing works
    • Buckets can now pick up fluid
    • Sheep and Cows look like Sheep and Cows
    • Now able to steer server-side boats
    • Stairs being difficult to destroy fixed
    • Increased the timeout before “Took too long to log in”