Alpha 1.2.0

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Alpha 1.2.0
Official name

Halloween Update

Server version


Release date

October 30, 2010



Alpha 1.2.0, the first release of the Halloween Update, added the Nether along with new Nether-exclusive mobs and blocks. It also added fishing, a new terrain generator, and other changes and fixes.



  • Higher lighting values are required the deeper they are to keep mobs from spawning.
  • Stairs, Crafting Tables, Chests, and Furnaces now face the same direction as the player when placed.
  • Creepers have new sounds.
  • Grass and leaves are now darker in shade
  • Sunrise now creates a red glow at the horizon
  • Pressing F1 hides the HUD and the viewmodel from the person's view. In 3rd person mode (F5), pressing F1 will create a view looking back at the player's own face.


4 bugs fixed

  • Fixed bugs in SMP
    • Redstone performance updated
    • Door animation fixes
    • Several performance bugs fixed
    • Rails no longer cause a crash
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