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Java Edition 19w12a

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Minecraft 19w12a

Java Edition



Release date

March 20, 2019

Snapshot for



Client (.json)

Protocol version


Data version


19w12a is the twenty-seventh snapshot for Java Edition 1.14, released on March 20, 2019,[1] which adds two new slabs.



  • Added cut sandstone and cut red sandstone slabs.
    • Crafted from cut sandstone and cut red sandstone.
    • Can no longer make regular sandstone slabs out of cut sandstone.


  • Added "<player name> IS YOU"



  • Now acts more like most solid blocks.
    • Redstone dust and torches can now be placed on top of glass.
    • Mobs now suffocate inside glass.
Grass path, mycelium, and podzol
  • Now have random orientations when placed, similar to grass blocks.


Totems of undying
  • The texture and model of the totem shown when used now has the same CustomModelData value as the item.
    • Resource packs which use this tag thus now have the correct model when activated.


Iron golems
  • Tweaked spawning in villages.
    • Will also only spawn now if villagers in a village have worked and slept before a meeting.
  • Improved AI.
  • Baby villagers will now play in villages.
  • Nitwit and unemployed variations of villagers for snowy and zombie snowy villages changed.
  • Updated hitboxes and eye positions of many entities.
  1. REDIRECT Template:Explain
    • Player height while sneaking is now 1.5 meters.


  • Now reduces the player's height to 1.5 blocks, allowing them to walk through 1.5-block-tall gaps.
  • General improvements.
    • Trades are now locked from 6–8 trades instead of just 4.


Creative inventory
  • Wall blocks are now found in the "Decoration Blocks" tab.
  • Rewrote sound system.
  • Reduced stuttering when playing sounds.
  • Removed "Hobo humping slobo babe!"
World creation
  • Worlds with names already being used will now prepend a number in parentheses to the folder name instead of adding hyphens.
    • For example, New World (3) instead of New World---.


35 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.14
  • MC-41113/clear turns items held by mouse into ghost items
  • MC-50367 – Bad hit boxes and eye positions
  • MC-113251 – Invalid sound files freeze the game
  • MC-122885 – Attempting to backup a world with a path longer than 260 results in a crash
From the 1.14 development versions
  • MC-137725 – Advancements not updated in 1.14 snapshots
  • MC-137761 – Loom model and placement is incorrect
  • MC-138220 – Random ticks occur while player is in spectator mode
  • MC-138491 – Crash when rendering a sign with the vanilla datapack disabled
  • MC-138580 – Adventure mode does not prevent dyeing signs
  • MC-138659 – Totem of Undying death animation model doesn't match with CustomModelData
  • MC-139440 – Illager banners can be copied
  • MC-139458 – Horse texture is sometimes translucent
  • MC-140354 – Evokers continue attacking nothing after target dies
  • MC-140409 – Scaffolding texture is wrong
  • MC-141286 – Teleporting big distance freezes the server
  • MC-142466 – Book page flipping sound seems to only play on left or right channel depending on player's position
  • MC-143390 – Non-existing CatType summons an invisible cat
  • MC-143412 – Trader llamas do not join llama caravan unless a trader llama is the leader
  • MC-143736 – Trader llama actively attacks the zombie pigmen
  • MC-144501 – Horses drops two leather armor when killed
  • MC-144612 – Ender dragon fly incorrectly
  • MC-145668 – Front facing camera up/down directions are reversed in F5/third person
  • MC-145689 – Villagers never stop running after being attacked by a zombie
  • MC-145712 – Some villagers do not go to bed at night
  • MC-145732 – Villager trade experience changes based on what trade your looking at
  • MC-145787 – When entering a bed from the block next to it or while standing on it, the camera moves too far into the player model
  • MC-145802 – Enderman never attacking again once you put on creative mode and back to survival
  • MC-145817 – Villager lost their levels after becoming a zombie and getting cured
  • MC-145857 – Farmer villagers don't farm
  • MC-145872 – Villagers walk around their job site blocks and bell
  • MC-146005 – Suspicious stews sold by farmers have an extremely short effect
From the previous development version
  • MC-145868 – POI never registered crash not fixed.
  • MC-145925 – Realms button crash NoSuchMethodError: RealmsClientOutdatedScreen
  • MC-145956 – Breaking doors with villagers crashes the game
  • MC-145994 – Watching Server java.lang.Unsafe.park (Native Method)


Video made by slicedlime:


  • The splash "<player name> IS YOU" is a possible reference to the indie puzzle game Baba is You, which was released 7 days prior.


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