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Adam Martinsson

Content coordinator, Mojang AB




English, Swedish

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If you're like me and are terrified of deep sea creatures, there's only one solution to deal with it: become them! Much like the creatures they were modelled after, these skins are unique, a little bit cute, and slightly unnerving – which makes them perfect for sneaking up on your friends from the ocean floor. Watch out, Oskar![1]

Adam Martinsson on February 4, 2019

Adam Martinsson is a content coordinator and one of the member of the Content Team of Mojang AB.[2]


After going for a semester on a four-year MBA program, he went to Linköping University for one semester on a three-year system technology program.[2]

He started working at Mojang AB on September 2015. A year later, he became a support agent on public-facing customer support via email & Twitter; internal process management; social media moderation; public message drafting as well as other customer support-related tasks and activities. On September 2017, he became a content coordinator on quality and brand review for both first and third party (UGC) content; playtesting; management of external creator groups; asset creation and review, along with many other similar tasks involving both internal and external projects.[2]

He currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden.