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Alpha v1.2.0, the first release of the Halloween Update, was released with server 0.2.2 on October 30, 2010, adding the Nether along with new Nether-exclusive mobs and blocks. It also added fishing, a new terrain generator, and other changes and fixes. This version is listed in the launcher, but attempting to play it downloads Alpha v1.2.0_02 instead.[1]


  • New terrain generator, featuring biomes


Netherrack Revision 1.png Netherrack
Soul Sand Revision 1.png Soul Sand
Glowstone Revision 1.png Glowstone
Carved Pumpkin Revision 1.png Carved Pumpkin
Jack o'Lantern Revision 1.png Jack o'Lantern
Portal.png Nether Portal


Clock.png Clock
  • Craftable item that tells the time
Glowstone Dust Revision 1.png Glowstone Dust
Cooked Cod Revision 1.png Cooked Fish
Raw Cod Revision 1.png Raw Fish


Ghast Revision 1.png Ghast
  • Large white mobs that float around the Nether.
  • Shoot fireballs at the player[2]
Zombie Pigman Revision 2.png Zombie Pigman
  • When one pigman is attacked all nearby pigmen will retaliate and attack the player.
  • Hold gold swords.[3]

World generation[edit]

The Nether
  • A hell-like dimension that can be used for quick travel.



  • Added music tracks and sound effects.
  • Added "Slow acting portals!".
  • Added "Try the Nether!".
  • Added "Don't look directly at the bugs!".
  • Added "Oh, ok, Pigmen!".
  • Added "Finally with ladders!".
  • Added "Scary!".


  • Higher lighting values are required the deeper they are to keep mobs from spawning.
  • Stairs, crafting tables, chests, and furnaces now face the same direction as the player when placed.
  • Creepers have new sounds.
  • Skeleton Revision 2.png Skeletons now hold bows.
  • Grass and leaves are now darker in shade.
  • Sunrise now creates a red glow at the horizon.
  • Pressing F1 hides the HUD and the view-model from the person's view. In third person mode, pressing F1 will create a view looking back at the player's own face.
  • Fake chunks generate in the Far Lands.
  • Removed Winter Mode.


  1. MCL-1421
  2. The fireballs were using snowball texture when shot.
  3. This change occurred between the Alpha v1.2.0 preview and the full release of Alpha v1.2.0.