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This page is about planned versions of all editions of Minecraft. These updates either have major sources to their existence or have received development versions.

Note that only editions with known planned updates are listed here; if no known planned updates exist the edition is left out.

Java Edition


1.13 is an upcoming major update planned to be released on July 18, 2018.[1] This version will be the implementation of the Update Aquatic, which will focus on water and ocean-related content, bug fixes, technical features, and optimisation.[2]

Texture Update

The Texture Update is an upcoming major change to textures in Minecraft. It will change most textures in Minecraft except for iconic textures such as the Creeper.[3] Old textures will be a separate download when the new default pack officially releases. The new unfinished texture is now available as a resource pack through this link.[4]


1.14 is an upcoming major update with no set release date. The theme has not been revealed yet, but it will bring many new stairs and slabs[5] and will not overhaul combat.[6]


1.15 is an upcoming major update that is planned to be released at an undetermined time after 1.14. The details of this update have not yet been revealed.[7]


1.16 is another upcoming major update that will be released sometime after 1.15. Again, the details have not yet been revealed.[7]

Bedrock Edition


1.6 is an upcoming major update for Bedrock Edition with no set release date, adding features such as phantoms and barrier blocks.

4K Update

The 4K Update is an upcoming update for Bedrock Edition set to be released in 2018.[8] It will add a 4K HDR graphics option. The Super Duper Graphics Pack will be added to the marketplace at the same time.[9]

Texture Update

The Texture Update is an upcoming major change to textures in Minecraft. It will change most textures in both Java and Bedrock except for iconic textures such as the Creeper. Old textures will be a separate download when the new default pack officially releases.[3]

Legacy Console Edition

Update Aquatic

PlayStation 4 Edition, PlayStation 3 Edition, Xbox 360 Edition, PS Vita Edition, and Wii U Edition will all receive the Update Aquatic. It will arrive a little while after the initial launch of the Update Aquatic. With the exception of PlayStation 4 Edition, this will mark the last major update for the game. This is due to the total players of the older generation of consoles now making up less than 5% of the active players.

The Update Aquatic will not be coming to the older editions for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Players of the old Xbox One Edition can get the Bedrock Edition for free, while Switch users will receive a patch for the Update Aquatic once Bedrock Edition releases on the Switch and will also be able to install the new version of the game for free.[10]

Most of the features will be available upon the release of the Update Aquatic.[11] Dolphins and shipwrecks are also confirmed to be on this update.[10]


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