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The agent is a mob that helps players learn coding, by getting players to code the actions on the agent.


The agent is used in conjunction with Code Connection for Minecraft, and is programmable by a visual ScratchX interface.

The agent carries its own 27-item inventory, which can be manipulated by commands that the player programs it to use, or edited directly by a GUI that the player can access in-game.

The visual interface allows the player to drag and drop commands, structural constructs and other components into a sequence, and associate the sequence with a custom-named slash command, which can be executed in the traditional way, from the console.

Agent commands[edit]

  • move <direction>
  • turn <turnDirection>
  • attack <direction>
  • destroy <direction>
  • drop <int:slotNum> <int:quantity> <direction>
  • dropall <direction>
  • inspect <direction>
  • inspectdata <direction>
  • detect <direction>
  • detectredstone <direction>
  • transfer <int:srcSlotNum> <int:quantity> <int:dstSlotNum>
  • createagent
  • tpagent
  • collect <string:item>
  • till <direction>
  • place <int:slotNum> <direction>
  • getitemcount <int:slotNum>
  • getitemspace <int:slotNum>
  • getitemdetail <int:slotNum>

<direction> refers to forward|back|left|right|up|down

<turnDirection> refers to left|right


Pocket Edition Alpha
0.16.0 build 1 Added agent.
build 2 Removed agent.
Pocket Edition
1.0 build 1 The agent has now been re-added, hidden in a(n) .apk file.
Education Edition
1.0.1 The agent was added as "learn to code mascot".
1.0.2 Entity ID changed from "learn_to_code_mascot" to "agent".
1.4.0 Agent's default name tag color changed to blue.
1.7 Agent can now be removed through /remove
Players will be able to show the agent coordinates on the HUD
/summon agent now creates or teleports the executor’s agent to the executor.
Added spawn eggs for agents.
Upcoming Bedrock Edition
1.8 beta
Added Agent Spawn Egg texture file.
?Agent removed from .apk file.


  • The model of the agent is similar to the iron golems, but is smaller and its texture is different.
  • The agent is seen in the official image of Minecraft: Education Edition.