2013 Music Update

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2013 Music Update

Java Edition

Release date

November 13, 2013[1]

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If you restart Minecraft, it'll become a whole bunch more awesome thanks to @C418's latest works :)

Dinnerbone [1]

The 2013 music update was an update to the game's music assets that occurred on November 13, 2013.[1] It occurred for all players, even those who did not update their version. On that date, 17 music tracks by Minecraft composer C418 were introduced into the game – 16 tracks that had been previously released on his album Minecraft - Volume Beta, and one additional track.


  • Four tracks that play at the main screen: "Mutation", "Moog City 2", "Beginning 2" and "Floating Trees".
  • Six tracks that play in Creative mode: "Biome Fest", "Blind Spots", "Haunt Muskie", "Aria Math", "Dreiton" and "Taswell".
  • Four tracks that play in the Nether: "Concrete Halls", "Dead Voxel", "Warmth" and "Ballad of the Cats".
  • One track that plays in the End: "The End"
  • One track that plays during the credits: "Alpha"
  • One track that plays during the fight with the ender dragon: "Boss".

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